Fight or Flight; Bad Company Poor Conversation


First Posted:   Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Lame-O B-lame-O;   Part 1 of…The Metamorphic Mantra of Shame and Blame


“Whatever it Takes” …seemingly is a new mantra which is seemingly set to supplant the endless epic saga of “Shame and Blame” which was the precursor of whatever has been allowed to stand and usher in a national mindset which is on a path to accept this administration’s lowered expectations & the diminished returns it has earned and now owns as its proudest legacy and America’s new inheritance.


Thanks Mr. Obama. Thanks for what? Whatever it takes?


Yeah, right!


Undeniably, the last four years’ endless repetitive use of shame and blame which took and occupied Washing’s center stage seems to have been supplanted …being now replaced by an expression which now states; “…we will do whatever it takes …” And I am here to say that I am as gravely concerned about this new song’s “Whatever it takes” mantra as I was about the one before it came to town.


Clearly, above and beyond “Shame and Blame” “Whatever it takes…” likely is to hold highly more probable negative consequences. None the less …somebody (Mr. Obama and his folks) had to stand and act as the doorman in order to usher in the mantra of the new song …as well as its litany and laundry list of fixes.


Don’t worry, I am from the government. I am here to help!


To do what? My dirty laundry?


Oh, brother!


I mean, after all, doesn’t everybody just love dirty laundry?


Does that mean that I should take comfort in that …by Twist and shout; the Fed stands ready to work it on out.


Really? In what manner? With what? “Whatever it takes?”


Is this not to say that SHAME AND BLAME were not enough?




Well then, with what are we left to use in order to find VIABLE AND WORKABLE solutionS in the wake of both these tired and costly songs?


If one needs a motive, what about the following considerations to be avoided at all costs …even as we, as a nation …are hurling through space toward the next brinksmanship opportunity to politically muck it all up with Wimpy-like …kick-the-can …pass-the-buck …self-serving policies driven by the considerations which serve party rather than “…We the People??”


What then is haste when compared to what could ever hope to better serve “…We the People?” What about the impact of haste’s waste and the lost opportunity and the costs associated with having to pay for the opportunity to sit here all day in the rain waiting for hope to fall out of the sky? The longer the wait …the greater the costs of the consequences will become …unbecoming that of a once unemcumbered debt free nation.


Are not these consequences more the result of wasting the last four years on, in and within policies whose purpose and pursuit are those which have been driven forward …principally by an obsessive mantra of “Shame and Blame?”


As is the case, the current administration’s chauffeur of blame is moving America forward toward a delivery whose destiny is the house of bankruptcy where America will be met and greeted before this poorhouse’s doorway by a doorman who will and now is …singing the next new mantra of “…we will do whatever it takes …” an imposing mantra whose inescapable affect will be to cause widespread despair to become a reality …one which will resonate in Americans’ minds as a matter of increasing need in the face of diminished private opportunity.


This is the direction toward which this administration and his folks have been and are currently attempting to moveAmericaforward.


However, asAmericawaits and asks “…are we there yet?” the administration’s mantra of blame is doing little more for all Americans other than to condition “…whatever …” to become indelibly acceptable before it eventually probably will become impressed into the foreheads of a mindset which has been set up by the former “…mantra of blame …”


Sadly, if America does not push back, “…whatever it takes …” will likely be made to resonate in the mindset of all Americans generations to come …never knowing by what means they will have become taken and held captive …to serve the provider of their every need.


Whatever it takes …indeed!? Whose your daddy …The Federal Government?


Oh, brother …Big Brother …who is becoming The Father of All?


America, wake up! For what are you waiting; the hope and the change which will keep us all from getting soaked?


Now is no time to wait …for such vacillations are not the sort of stuff from whichAmerica’s legend and legacy are made. This is so far beneath Her, for She is known for so much more!


How then …you foolish Americans; who has bewitched you that you should now, unwittingly become the ones (all the more) made to be taken into and closer toward captive (…moving so unseemly “…forward ???) with each and every additional passing day?


Who has caused you America to fail to seize the opportunities which our forefathers have so carefully laid at almost every turn in their build of this nation …only to increasingly fumbling since labors rest created the Constitution which is now being trampled under foot?


Who can afford to continue to turn a blind eye and fail to realize that, during, in and under this administration’s cavalier lack of experience, ineptitude and indifference …we have been made to drink the Cool Aid and are now actually considering the result of “…shame’s …”  “…whatever it takes …” consequences. Maybe this one-way direction is all this administration’s know-how and expertise knows how to deliever.


