There’s A Zucker Born Every Day

P.T. Barnum once said; “…there’s a sucker born every day.”

Betty White said on Saturday Nitght Live; “…but it seems like an  awful waste of time …”

And even Mark Zuckerberg himself,  revealed  an interesting aspect of his true nature in  his  off-the-cuff comment  on the  inteligence of the college  coeds who were using his new  social networking application  on The Stanford Uniniversity campus,  speaking to how so many peoples’ inteligence are suspect  by reason of what they choose to openly share and reveal in  such a public forum.

And in keeping with all the hype surrounding the Facebook IPO, I would like to add; “Facebook is a sad tribute the human character, in that …obviously; “There is  more than one  zucker born every day.”

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