Discernment; A Subject to Debate

Hiding Big Brother’s Huge Hidden Tax


Q:   What is the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room?


A:   A tax that is no tax at all.


Enter the Paradox …act one; scene …four years later, where the dollar does not buy what it used to buy.



As The Presidential Election approaches, the stakes are going up with each passing day.


As such, I have to make mention of a blatant error which is so obvious that I can no longer let it go unnoticed.


President Obama seemingly has chosen to cast himself in a rather revealing light. While I have been listening and reading through the texts of  each of the recent Presidential debates … I notice that, Obama …had on numerous occasions,  sought to (paint himself as the champion of the poor and middle classes.


What is flawed with his claims is that they seem to be overlooking the vary nature of his budget deficits and the impact they have had upon weakening the dollar.


As such, Obama’s is obviously making every desperate attempt to cling to a claim which just might work even though it is painfully far from the truth.


Obama’s repeated use of the convention of repetition …when mixed with the charisma of his charm could sell ice cubes to Eskimos.


None the less, rhetoric needs to stop because he should be slammed for knowing better that to puch such a bold-faced lie.


The more effective Obama’s claim is countered the better off all will be.


It shouldn’t be to difficult for Mitt Romney to argue that his claim to be the champion of the poor and middle classes is at best, illogical and counter-intuitive …one which should and needs to be publicly refuted directly.


By tying an explanation as to how the stresses of Obama’s deficits have made for the weakness of the dollar, it should be easy to also connect the dollar’s weakness what has significantly contributed to rising prices which have pinched and crimped the lower and middle classes’ expendable incomes.


This should be enough to …once and for all put an end to the self-aggrandizing attempts which Obama has erroneously been trying to make recently.


How a grown man can think to lie to himself is beyond me.


Yet, I see that this problem has it roots in much of all of that which Obama has attempted to explain away over His last four years.


However, now claiming to be the champion of the poor and middle classes is one of the biggest yarns I have ever heard him try to get away with. I mean, after all …how can a man overlook the realities of his administration’s last four years lack of fiscal responsibility?


Obviously, Obama has a problem with reality …a problem which lays buried, deep-seated, unseen that I doubt that the man may have the capacity to know any better.


At any rate, even if he does know well enough to be cognizant of how his budget’s deficits have negatively impacted those he claims to champion, his denial is yet indicative of a creepier more deep seated problem than that which allows him to falsely maintain his claims as champion of the poor and middle classes.


Undeniably, this problem is a direct byproduct which has resulted from the roots of this administration’s annual budgets …I.E.; its deficits …the money borrowed …as well as the volumes of paper money it takes to artificially serve to float  its administration’s doors open to serve its interests …which paradoxically should be primarily purposed to serve …those of the people …by the people …for the people.


Instead, for the sake of executing its annual debt-riddled operations, Obama’s executive branch has repeatedly rooted and grounded its failed fiscal policies supported by these obscured hidden means …while acting cavalierly as if its unsavory practices have been needed, justifiable and therefore above question.


Unquestionably, America needs to engage in performing a more stringent due diligence in order to harvest a certain higher degree of oversight whose focus needs-must now be trained on what should be given and take center stage.


Clearly …when The President’s fiscal policies are spot lighted …their fundamental flaw reflects the nature of The President and his folks’ most fundamental lack of honest accountability withheld from those classes to whom their lip-service decrees’ claims they mean to champion.


However, when one considers the actual economic impact which the president’s fiscal policies have had; truth be told …their policies have done nothing but conspire against the better interests of the poor and the middle classes.


The administration’s fiscally irresponsible policies have directly affected the poor and middle classes by regressively reaching deeper into their pockets than any other classes ofAmerica.


If Obama and his folks have created anything to show for which is worth a mention …it would be that they have deliberately chosen to pursue an extremely dangerous path which is leading America the wrong way down a highway of heightened artificial fiscal irresponsibility.


The likely safe return from this road-trip’s direction, speed and duration threatens to result in an unbearable cost which makes the matter not much worth the bang of its buck …primarily due from the costs born from what all results after the strength of the dollar becomes road-worn along the motorway …that on a highway to hell from which …the longer America is on Her weak-dollar way …the more uncertain Her return becomes.


The only guaranty in taking such a long journey into captivity is that the costs are becoming a staggering, unhealthy load to bear.


