America’s Inheritance; Worth More Than The Cost of Four More Fruitless Years?

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On The Eve of a Greek Tragedy

The Greek election! What an opportunity for the US to sell US Treasuries?

This is SORT OF MORBID, NO? Sick, is it not …the job of financing US deficits on the shoulders of Greek tragedies …stable reserve currency of the world or not?

Think of how sad it must be for those Greeks who do not even care which way is up anymore.

Sad is, that the same may be said more and more of more and more of those who have also become …the disenfranchised BY FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE PARTISAN PARTY POLITICS …here in the USA.

In this regard, America has neither   room nor leg to stand on.  Already, America is in the same fine  common boiling pot.

Yet, what is the greater ill …is that the young and dashing Communist Party’s candidate may likely rise to power …taking office in much the same way Barack Obama leveraged and road into town on the post-Bush spirit of  dissatisfaction.

And by virtue of executive privilege, from day one …President Obama has grown accustomed to viewing the power of his office’s  in such a diminutive, limited and marginalized way …such that his perception of his office’s power seemingly has failed to extend the  expansion of his dreams’ vision  further  beyond  his pathetic, self-fulfilling  prophecies which he has bemoaned in one pity party after another …those in which a self-marginalized President continues to  repeatedly shoot himself in the foot with the weak and lame claims that he “…merely has inherited this mess.”

Truth be told, the actual Greek Tragedy is continuing to be played out right here in America …repeatedly playing day after day each time the President grabs and blabs  his   passé PRESIDENTIAL RE-claim …STATING that he has merely inherited his responsibilities …or should I say …inherited THE RIGHT TO BUILD HIS own tired GROWING legacy.

Yes, its a legacy which keeps on giving …and just like revelation; it continues to unfold progressively with each additional excuse the president uses to repeat this tired old line.

What’s to like about the essence of the Obama character in grabbing and blabbing this line? What’s to admire now …some three and a half years into an administration whose economic recovery is just about run its hope off course and its “YES WE CAN” SPIRIT OF change  into a grounded flight  which can’t and will not take to the air because …after all …just like an overweight plane …a deficit driven federal government is one which stands in  conflict with the interest of all free and united people.

Yes, I say this because in all of his liberal opportunities, President Obama has squandered his executive privilege  rights to do nothing but exercise blame and shame in frivolous pursuits of an impractical  liberal social cause.  Furthermore, the President’s party’s  only chance to survive its self-serving flaws has tragically overlooked the priorities of the incentives of freedom’s which should otherwise offer its citizens greater liberty rather than the limitations and impositions of greater bondage.

Think of it. For the last three and a half years in which Obama  inherited and moved in the highest office …his rise to stand in the  height of the greatest position of responsibility and accountability in the land  was a time taken to  do little more than b little and b lame his predecessors all the while without even so much as  being bothered to put forth the effort to work   move this nation forward in the slightest.

But, then again …what is smart when wisdom has also gone wanting?

This begs to illustrate the difference between ignorance and dumb.

Ignorance doesn’t know any better, while even the most educated  are in jeopordy of  qualifying for being candidly flat out thoroughly dumb …through and through …both on the outside as well as from within.

Work smart? On the contrary wise, Obama’s lack thereof has been a piece of work which …in speech after speech …his repeated  confessions have more than demonstrated  that he couldn’t be bothered to make even the slightest attempt to take ownership’s better part of involvement in any form of due diligence for his party’s lackluster finger pointing performances.

In one tirade after another …the rants of the liberal agenda is a narrative  which stands  upon a foundation of socialism  …as a  monument  which testifies to  the  pitiful misappropriation and waste of  invaluable private and public  time and numerous other forms of material resources …all the which have aggregately amounted to nothing but make for a huge  unspoken …little considered massive opportunity cost.

And this is the untold portion of the submerged and unseen iceberg …this staggering loss is one which more truly speaks of a true testimony of the failings in which this socialistic liberal agenda has failed to bring little …if any added value to enhance the advancement of the quality and  condition of American living.

Yes, Americans are being made to progressively pay more and more for much of the many divers costs of economic recovery …unseen costs whose  ways form the  untold  stories which have yet to be considered …let alone discussed and  told from a perspective of their respective representative opportunities lost.

For this reason, I believe that if there were ever to be an open and honest clear effort to publicly consider all the affects of this administrations failings  the light of their discussions  would produce a conversation which would be immediately too  politically painful TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE …LET ALONE DISCUSS.

