The True Essence of O. …Half Hearted Reluctance or Merely Party Generated Scritpt?

Thursday, December 09, 2010


The True Essence of O.

. …Half-Hearted Reluctance or …Just Plain Party Script?



As  a  trained, detail-oriented technician, I have been made to realize that there are definite  benefits to  approaching  complex matters with  somewhat of a rather simple and  straightforward manner.

By doing  this, I have learned to more than satisfy my curiosity’s hunger.

More often than not,  I have been able to  quickly develope a deeper  grasp on my subject matter.

So, my focus on building  sure footings on a  basics  foundation …aids in furthering  my perspective  …enabling it to broaden in scope as I dig deeper using  the tools and understanding gleaned in   …first …building    my solid perspective …on the basic  principals of   an operation.

Once I grasp the  core’s basics, I  can move  on in my fucus from there aided by the stability of  the sure purchases made upon a solid  foundation.

Moving beyond my first observations, I can then …more effectively …look deeper …into the finer aspects of the inter-related  relationships in and on  which  the  basic workings of the principal/s  of an  operation so often  revolve …involving the  manifestions of deeper functions, periods and and aspects of more complex issues likely to impact real- world substantive events.

Who says, you can’t put humpty dumpty back together again?

Maybe not, but one might, no doubts …be better served by taking the perspective in an understanding that …an ounce of   prevention is worth a pound of cure.

And though hind sight is often twenty-twenty …foresight is worth …in my book …is worth at least at least thirty …to  sixty …and in some cases, with the proper perspectie and vision in focus …up to a hundred fold worth its weigh …if deliberate intent is in taking an understanding’s  harvest from executing so as to  willfully achieve success.

This holds true in any realm worth understanding …on earth …as it is in heaven.

Such as it is, entertain me while I attempt to makes sense of the highly contested  question as to whether or not to make the Bush Tax Relief Cuts permanent or …simply temporal …as President Obama has proposed doing.

Yet, aside from all the dust and fog that  this smoke-screen’s attention is by producing, there is another …polar opposite side of this issue which is being over looked.

And this  overshadowed subject is Spending …Spending Cuts …more specifically.

Logic  would and should dictate that their parts  …both be fashioned  together …becoming …inseparably …one …and the self-same part …that of a unified completed  whole approach …well blended and ballanced solution  …tempered together to form a sound and secure …and effective  …well-formed,  valid  approach …whose aim it is to achieve real efficient results …one which meets the real needs pressing the nation’s economy.

In all we do, from this point on …we must not fail in joining the following two issues together.

America’s purpose should be  as a matter of its highest priority …well founded upon a commitment to achieve ballance in light of our limitations if we are to  meet the needs of growing this nation’s economy out of its dependancy on debt and deficits.

Therefore, we need to get a grip on both of these bull’s horns simulteneously …and shake his nasty ass …vigorously.

                1.   The President’s Proposed Plans to Temporary Extend Tax Relief

                2.   The President’s Deficit Reduction Commission

Therefore, in view of how disturbingly disjointed and separated these two interrelated themes have become, please follow me behind the curtain of their reason and the single …lopp-sided …staged presentations …those of each  topic …so as to more fully attempt to understand why the two have been kept …like  political toys …so conveniently  and distinnctly separted.

Join me, and let’s take a look …as it were, to pay some closer attention to the man, the party and their charades’ intents and purposes from another perspective which most certainly would offers America a brighter pather toward a more efficient broader economic path on which to acheive prosperity and recovery …more so than one predominantly now dominated and obscured principally by partisan politics.

Entertain me …and consider it plausible …the possible liklihood …that the President may very well actually and is being coached to politically separate himself from his own party by his party’s very own script writers and his coaches and handlers?

Hmm? Now there’s a fine smoke screen for you ….no?

Decide for yourself, but do not be played as Obama …a willing and or witting character upon a stage in some Greek tragedy.

You have to go behind the curtain on this, because it is just so out of character for the president we have come to see thus far …the last two years …plus.

I’m just saying; “Don’t be fooled …an eighth grader  could have  scripted this stuff. It’s just that elementary.”

But what is sad, is that we are all wasting time …and in the meantime …we’ve all missed the boat ….and have not realized this …primarily because we have not connected the two dots.