I …for one would prefer to arrive at a different destination. The poorhouse is not forAmerica…the land of the strong and the free.


America has so much more to offer than merely shame and blame; however has chosen but sadly, America has erred blindly by way of choosing to lay asised the better part of Her freedoms’ due diligence …and has, instead given Herself over to blindly trust …that in a spirit and pattern based in shame and blame …restoration will result from blind faith in whatever and whoever’s promises feels, looks …and merely sounds good.


And inAmerica’s darkest hour, the appeal of shame and blame once promised much, but to him who much is given …much is required.


Yet for all their promise, Americans have and are being made to realize all the more …with each passing day; shame and blame do actually have their limits and capacity …especially with respect and in regard for leadership …and this my soul does right well know.


For when did shame and blame ever produce an ounce of prevent more promising of a pound of cure?


Restoration is given the best opportunities taken in the spirit of unity based in the redemptive processes of reconciliation …rather than in the midst of the trash strewn about by division.


Where, then …and how, and when …in this sort of know-how’s leadership vacuum; why did these ends means ever become just and worthy ofAmerica’s causes and considerations?


Because the American people asked for it with both fists raised and clenched tightly in raged by the lack of a nation-wid lack of due diligence which had become prevalent and was persistently present in every   dimensions having eaten holes in the very quilt and fabric that bedecked this nation’s stages. Its “…WHATEVER …” MINDSET entreated and enveloped the affects which where at work upon Her stages at every level.


AndAmericahad tasted and eaten more than a spoonful of its sweet taste.


Yet, in spite of “the sweet taste of “…WHATEVER’S …” honey; the actual substance will be as bitter to Her stomach as wormwood.




Honestly, if shame and blame have been as bitter as they have been …seeing that shame and blame have produced so little bang for their (OUR) weakening buck; how then could hope continue to spring eternally any more to squeeze more out of the new coming mantra of “…WHATEVER it TAKES …?”


I FOR ONE, DO NOT LOOK FORWARD TO BEING TAKEN UNAWARE …TAKEN IN MY SLEEP …TAKEN FOR A SUCKER …TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS …TAKEN OUT BACK AND WHIPPEN …nor by any more of a continued …” lack of due diligence which is known to be neither capable to reconcile nor redeem an ounce of prevention …when a pound of blame and shame haven’t.


As America approaches The Presidential Election, recovery will be an opportunity to recover an opportunity to take derail those who have spun the meaning of due diligence from its rabbit hat of shame and blame and are now asking for one more chance to now enjoy an even greater opportunity to spend like drunken sailors by doing “…WHATEVER IT TAKES …”


Now here this! Listen up! If shame and blame have come …primarily atAmerica’s expense; what cost and at whose expense will “…WHATEVER IT TAKES …” be born.


Now know this;Americais no congregation for saps.Americais not a born-loser breeding ground.


Or …have we lost our collective heads? Since when didAmericalose Her way?


Since when did it become fashionable to shoot ourselves in the foot …and in for the cause of shame …and in that manner …almost on a daily basis …while choosing summarily to blame it on others?


Mantras, my ass!


Americaneeds strong wise solutions …and no more gimpy-wimpy excuses.


Mr. Obama! Let me continue to be clear; Step out from behind the pant-skirt of your Secretary of State and if you can not lead …at least try to be an actor whose craft is befitting that of a man more befitting of the office you have occupied for once …


But, if you have noticed; time is running out on you …just as you have essentially turn your back on the faith of America who gave you your best shot …and you totally blew it.


Yes, you did …and you now have no more excuse but to once and for all …claim and own what you merely claimed that you “…merely inherited this mess.”


Well, now that your back and your record finds themselves up against the adjoining walls of a very tight space …how can you justify standing in the corner which you painted yourself into and ask the help of the American people for its help in giving you four more years …merely by promising “…to do whatever it takes …?”


For crying out loud; where is Rudyard Kipling gone whenAmericais in such dire needs of relearning how to stand to take a strong and simple lesson from a simple message found in such a simple poem as is his “If.”


Since when did it become fashionable to rush in to lose our heads and collective composure …only to seek the opportunity at every turn to hang and lay the blame of our shortcomings on someone else?


Why then should I even entertain this administration’s appeal to continue in and along …a waste which will most assuredly further diminish America’s inheritance on a still-unproven and yet-unworthy pompous bozo …one who evidently considers himself above any  obligation to serve America with clarity and the truth …one who seemingly does not even owe it to the American People to tell the truth …the whole truth …so help us Our Father …Our Almighty Creator?


Four more years! Bully!


