What Is Really Old Fashioned?

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Preface:   Why Look Back Now …More Than Ever.



Be Prepared.


And for God Sakes, above all …support the troops!



As a preface to my post below, I would like to  honor a dear friend of mine who  has  produced an original, traditional musical salute that pays tribute to what  has helped fashion and form the nature and character of many of America’s true patriots.


As such, I proudly offer the following open invitation to watch her  inspirational You-Tube video.  


Stand Up America; written and arranged by Sandi Barrese



And to honor yet, still another dear friend of mine, it is my pleasure to offer an invitation to view her skillful production, Still There …which is a carefully crafted salute to honor America’s true patriots …those whose ultimate sacrifices have made, formed and inspired the time honored nature of our nation’s most noble legacy …what …at our nation’s core serves to symbolize its old-fashioned answers to its OLD-FASHIONED calls to patriotic action.


Still There; written, produced and directed by Theresa Sloat of Actors’ Lab,Wichita,KS



Bottom line:Americacan not afford to turn Her back on the long legacy of Her OLD-FASHIONED tried and true principals …THOSE which has LONG WELL served to secure, protect and responsibly maintain theLIBERTYOF Her People’s FREEDOMS.


MY SIMPLE PRAYER;America, please do not serve empty words. DON’T LOOK AWAY NOW!!!




What Is Really Old Fashion?




Yesterday, I learned that Obama is the self-proclaimed champion of the poor, fixed income and middle classes.


This message’s note came stapled to an ancillary claim in which Obama touted his approach as being a fresh and modern workable solution compared to that of Mitt Romney’s which Obama chose to summarily dismiss …simply by also choosing to paint Romney’s characteristically as being old fashioned.


To this end, the last four years have been a pretty fair trial of what works and what doesn’t.


Obviously, the leading economic indicators have been deaf to the words of Mr. Obama’s verbosity. To this end, America would not America have equally been well …if not better served by a mute …one whose actions would have …and or, could have spoken louder than one’s verbosity?


Apparently, the quality and quantity of one’s oratory is seemingly not enough to make one a prophet …or at least a true one.


The truth is in the pudding …or, and not.


Honestly, the last four years have been “…No cigar …”


How about Mr. Obama? Is he really all that and a bag of chips?


Claims do not make a man’s legacy. Actions do, however …speak louder than a man’s words …even if one speaks a lot of em. God forbid that these words are not purposed in defending error and or excuses for having done and or earned nothing but the privilege to characterize ones inheritance as a mess.


By this, I mean if anything; just because Obama says it; his words do not make it more so …save for more so mostly false. It does not take much …if any effort at all for any false prophet come lately to    participate in and add to the enhancement of the failure of the state’s lack of restoration (and unity) which is principally becoming the greater part of his growing legacy.


Therefore, today …it is not surprising that I subsequently learned that Obama is also the self-proclaimed judge of what is in …and what is out; I.E. …what is passé …tired, and unworkable compared to what (he apparently has chosen to see) is modern.


And in making this attempt to characterize himself and his plans as new and fresh  …vs. what he claims is old-fashioned and out of date …is erroneously pushing a contrast with Mitt Romney …one in which Mr. Obama is trying to characterize his legacy as a new and appealing …far better alternative whose choice for America is more worthy of far better hope and change for a new America.


Seems as though his new-fangled policies and procedures approach to national security, domestic and foreign affairs  in his  basket of essential administrative oval office policies and approaches are  more up to date …sleeker and more in step with the needs of the country than those of Mitt Romney’s …or, so Mr. Obama would have me think.


However, in the least …I can’t imagine how though.


For this prominent reason and because the nature of Mr. Obama’s character and weak conviction to WHAT ALL IS OLD-FASHIONED; his lack of actions actually speak louder than his excuses, AND America has four dead …including an ambassador who were recently slain in Libya.




I, for one …for the life of me …have a problem with a man like Obama who seems to be as capable of pulling one claim after another …seemingly out of thin air as easily as Al Gore who once, just as easily became the self-proclaimed inventor of the internet …which, by the way has been debunked I am told.


I mean, come on man! Really? Is Obama truly as inventive as he claims to be?


I rather think not!


Let me offer one crucial reason why I believe the man is full of hot air.


And let me preface why I choose to believe this. It is because of …and due to one single reason.


It is simply a matter of priority’s order …without which …even genius fails to provide for effectual workings which are (in their least bit) capable of delivering even the resemblance of an effective and well thought out plan.


Even with respect to maintenance, one’s health or efficient piece of machinery relies on a well thought out treatment plan …fiscal responsibility not withstanding.


However, “OLD FASHIONED” Fiscal irresponsibility is the one “Ah-shit” (pardon my French) which …is said …will delete a thousand “…At-a-boys!”


No one profession other than those who have worked in the field of aviation knows this better …for there is very little room for error …especially after take-off.


Yet, in spite of even the spirit of precaution …the cavalier nature which has formed Obama’s character seems to have thrown caution to the wind IN THIS ONE CRUCIAL OVERARCHING DIMENSION.