 For, if we had joined them …both of them …whould have  formed a straight line …and we would be on board …moving toward our solution’s  destinatton …rather than wasting another two years in which Washington squanders its ponderings on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

I mean …in all sincerity; “NOW ….HONESTLY …COME ON AMERICA!”

So, NOW …entertain me for a while. And let’s  go behind the curtain  to see if we couldn’t take AND ADD TO OUR  understanding (somewhat more) by looking at some  their details with a bit more scrutiny.


Getting It  All Together

Reconciling  & Balancing The  Two Sides of The Equation:

 Temporary Tax Relief


The President’s Deficit Reduction Commission


In this respect, I have to also ask you to  take pause and consider …

Who is actually on America’s  side?

Who is standing to do America  a bipartisan service?

On which  side do you stand …partisan or bipartisan?

Do you  favor  a Temporary  or a  Permanent solution  regarding the President’s proposed …temporary extension to the Bush  Tax Cuts?

Understandably, there is considerable division as to why is it is hard for some to see their way to say which one way or the other might be better?

I know how I come down on this, and I would like to say why.

Every day, repeatedly …it is common to hear that there is an air and pall of uncertainty  gripping  and thwarting the confidence of the American business landscape. This standard is understandable in that  the rules and  objectives of HOPE and CHANGE  just seem to be constantly changing in Washington.

Just like the weather in Kansas; if you don’t like it …just wait a minute.

As so it has been in Washington …which has produced a season of constantly  changing  conditions.

With yes we can …is it any wonder why that has been met with “…No we can’t?”

In other words, disagreement in Washington is just  about  as in short supply as unity is  throughout America.

Our leadership has plunged us headlong into a class war …pitting us all against one another …and what for …to support this party …or that.

But has this  …really …been doing America any good service lately?

Has the foundation of the liberal perspective’s …essence of change and hope …really demonstrated a willingness to listen and change …if, as in …anyway shape or form …at all?



Because the essence is still beligerentlyhidden behind their party’s curtain …still believing that; "Yes, we can!"

Well, who are the “…We …” in  this  ludicrous presumption  are  their assumptions  speaking for …the majority of red-blooded Americans, or what?

The last time I heard; effective communicaton skills should be based on an80 – 20 rule …listen 80 and talk 20.

Look who’s still talking …as if he were listening.

Don’t be fooled!

Look who’s acting …as if he has been listening all along?

What I am saying that the act and the talk won’t fit the walk until both sides of this issue come togeter to produce unity rather than a continuation of division along party lines as we head into 2o12.

And for in that matter, will the  essence of O. become a born again believer in the wake of America’s call to make a real change …one moving forward in a unified call for a manifest destiny  made last August?

I rather think not!

In other words, I must be honest with myself by asking;

Has President Obama had a genuine change of heart recently?

Or is he just out of options …being made to stand in the corner of a shrinking box …in a temporary publicly mandated time-out …as it were …MI bad?

Or is Mr. Obama’s about face  just a calculated means to  to save face and continue in the same essence …same as it ever was?

 The more I dwell on this, the more I am made to realize that Mr. Obama’s recent charades are just that …carefully scripted  reactions intended in purpose to salvage political real estate in spite of having to face the impact of  this time-out.

And in careful consideration  I do not hesitate to consider this any more than a carefully engineered play whose plot has been  engineered by  political handlers and advisors who have handed out scripts to all their cast members.

For better or worse …someone has to play the sacrificial fall guy. It might as well as be President Obama. He’s our go-to guy, no?

All things considered, I personally …have to take a closer examination of  the underlying motives of this  man …whose “gone-a-changing  persona” …has come out swinging …seemingly sold as one standing even now against his  very own party (I’m not fooled)    …blowing both hot and then (now curiously) rather cooled by a rather unified voice  as indicated by lasted  August’s elections’ returns.

Whatever the reason/s for his new tactics,  this man …our president has recently been made to turn  …spin and swing  on a dime.

Whether this change’sare hinged and turn on America’s primary expressed interests …or his party’s unchanging "Yes we  can …" spirit of its embrace of New Socialism’s promises ( …of Change and Hope …?) is a matter of whose interests will be better served as we are made to make our approach to solve our nation’s problems …and or are made …all the more …to wait as …the body politic ….once again …fails to tackle more than one issue at a time.

None the less,  with respect to  this seemingly remarkable change, I have to ask myself; “…What does this  out-of-character swing portend regarding the content and  character of Mr. Obama’s  stanch,  here-to-fore …uncompromising, nature?