I will not give a man …nor any other man like this my vote …certainly not while a man’s choice took …is prone to take …and or will absolutely be likely to (deliberately with meditated intent) head down a path (especially without the priority of a clear conscious) in a direction (whose trap it is) that at best can not even be made to resemble denial …and at the very least …was a decision to spin a lie and then, subsequently hide the truth behind a skirt whose shield also circumvented an obligatory primal responsibility to serve the truth and a nation with it as if “…the buck (could) stop here …” there or anywhere that the Cat In The Hat would choose to have his green eggs and ham.


This is to say that …as if the truth could be any less becoming than just another self-serving political attempt to contain the damage of this administration’s natural shortcomings and its leader’s actual fundamental character flaw …its failings not withstanding made worse by misleading preventions, delays …whose spin is now in denial’s hopes to …dismiss their character’s doings altogether …in unison.


I for one am an American who knows better. And I know that I am more deserving …and I am for one; at the very least more deserving of the truth and the sort of leadership whose words, actions and deeds make for a track record which reflects clearly to speak well of this nation’s people.


No higher and more nobler candid discretion …respects the people of this nation as does when Her leaders speak the truth in service when those considerations are prime to our nations sovereign interests.


But when they do not hold the truth in esteem for and by reason of selfish means’ and interests; then, gone is that reflection of a sacred trust …now tarnished


When Obama prefaces his statements by asking if he can be clear; I can’t help but doubt whether or not this man even knows how to be clear …let alone honest. Is he not then, otherwise so …on every other occasion …suspect all the more?


For …at the very least, what good is the truth if the man can’t handle it …that is the whole truth …in anything but honesty?


Americadoes not rate half truths which serve this party or that one;Americais worthy of the whole truth so help Her Our Almighty Creator!


In this wise; in this manner; and in this light …Obama’s repeated demonstrations are without reservation, more than indicative appearances of his weak character in this matter.


TheBenghazibungle is but one more example of the adage:   “…justice delayed is justice denied.”


And I say so with a consideration which calls into question the man’s character as a matter of his track record’s reflection.


And this all brings me to add:


In regard to this matter’s reflection of character, who can say that they are truly grateful for having had a father and or a mother who tirelessly worked hard day and night to help shape the development of their good character in ways which were deliberately intended to avoid and eliminate errant and undesirable poor practices which ultimately foster and encourage the formation of permanent bad habits? Who of all others but parents (…save advertising executives) realize that repetition reinforces the opportunity to affect, alter and influence behavior to the point of its ability to permanently leave deep indelible marks whose affect is to leave a graven image upon the face of one’s nature setting one’s character forever in stone?


Could it be that politicians understand the difference between good and bad habits?


If you think so; then, think again about what constitutes an act of terrorism.


Then, consider what constitutes and necessitates the promulgation of a lie where the reality begs for the service of the truth.


Could it be then, that the ends actually do justify the means all the more …the closer time draws nearer whatever is MOVING AMERICA FORWARD towards a most crucial Presidential Election?


With so much on the line; how can one possibly lose sight of the importance of the truth?


Could it be that good habits are as difficult to learn as bad ones are easy?


Try the corollary inverse of the question above.


Could it also be said that good ones are as easy to lose as bad one are to get rid of?


That’s the nature of those which are indelibly written in stone …or like a tattoos ink.


It is widely accepted that the negative affects of any poor practice …when repeated over a period of time, increases the likelihood that these practices’ routines will likely contribute to the formation of bad habits which will then, eventually impact and determine how an individual is likely to choose to deal with the consequences of any stressful situation.


When confronted with stress, how well an individual’s character has developed …also may likely affect whether or not one chooses to deal with or avoid stress altogether.


Whether or not one is well enough or adequately equipped to successfully take on the responsibilities for the consequences of their choices (or not) will therefore …more than likely also shape how well one deals with stress …that is to say again …within the confines and limits of one’s skills one has learned and taken from a lifetime of experience (with or without patience, knowledge, understanding, confidence, trust and, yes …wisdom) all of which helps add all things together to shape and build one’s repertoire’s fight or flight preferential base …that upon which any individual’s personal historical album reflects on how they handle instances of stress …which in turn affect the processes which build maturity into a uniquely complex array which comprises the substance of individuality and what all makes for ones soul …through which behavior and its vision’s perception is guided …essentially being formed and guided by a complex finite spiritual-like filter bias-set to one degree or another …limited only by one’s experience, background and perception of truth …any ability to handle it with honesty …the least of which not withstanding.