I. E.; THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS SOCIALLY IMPLODED COSTS which are producing the manifestation of its liberal spirit of socialism …and thus diminishing opportunity while  threatening to marginalize the very spirit of Liberty itself.  

The true,  revealing and  altogether  so embarrassing aspect of this administration’s economic failings has come home to roost …compounding its very ability to truthfully  reveal and deal with  such topics in any  honest degree …a  more worthy manner which would otherwise serve a consideration which would …could and should otherwise  demonstrate the level of an ability which is capable of honestly coping with the magnitude of the issues which face this nation.

Hence, the president’s preoccupation with his obsessive compulsive excuse “…I merely inherited this mess …” isn’t getting it. It shouldn’t and it won’t fly around here any more than his earlier preoccupation with “…YES WE CAN …”

I for one, would like to be able to look back after the 2012 General Election …if only to say; No you  can’t …not till pigs  fly.

As such, This Administration’s continuing failings’ mounting costs can be measured in no other rising sense save than for what they are; LIBERAL, partisan party, political self-service which have BECOME  PAST DUE …BECOMING payable on demand (I.E. additional taxes …or, otherwise …OR ELSE) THREATS to cost American tax payers an untold aggregate COST BEING DRIVEN BY A growing (out of check) deficit under President Obama’s  watch.

As I have tried to explain, these spending driven reckless costs are  merely the tip of the iceberg …the  VISIBLE costs  which are …and can CLEARLY BE SEEN above the larger HIDDEN costs (THOSE WHICH  …FOR ALL THAT, REMAINS SUBMERGED  BELOW THE SURFACE, THAT WHICH MAY BE CLEARLY SEEN ARE THOSE WHICH have exceeded more than a 5 trillion dollar contribution to American Public Debt.

Now, consider a comparison of apples to apples.

The relative magnitude of the  visible portion of  this …so called (visible) tip’s portion  is apt to soon become more than three times what the former President Bush used to combat Rita, Katrina, Wilma and 911 …among other natural disasters over the entire eight years of his two terms …an accomplishment …no, a world record which Obama has accomplished in less than four …and that’s just the visible aspect of all of what is currently being discussed. Sadly the discussion has been purposely limited for by reason to contain  and restrain the pain which would result from  a discussion in which a broader economic perspective would shed  more consideration  of what is actually is being lost by the private sector in the absence of a wake which has all but abandoned its fiduciary fiscal responsibility to perform and execute due diligence and thereby provide oversight accountability necessary to reestablish  financial stability.  

Stability otherwise lacking the last three and half years is badly needed to restore confidence and provide an organic atmosphere wherein which a privately driven organic recovery’s climate is only that which will  provide hope and change.

Sadly, the Federal  deficit dollar costs portion of consumption …under threat from  a liberal socialist’s whip falls short of any promise for better whether.

In  the  continued absence of smooth sailing whether  …the socialists’ storms which have rocked the private sector’s boat is such and more of the same stuff which has and will continue to produce  both greater private losses …as well as the icebergs whose greater opportunity costs are those which may very well only be measured in a growing reality …America’s diminished fragile potential to produce the necessary sustainable growth potential that it may need to escape …once again  the threat of  falling back into another debilitating (more cost/ly) recession under …and in view of the influence of a much larger …ever increasing addiction to debt …in light of  the  inescapable,  rising and continuous perpetual need to periodically turn over and renew  its treasuries’ instruments’ service requirements …those which come due and are turned over at times in which these treasuries are assigned higher yields.

Yes, the times …like yields and other  US Treasury service considerations …they are a changing. And there are no guarantees for hope …none better  whose promise  is more poise to withstand  inflation like rising yields.

But, like the unspoken discussions I mentioned above; no one is willing to discuss  the monetary policy necessary to withstand a mean inflationary environment.

In such an environment; one should which the Fed God Speed in every and all of its TWIST’s program’s endeavors.

Why? Because the times …they are a changing. And when they do; fighting inflation will cause the debt’s service costs to go through the roof.

And when the debt’s service costs go throught the roof, these costs will impinge upon the other portions of the Federal Budget.

The bottom line, will America be giving Mr. Obama four more years  worth of the same opportunity …that merely for the extension of an opportunity merely to listen to  his same old b-littling b-lame …in an endless  mantra of solution-less shame?

I rather think not …certainly  knowing it has not been worth the growing cost of the first four.

Would I Give Obama four more?

No thank you, PLEASE!

All the best,


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