Again I ask; Dose this clever man …now, seemingly appears to be  ready to embrace  change himself?

By making an uncharacteristic, personally painful offer last week …one presumably …would have to assume that he actually …may be genuinely  making  an attempt to  present a  “new-man’s” reborn  appearance  …one resembling an  open mind …more  inclined  to  single-ended compromise.

But is this  one remarably new departure …his …a seeming anti-party well postured manner …or just a ploy of sorts?

All the same, I have to look   and measure it by the standards of Quid Pro Pro …and then ask the same queston again.

Is the essence of O. different?  

Regardless, it has all gone  down and  continues to build no ones confidence …other than his own …playing out to allow President Obama to continue to seemingly build  his rock-star persona …as the savior …as the chosen one …our hero?

"Bleh!   Dog germs!" …Lucy would say.

America, get a grip …one with  both hands on both this bull’s horns! Can’t we do two things at once for a change around here?

…or, is Mr. Obama merely playing a willing role for the party’s sake …one that of a fall guy …cleverly contrived behind the curtain by  a mostly  liberal socialist’s play write?

In wrestling that’s called stalling.

It is somewhat difficult to imagine that  the president might be playing a role like this  …being asked to play and become the  sacrificial lamb of and …by his own party? But such as it is; these sorts of things have  the makings of great Greek sagas.

And on this note …I wouldn’t put it past the party which still believes; “YES WE CAN …”

Mr. Obama, won’t you please stop and speak freely for America first …for a real change …one in which without your party appologetics …we all can live with for a real change?!!!

For once, leave your rock-star persona’s baggage …where it belongs …at the door and move forward with  America’s first order of her priorities interests at heart.

Like, since when did the president decide he would  turn over a new leaf in that matter?

Are we there yet? Huh? Are we there yet?

I rather think not!

Not by a long shot …and that is exactly what America needs above all else!

Until then, looks like we’ll have to be content with a funky new choreographed approach.

The left seems  hell bent on  adding  “Party Drama Queen” to the other qualities of Mr. Obama’s  rock-star persona.

This is a deep multifaceted subject …one that rather reminds me of a wolf in  sheep’s clothing.

I just wish liberals would come to the party of choice and start rowing with both oars rather than trying to sink the boat altogether.

However, I for one am not fooled by such antics …real,  orchestrated, or otherwise. It all seems more than a bit contrived and too well choreographed.

Under  any circumstance in this …I am more convinced that there is little going on in Washington in the executive branch which smacks of change and hope.

My focus is not changed, because  I can not afford be  deceived. Too much is at stake …so why be fooled again …for the next two lame-duck years?

If I had my choice …I would have never abandoned the solutions which favor private sector solutions.

But, from the beginning the where-with-all and essence of a rock star persona like that of President Obama chose another path …that of radical social reform at a time when we could least afford to diminish our hopes and dreams which have throughout our years …withstood the fears which have now conspired to produce so much uncertainty.

And now, Mr. Obama and his party and their handlers …seem to be conspiring to lead the continuance of their honeymoon into more division and confusion.

How can such an attempt …sincere or otherwise, deliberately contrived …justifiably serve as the foundation of hope and change.

It would suggest that in making a change in this change any atmosphere which serves no other purposes other than to produce still more turmoil …well, such can not be called anything but counter productive.

America deserves more from leadership in Washington. This type of hope and change is going nowhere engaged in the much and mire of such pitiful paltry plays.

The net-net of this all is a loss of time and valuable resourced …those which we can not afford to be allowed to become wasted.

Yet in knowing this, the liberals in Washington are continuing to dance as if they were still on their honeymoon.

And in spite of reality, the left is continuing to try and seize still more in every opportunity in which to try and stretch the patience of America?

And it is all laying America more to waste with each passing session of disingenuous bickering and outburst.

Americans doesn’t want still more grandstanding, but that is what is being served up by the left in Washington …as a substitute counterfeit …being made to look like what; hope and change?

Mr. Obama, please!

America …wake up too …for that matter!

America please, sit up …take notice. Get up and walk out of the theatre.

Show that you demand your money’s worth. Take charge and demand a refund …cause you are going to get soaked if you persist by doing nothing.

If you sit around and do nothing …what is your complaint worth after the show is over?