As such, any opportunity which considers the benefits of the administration’s fiscal irresponsibility must do so in a contrasting light of the costs to the middle and lower classes.


Once factored in, these class-born costs will merely detrimentally add to the already negative affect which the president’s lack of fiscal discipline is having upon the poor and middle classes.


Therefore, any claims that the president has and will continue to champion their cause is merely a more apparent indication of the president’s grip on reality.


As such, I am sure that the President would promise the moon and the stars to the poor and the middle classes if he thought that by doing so …he could win their vote with such equally ludicrous claims.


Can you imagine someone saying; “Hi, I am So-and So! I promise you the moon in and the stars, so vote for me …”?


Just think about the amount of paper money which would be required to be printed in order to send everyone to the moon …and get them safely back, of course.


I mean, who would think of leave people stranded on the moon?


None the less, the cost associated with the hidden means necessary to obtain these artificially propped up marginal ends have not come without their own unique unrestrained consequences …those whose affects have been to further marginalize and minimize the administration’s poor attempt to return the nation to full economic recovery …not to mention return and restore the nation’s confidence and trust …which these days seem to be as elusive as the man in the moon.


Likewise, nothing could hope to be more misleading and as elusive as that of the president’s own characterization as to how he and his folks are the champions of the poor and middle classes.  


How pathetic? Pay more for groceries lately? How about pay more to eat out?


Who has saved on the gas they have paid more for lately?


To hell with that! I say; America, you’d better start paying closer attention to the man hiding behind his party’s curtain of promises …you know, the one whose fabric is woven from a long thread of shame and blame.


Know this …and learn it well; taxes that are no taxes still have the same affect.


The result of extreme fiscal and monetary policies both more than assuredly have their own set of unique  resulting consequences which reliably push commodity prices higher …none the least of which have hampered and an otherwise exacerbated and an altogether anemic economic return to full recovery.


Aside from the otherwise organic affects supply and demand, the strength of the dollar so weakened and     marginalized in this manner, also has this nation’s efforts to help the lower classes have further confounded and actually jeopardized all the more those who were mislead in the first place with those who, like the president and his folks …cavalierly engaged in tossing around their paper-thin promises of hope and change just as loosely as they have cast their curtain’s thin thread of shame and blame …which has been as liberally distributed as the printed money which has artificially gone to weaken the dollar and fuel higher commodity prices …all the while driving up the stock markets in the wake of questionable practices which have made for a weaker dollar.


Therefore, if any one is more qualified and any one more justified at saying; “…the buck stops here …” it   would be the poor and the middle classes who have been affected the most negatively.


And instead of claiming that the buck stops here; the poor and middle classes should take note of the fact that they …if they are entitled to a say in anything; should stand up to let their vote speak for the question which should be on every one’s mind.


And that question would be one which asks;   “…when will the buck ever stop falling around here, huh?”


The answer lies in just simply voting intelligently.


Avoid making the same mistake over and over again.


After all, what is in a man’s word if he can not make good his intent in spite of the fact that one may have meant well …especially if one’s failed promises vanish only to be replaced with new ones …right on top of those left dangling unfulfilled …as if the man on the moon were any more capable to be in a better position to offer his less than artificial intents to champion the better interests of the poor and middle classes?


Which of the two candidates have a firmer grasp upon reality should speak loud and clear.


Can not the man in the house see any more clearly? The poor and middle classes have lost the most from the affects of a lack of due diligence. And now, they stand to loose still more than just merely their lost confidence and trust.


Americacan not afford to lose Her shirt.


Q:   For what cause?


A:   To allow the man who now occupies the house …the opportunity to utterly fail in next four years.


Q:   What? Again …under known circumstances which should now …more than ever …speak loudly by

          way of an age old wise adage.


Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.


Who would knowingly enter into the same saga the second time after being drug like some rag doll which was made to experience the first ones rather bitter disappointments?


Not to mention that the housing malaise …nor the failure to adequately bring down employment by themselves are failures which also fail to justify the costs of the artificial means which were heaped together in believing that they would by themselves be enough to multiply hope and change to yield a bountiful harvest.


A highlighted closer look must emphatically be allowed to recognize the fact that the marginal wimpy-like returns stand as another damning testimony which paradoxically should cause the president and his folks to standout all the more as a red flag …and thereby to also call attention to America’s sore thumb …rather than the green one promised …in the light of the failed attempt to securitize and tax energy consumption at a time when another tax was the unthinkable being pursued by the president and his folks.