In aviation there is a saying. There are a few bold pilots, and there are a few old pilots; but there are no old-bold ones.


Yet, by his very omission …Obama is seemingly unwilling to acknowledge the SIGNIFICANCE of this one topic, let alone …discuss and address it openly within the context of the order of its priority.


Instead, Obama seems to be more willing to burry his head in the sand …and talk taxes and spending.


What is new and modern …sleek and cool about this tired old-fashioned liberal approach?


By choosing to rather altogether ignore acknowledgement of this single most crucial problem, how am I to embrace His Majesty’s self-proclaimed NEWNESSES?


What am I to believe about his character? Truth be damned? Don’t bore me with the facts?


This sort of assessment has left me with the impression that his mind is made up; or, that he has become so blinded by the power of the office he currently occupies …he may become entitled to overlook the truth as if he were …or should be any less obligated to listen to and serve “…We the People …” any more within THE TRUTH …than in the deceit within which he has obviously taken the liberty to bury his head.


 Aside from this, unquestionably …the one debilitating factor which is handicapping America’s hope of an opportunity to participate more fully in any modernization processes is the very one over-looked tragic flaw that will …otherwise; leave America’s promise of hope for Her future generations behind in the dust as the rest of the world moves before America is capable of moving forward.


So, beforeAmericais willing to take the first step forward in dealing with this one tragic flaw; both She and Her future generation’s diminished opportunities will be damned for what better purpose?


Truth be told, there is no better policy than to put first things first …by reason of an old fashioned order of priority.


Until America embraces this reality, the only opportunity that will exist in the future of tomorrow will be the one inherited from Father Obama’s legacy …those which include the failings of his era’s ludicrous modern creative concepts which, today (after four years of rhetoric) have produced nothing more than clouds in my coffee.


Obama’s unfounded …unproven visions …those wisps of smoke …are as vain as Carly Simon’s lyrics from her song “You’re So Vain” reminding me of how …Father Obama claims title to …the champion of the fixed income, poor and middle classes …as well as all things new and creative.


In his elevated position, why wouldn’t he be in a better position to know and tell me …what it is that America has been clinging to …that is now become out of date.


Tell me Mr. Obama shouldAmericarelinquish Her guns and religion and run to your side like Jesus?


No, if I have to answer my own question as to what might more effectually lift America out of Obama’s debt-riddled rut and come up with an actual way to effectually reduce the deficit rather than to continue swallow an old fashioned habit …hook, line and sinker …am I any more modern than he claims to be?


Yet for all the emphasis upon all things modern, hip and in …why does it seem that Obama is still stuck in such a rut and can’t seem to get things going the way he planned all along?

I mean, it isn’t as ifAmericaneeds four more years in which to confirm what She has soundly already proven once.


Seems to me that Obama’s new stuff is somehow tragically tied to an age old fashioned policy’s practice which has forever actually offered nothing new but an old …well-worn path whose ruts are as deep as they are old, and as old of an indicator which points to how long American politicians have relied upon the nature of this way’s lies and deceitful illusions to make for every imaginable opportunity to avoid taking responsibility for the costs associated with pipe dreams and the pork which have and are continuing to waste and erode away America’s precious freedoms …which needs must be paid for one way or another …by this generation or that …mostly by those who have no say in the old habits matters.


More modern indeed! Bull Shit!


Yes, the only opportunity for that which Obama seems to want to sell as “NEW” sure seems to me to be the same old form of a lie which falls into this tired category’s age-old practiced art …a habit of the political craft which has long since been forming the nature of the American mindset as long as this tired old practice has been tearing down Lady Liberty’s hopes and tarnishing Her once pristine character.


What are not old fashioned though, are Her fate and Her future generation’s destiny.


But what hope and chance have they if they have no choice but to become unnecessarily burdened by the obesity formed by making a choice …the old-fashioned way …the one with which Obama is seemingly incapable of and or unwilling to handle?


Why, because it has become too big for his britches …and he is totally out of his league to deal with it in any other fashion …but, the old fashioned way for which …inWashingtonis …the same as it ever was.


So, in this tired old way …nothing is really as new, as modern …as sleek …and as CREATIVE AS OBAMA’S CLAIMS WOULD LEAD ONE TO BELIEVE.


So then …in this regard, I think Mitt Romney’s balanced budget policies which are intended to usher in a badly needed era or two in which fiscal responsibility might cause old fashioned concepts contained in the likes of The United States Constitution’s to breathe new life into Her precepts. God only knows …Americaneeds to change radically in order to save Her from becoming any more the weakened Lady Liberty she has become by following tire and old bad habits.


I believe a change of pace just might be just what the doctor ordered.


After all, a lack of governmental oversight was what opened up the can of worms which paved the old rut with golden laden rosy promises.


All that ever got us was a blind-eyed mindset and mentality stuck in costly new-fangled muck.


Yes, an OLD FASHIONED return to American values would do all a world of good.


After all, if “…We the People …” were allowed to think for ourselves …( fill in the blank space) and vote intelligently.


Be Prepared.


And above all …for God Sakes …support the troops!



Thank you,



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