Two years is a long time to sit around in the rain while waiting for the return of real hope and change.

Isn’t it about time to embrace hope and change from a perspective which is oriented and …revolves around the interests …well founded in a private sector solution …principally …those of an individual’s rights and interests to private ownership?

Now that more august people have spoken …the honeymoon which has wasted the last two years’ resources should come to an end …more so than be allowed to peter and become played out …being pitted one against the other.

How does that serve unity …at a time like this. One might as well be calling for revolution instead, yes? …or is that what we are being pitted against in this play-like Greek tragedy …sham and set-up?

Go figure.

Instead, America would be better served in a more comprehensive …prioritized manner. America would be better served in pursuing a unified, comprehensive solution.

America would be better served by engaging in and along the pursuit of decency and order.

America would best be served by esteeming the order of its priorities according to the express wishes and will of America to ensure and accrue the unity and peaceful level-headed resolve She so desperately needs.

Unity and uncertainty being what it is …All would suggest that we can no longer afford to waste time in by continuing to ignore America’s private sector simple solutions.

All this points to more than suggest America needs to achieve a balance in Her agreement  …set back on the tracks founded upon a streamlined government …one which we can more realistically ….more honestly …more justly …afford.

And that is more than the one which exists today.

And that is certainly one less costly than the liberals are calling for in their mantra of change and hope.

I don’t know, but I have been told more than by one liberal that “…Less is more …”

Well, let’s see it. Put up; or shut up.

Should I  fail to question such pittiful acts, I might as well pack  it up.

These  plays are not  an apparent  abrupt about face. Neither are they a  departure from what has …for the last two years …willfully and deliberately served as excuses to avoided  favoring  private sector simple solutions.

So …in the petty, watered down choices the president  is now trying to sell to the public …do not be fooled.

In my opinion, Mr. Obama must not be allowed to  continue to misslead adn dupe America.

Try as he may to be perceived as  challenging and standing up to his party  …a lion …championing on behalf of Americans; do not be fooled.

His heart is not into it all the way.

Otherwise, he would be championing efforts to downsize spending and the cost of big government.

Instead, all thats gone on …both behind as well as in front of the curtain this past two years has been focussed primarily on just about every means to expand government …much …if not most without regard to the impact the  cost of doing so at the most of inopportune times.

At best,  Mr. Obama’s calls for tax relief are less than half of what America needs.

Temporary stop-gap measures offered up in a quid pro pro manner paint a picture more representative of the truth …and true essence of O.

Regardless how  begrugging his  offer is …it is still  a halfway, stop-gap which in all of its temporal sense fails to  offer a substance which speaks to address and impact and diminish the lack of certainty which may persist well into  2012.

In this manner,  Mr. Obama’s offer to temporarily extend the Bush tax  cuts  has been perceived  …once again, as no more than a political move which …in no way diminishes the uncertainty which he has yet to be sucessful  …let alone willing to address.

Over all, this more than suggests that his true colors  are …at   best unchanged.

Further more, failing to have …thus far …skirted the much greater issues surrounding spending cuts …this issue fails fully  to offer any real hope  to America …other than those affected by the quid pro pro provisions which will extend unemployment benefits …howbeit ever so temporarily.

Temporarily …half-heartedly …temporary seems to be the best for the moment that America can hope for in terms of hope and change …as we all …in the meanwhile ….sit all day in the  rain and wait.

I’m not sold that this is  in America’s  better interests.

Can you afford to wait …for 2012?

What is that hopey …changy thing doing for you?

Hmmm! Curious, yes?

If I didn’t question the President’s recent announcement, I might as well otherwise invite and leave myself open to become the inevitable recipient of the impact from the likes of a round-house sucker-punch.

As far as I can ascertain …to date, the temporal tax policy de’jour …thus far smacks of being nothing more than such …merely a brief, knee-jerk attempt to pull off a sucker punch.

In this, I choose to see it as …groping  half-heartedly at for the last straw …one looking for a last-minute …last opportunity to save face.

But I truly do not believe that this temporary offer is something  which the President himself  embraces.

I would  rather have to call it …politically inspired, two-faced lip service instead.

Is this the sort of leadership which is truly consistent …in service to America?

Furthermore, the Obama announcement seems to be more or less …a reflection of a desperate, politically deep-seeded darker work …one less intent on focussing its time and political resources necessary in order to bring out actual real hope and change …out of …or through agreement …so as to be capable of moving toward unity,  sound solution …sadly in most of its execute any positive move foreward.