Crap and trade? Boy now, if that wouldn’t have impacted the poor and middle classes …I don’t know what would have more than …say, a weak dollar already has.


To hit the hammer on the head, the public’s attention should be focused upon a question of a matter which seeks to concentrate on the detrimental regressive affects which this administration and his folks have handed to those who can least afford to pay to swallow the bitter-sweet consequences of the stuff they have tried over the last four years …none the least of which is any less than inconsequential than the costs which the poor and middle classes have born on their shoulders.


And this load is nothing more representative of a huge regressive tax …which paradoxically …amounts to no tax at all. Is not that the stuff from which lies are spun?


If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck …need I go on?


Need I bother say more?


Therefore, at center stage …the Obama administration’s re-election appeal is, at best … a misleading self-delusional myth and therefore either an indication of his short-sighted lack of experience …or, it is an outright deliberate mischaracterization of what the president and his folks know very well to be the truth of their failed policies …but cannot and will not admit it.


Q:   Why?

A:   Because the truth hurts liberals …like the sun vampires, save vampires must respect the truth or burn

          in the light of the truth.


And if the latter is more the apt and likely case which now lies conveniently under their piles of spin; think twice of why this argument’s truth has not been made to play a larger part of the national conversation.


Then, if you are following my logic’s reason, it shouldn’t be to difficult to clearly see the irony of any blood-sucking party and its candidates who (without conscious) will continue to make the false claims and misleading counter accusations merely in order to maintain sketchy and dodgy assertions that it humbly is truly fighting the good fight to represent and champion causes which favor the better interests of the poor and middle class.


Oh, really?


Oh, brother …where and for whom fartest thou?


Me thinks such one has rather the more shat thyself much to oft way too long.


Aside from President Obama’s promises not to raise taxes (anymore?) on the poor and middle class (WHAT A SMOKE SCREEN THIS IS BECOME) in light of this NON-TAX …what is there which would or could burden the middle class any more?


And …for that matter, what cause is there which could possibly ever be given America to cause Her shattered confidence any more lipservice-like flimsy promises which could rebuild Her trust from one which has already been shattered by the failure of the first four years of a poor performance?


I think it is rather past time these abused and crushed classes be told the truth and given a reprieve from the damage of the intent of this administration’s rather weak promises …it shame and blame not withstanding.


Artificially, Obama has obviously greater interests by choosing any and all means to attempt to altogether avoid and or sidetrack all other considerations which should NOW actually BE GIVEN consideration’s GREATEST OPPORTUNITY to …take center stage …UNDER a white-hot SPOTLIGHT.


Quiet on stage!




However, until dress rehearsal …I do not intend that I will be holding my breath.


And for this cause …for the life of me; I do not know how and why Mitt Romney and or his handlers have not moved sooner to swiftly bring this point forward. This clearly is a conversation which has gone wanting …one which needs must be given the attention of a most deserving public …to be clearly called before the attention of the voting American public.


The fact that Mr. Obama has been allowed to openly enjoy great successes in having (thus far) altogether slipped, ducked and sidestepped this matter’s conversation irks me to no end …and all the more for having been seemingly given a pass on his claims to champion class warfare without a just and daunting challenge …commensurately deserving of the truth’s better part.


Come onAmerica! Where’s the beef?


The character half-truth nature of this charade is being led by a false spirit which has sought to dupe and pull the wool over the eyes of the public, and this should not even be a matter of question.


So then, where is the challenge and who is worthy and gallant and dashingly bold enough to take up the sword and challenge …and actually champion the actual cause falsely claimed by the current pretender?

If the administration and his folks are unwilling and or unprepared to step up, answer and take ownership for their erroneously claims as being merely a false pretender …and the actual bogus champions of the poor and middles classes, I am sure that the poor and middle classes are very well enough savvy to be capable, able and willing to make a better …less compromising choice.


None the less, Obama needs to give a more (center-stage) up-front and honest accounting of how he and his folks’ fiscal policies have not impacted commodity prices in a manner which have put pressure on the cost of living.


Now that is a spider web I would like to see spun on TV …without so much as a single interruption.