For example, take an actor who has played a wide variety of many roles in the span of their acting career, it may be said of them that they have a broad experiential base …a broad stroke …and can “stretch” if you will.


On the other hand, in contrast to and with respect to that sort of level and degree of flexibility, if, on the other hand …another actor has enjoyed a long career …yet, has repeatedly played the same part or a same type of part over and over; it may be said of this sort of actor that he or she is/or, has become “TYPECAST.”


Aside from this sorts of character brandings…there is definitely various degrees of an aspect of brand name recognition wherein which both the “stretch” and the “type” combine bandwidth with repetition to form the development of an even more significant opportunity …one in which forms the basis of an appeal which seeks to take share by moving and expanding the definition of the market’s limited perception of its needs to a point which equates with what it has never before known existed nor ever before known as a want.


In expanding the limits of type …successful marketing casts a net which stretches public imagination …builds anticipation by way of delivering the promise whose hope in a vision thereof that is intended to serve some new-fangled purpose by solving a problem in and with new and innovative ways and means.


Ultimately, the persuasion of such must be strong enough and well enough presented in order to be convincingly delivered and well received across each of any and or all of the various campain’s targeted cross sections in order to reach and arrive at point which establishes what all defines nature, character, fate and or …ultimately …one’s destiny …in the market places.


At the very least, a successful commercial marketing campaign …must be simply well rooted and grounded in the one simple principal if it has any chance of building market share.


This one principal would be repetition.


Without it, it is one and done. Goodbye!


Additionally, advertising campaigns whose reach it is that enjoy the greatest success, are those which seem to also employ a wide variety of subtle practices …simultaneously launching a number of different campaigns like a military commander would employ a tactic otherwise known as a pincher strike.

Each one’s target is designed to reach and appeal to a specific target segment and section of their target market’s demographic. One at a time, each campaign attempts to strike a common chord with as many and as varied a number of cross sections as their advertising budget will allow.


Yet, repetition is still the fundamental basis upon and in which each one is designed to resonate with each ones specific targeted cross section. In the study of physics, resonance is achieved with the least amount of input source energy. In other words, resonance occurs at a precise point where the least effort becomes the most efficient means to produce a repetitious pattern …regardless whether the fundamental principal struck is good or bad.


Furthermore, the phenomenon of harmony occurs when more than one of the many targets are also so affected so as to caused to achieve resonance at the same time.


These basic principals of physics may be best explained and understood in and with a couple of simple terms know as fundamental frequencies …those either above and or below the root fundamental resonant frequency …each sustained by and with the least amount of energy input.


Often, in economics as well as within finance, getting the most bang for ones buck …often provides the necessary profit motive to buy into the philosophy that states: “…the end justifies the means” …or “…whatever it takes …” energy balanced or otherwise …energy wasted.


Therefore, merely making a ground up appeal which resonates with only one demographic group …will all be one which will fail to reach a greater cross section of the market place.


Where is the logic and effectiveness in staying home in this limited manner? After all, there is something in the bold admonishment whose adage declares that one must …after all; “…come big, or stay at home.”


Where is the broad reach of success in merely employing a limited single campaign’s patterns whose repetitious work is intended to do so within the science of cleverly studied time patterns? By reaching out to and resonating with only a small or single group assuredly guarantees ones rather small stretch to be limited and finitely small by A MEASURE OF compare …that within the limited scope and nature of ones “TYPECAST” character.


And when given enough time and patience, these broader campaigns are intended to weave their way into the synapse of their targeted cross sections’ mindsets. And if a campaign is a success, their appeals influence can elicit a need where there previously was virtually neither the want nor the desire for the product being introduced into the market place …even if the products being pushed are as lame and as limited in their application as the pocket fisherman is an example of a TYPECAST pun.


Broaden the scope of one’s body and soul to include the realm of a broader spirit of faith …and therein one is given the opportunity to learn that variety is indeed the spice of life’s success. After all, life is multidimensional …well beyond the limitations of one’s mere body and soul.


Last night, at The Al Smith Dinner …Barrack Obama attempted to make a self-aggrandizing point in which his obvious intent was to call attention to his experience and how much he has grown while in office …which consequentially make me think only of how much the nation’s public debt has grown.


67th Annual Alfred. E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner.

Read more:


…and for more, see:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=82f1a4f75378bd2a&bpcl=35466521&biw=986&bih=441


In this one single poignant regard, who can put a price on the cost of the opportunity whichAmericahas given Barrack Obama to serve up such a self-aggrandizing realization …one in which he also completely overlooked and missed the significant heart of the scriptural context from which he drew?