So far, the president and his folks have ducked the American public, and the means just do not add up to justify an excuse which is honestly becoming of what is moving the ends’ costs higher.


Until then, I will avoid putting much credence into what he and his folks have said.


It is honestly inconceivable, and I am truthfully unable to reconcile and excuse the president and his folks who should have known better than to intentionally make a deliberately weak dollar environment …only to turn around and efface that they are the champions of the poor and the middle class who have had to pay the higher costs of the price increases which have blown their minds and budgets like a category five Kansas tornado.


Shame of the president and his folks certainly …for they certainly should have had enough savvy and experience to know that their actions’ consequences would necessarily have to be directly born upon the shoulders of those for whose cause they tout that they champion.


The prices in almost every commodity class all across the board have risen due to the administration and his folks short sighted visions.


And now, I rather think they continue to dream if they believe that they can make me believe they are the champions of the classes they have deliberately sought to crush.


Lastly, and unquestionably …I can only hope that if …and when questioned on stage, the administration will not be allowed …nor given the opportunity to spin and worm its way with a short-cut which might otherwise take the place of a more deserving and honest explanation …one which rather more resembles a contrite assessment that HONESTLY attempts to account for the unavoidably detrimental impact which its fiscally irresponsible policies have delivered to the poor and middle classes …and explain how this can …or could possibly be sold as championing the cause of the poor and middle classes.


In spite of making claims to this affect and in this manner, the president has seemingly somehow avoided offering any reason to believe that his policies will not continue to do harm and affect the poor and middle classes as would a class tax by any other name.


After all, if Mr. Obama has demonstrated one thing; it is that he is a creature of staunch habit.


I for one, believe that Mr. Obama needs to be made to step out of his shell’s comfort zone …for he, in my humble opinion …definitely owes America a more sober explanation …specifically with respect and in regards to his administration’s fiscally irresponsibly policies.


Judging by the answer he tried to use in the previous debates, he has shown a proclivity to simply explain prices away by using examples which merely entail a brief mention of simple supply and demand as the sole means in which he prefers to publicly explain away what he believes is at fault that has caused higher commodity prices on his watch.


Never the less, not even a worm should be allowed to escape by simply reaching for such an over-simplified excuse to avoid taking ownership responsibility for that which so narrowly spins logic and reason together in such as it has been …just another obvious attempt to gloss over and dismiss the failure of the toxic policies whose fallout has unquestionably negatively affected the poor and middle classes.


Evidently, this is way in which the president takes his medicine.


His witness is his character in that he avoids taking it and the responsibility which goes along with it.


That’s ok, by his unwilling inability to swallow the tough medicine which the poor and the middle classes have taken for him …the president has demonstrated that he is unequivocally unworthy to stand and ask for another four more years.


Mr. President, for this matter alone; I believe “…We the people …” will be more than willing to in knowing that “…We the People …” have what it takes to cause you to swallow the big one.


To date, and in recent debates, the president has actually shown that he has been coached in this manner specifically in pursuing an avoidance of a response by offering characteristically weak claims that their policies have not artificially exacerbated the more dominant natural organic economic market forces which affect and determine supply and demand. A simple answer for what he obviously has for a long time …taken as simply those who merely cling to their religion and their guns.


I mean please! Mr. President; it is not like the dollar is not the international reserve currency of choice now is it …or what?


Come on, who is fooling who?


Honestly, as complex as Americans are today, Americans deserves a more truthful attempt and an answer worthy of the clarity of a type of leadership which does not characteristically avoid taking the responsibility it claims to champion …the better interests of the American public not withstanding.


Bottom line,Americaat the very least deserves a leader who is experienced and has grown capable from within a razor sharp well honed practice …telling the truth …and the whole truth at that.


After all if one loves the truth, one should be well equipped with an ability to discern truth from error and what is on the money from that which is a bold faced lie.


After all, what good is the truth if one is unable to distinguish truth from error?


Moreover, what good is one who knows the truth, but cannot or is unwilling and or incapable of handling it in all honesty?


Talk about what is as sketchy as fog! This should be crystal clear


VoteAmericaand vote wisely; for you may never again have quite the same rich opportunity of choice being given to you again.


For if one does takes lightly the right to exercise their responsibility to so vote, very soon …one’s precious rights may cease to exist …in that one may be taken unaware …without discernment …as a thief that comes in the night.


Vote wisely and sleep soundly.

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