For the record, the text from which he drew is from Romans 5:1-6; but his exegetical comments’ excerpt stopped in verse three …well short of the truth rendered in the fullness of the entire context …one which has nothing to do with the President’s character whose nature has been built on a house tainted by his endless repetitious practices which have stood on a foundation whose cornerstone is the spirit of blame …which is so very far from the spirit of faith, hope and love which is the process of maturity which is the actual context of Romans 5:1-6.


Stopping short …and anything less could be no more confirmation of nothing short of what this context actually defines as the weakness of one’s own flesh …one’s body and soul.


To this end, this one aspect of last night’s follies was but one of the more revealing most poignant examples of the consistent manner and nature in which Obama’s comments repeatedly give me opportunity and cause to realize just how out-of-context and place he has used half-truths as the foundation on which he has built excuses which curiously narrowly define the justice to draw service to himself, his party and their social liberal causes …just causes which are of course just enough for him to excuse his need to …place self, party, and agenda first before all else …this nation’s welfare and best interests not withstanding.


No wander Obama would stop short of the full truth; the man has made himself elevated …experienced and all to serve as the head of this great nation for the next four years …never mind brotherly love and a more Holy Ghost which is given us …even in spite of the weakness of our bodies and our souls.


I guess that, until November’s Presidential Election …I will have to be content with a Pocket Fisherman.


None the less, why not for the time being, consider how a political party’s character is reflective of how it has chosen to market their party’s candidate and their agenda as well as how these choices have affected their candidates’ campaign’s appeal in the light of a discussion of the nature and reflective characteristic validity of the candidate and his party’s endless repetitive campaign practices.


Consider the Fight or Flight Syndrome.


In this way, who among others has also been given instruction to receive understanding in this wise …what all makes for and actually serves to builds valid good character?


Yet, aside from the traditional understanding of the “Fight or Flight” response; who has been fortunate to have received instruction as to why one should fight to avoid developing a habit which will likely cause one to fall into and …thus, become more likely to be held in the depth of a groove’s rut in which one chooses the “Flight” response to stress …a choice rather void of that which serves to deliver more solutions than the blame’s spirit of shame?


I am not talking about any need to be unnecessarily confrontational (although reproof does have its more profitable merits when also followed by correction) that is to say; so much as I am to be careful to emphasize the need to develop a keen ability to exercise a degree of discernment which develops ones ability to profit by way of one’s better part of good judgment.


For what good does it do to be continually stuck and trapped in a rut where continual reliance upon blame and shame is no more a fair excuse than a liberating admission of one’s own ineptitudes?


In this regard, the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates have merely contributed to the proof of that which simply points to a TYPECAST president who has learned the hard way …stopping short of any admission that his bad habits have been and are still those with which he has been struggling.


Why then, has Mr. Obama failed to admit; the shame of blame is a tough bad habit to break?


Clue, the one who knows it all, yet does not know they are sick …is one who will likely never find a cure.  


Good news though, America knows better and realizes that She …more than well enough has the nature of Her better good character to see through President Barack Hussein Obama’s artificial (KNOW-IT-ALL” charades of tireless and endless blame and shame …that well enough to SEND him a message which will forever modify his behavior and send him packing …something which he has more than earned …as well as a permanent retirement’s vacation from public self-service.


This is the rest which President Obama could look back on …and for once and for all say …at least with all honesty; “I merely inherited this …”


If so, I would beg to differ by saying; “No, Mr. President; you earned this; you b-rated this …you b-littled this. Now that the shoe fits you; were it, for …in spite of your inability to be honest 1st with yourself and secondly, with the American People; you now own something that the American People are proud of HER willingness to hand you …with thanksgiving …not so much for what you have done as it will be that you and your BAD HABITS OF SHAME AND BLAME are gone …and blowing in the wind.


That is the hope …that is change …and that is the rest I am looking forward to this coming November.


After all, I believe that you will have earned the ownership of a legacy which you made notyou’re your country (whatever that may be) but more for whatAmericahas inherited …the right to bestow upon you your destiny …blame or no blame.


You know, I truly believe that aside from Her short comings; I feel it in my bones …Americais tiered of Mr. Obama’s mantra of endless shame.


Moving truly forward, America will freely go on without your diminutive vision of whatever it is that you think it is that you have in your meager chances to restore an inheritance which you have taken the opportunity to characterize …in blame …as a mess.


Yes, I thinkAmericais due for a new song …one which is truly 180 degrees-out …far from the flings and arrows in which your character’s choice has clung to a spirit of blame and shame.


One word of advice to you Mr. President; Have a safe flight and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.



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