How reassuring is that to impact certainty …or the lack thereof?

So far, in all of the president’s offer, there is more of an apparent motive lingering behind the curtain.

And this ulterior motive  couldn’t be farther from how  Mr. Obama  attempted to  characterize …package and sell it to America and his party leaders.

 …I.E. …as a deal which considers Americans’ needs everywhere.

However, such as it is …temporary deals are  no considerations at all …in that they are  still less than one half of a larger overarching …more pressing consideration needed.

And this would be fiscal responsibility (SPENDING & DEFICIT CUTS) to establish FULL …NOT HALF-HEARTED.  This kind of real  hope is a valid hope …one which would provide an efficient private  sector-based way to pave a path  toward effective painless change …and thereby truly sending a message capable of stimulating  the economy …one which unifies …one which provides private incentives to energize the huge  pools of capital  …currently lying dormant.

Such as it could be, the needs of the economy would benefit from clear, consistent, unifying transparent leadership …whose fearless leadership shoots from the hip …pointing  toward  clear-cut achievable objectives  directed and intended to impact the private sector richly …and not  principally the will of a political  few servants which come to stand in the way …otherwise thwarting the simple implementations of private sector solutions …depriving such of their needed for change, hope and their pursuit of independence and happiness.

As for now, we are all tied to and in line to serve the public debt for years to come …much of which will be squandered in languishing years of recovery …wishing we had only acted sooner by embracing the private sector’s solution’s cost-effective incentives …which have to date …been conveniently obviated …brushed over in pride and politically marginalized with less productive preoccupations which were driven by the delusions of an elixir whose liberal honeymoon intoxicated high that has lasted for more than two years …wasting too much precious time, energy, and opportunities …and hundreds of billions of dollars on a baby sitter who promised to spoil us all …yet has produced nothing but bickering and finger pointing …feeling that their rewards should continue to count for something …the liberal element persists beyond the black eyes they all received last August. Entitled indeed!


 Fine kettle of fish!    

So, what needs to be married to the President’s proposed temporal tax cuts?

Here’s my take?  

Just and equally needed is …namely, the unheard of …unspoken …unmentioned spending cuts …fiscal responsibility …and the priority of job one …is to marry the two …and make them mutually compatible …comfortable and balanced goals of our great nation.

Such as it is …the President’s efforts here have been all too half-heartedly sown with a begrudging spirit …carried forward …and principally spawned principally within a rather last hour …or rather a last minute, over-arching soured spirit …which seeming more so; gives the appearances of a half-limped member  …solely  purposed and aimed  squarely on the intents  of self-preservation …if for no other reason.

Boy-Oh-Boy! As a primary consideration, I’d call this;  too-little-too-late …even if it were to be the case that it was a pre-meditated play …well scripted afore hand …behind the curtains.

Regardless …Urinate on thisspy.

This sort of urine comes to my mind as a means to  describe what this dribble actually is.

Sadly, and more aptly …it is …missing the mark …and its core’s essence is its very own putrid fruit …and it stinks to high heaven.

Therefore, in review …any one should be able to  easily see through the charades of the temporary nature of this liberal play’s  limp attempts in an appeal.

As it has played out, it is …less than a meager  white-wash …an orchestrated opportunity intended to be used as a staged  selling of a lie.

Altogether,  it as compromise of consideration …one which …none the less, having in all of its essence …not enough horse power to have what it takes impact what is actually needed in order to reasonably bolster hope, make a significant, and cement America’s support.

In  unified purpose, America would otherwise benefit from a clarity of purpose …unwavering …easy to grasp …in agreement.

The private sector is rich in opportunities which would offer  real substantive long-lasting solutions.

Isn’t it time to  harness the impact of a  more worthy  promise …a choice   borne,  chartered, formed and inspired  to  perform and do  real service to America?

As such, specifically in regard to what would dispel uncertainty …build confidence and produce unity …the administration and its minor and major leaderships have  …in its very essence …essentially …in this regard have failed to represent and serve America’s better interests.

Instead, the President and his party’s principal members  have reacted in disarray to this issue. The  overall resulting Democratic party reaction has  lined up  in offering many a disgruntled expressions.

On the right, many opinions have been fielded that the temporary nature of the President’s proposal will significantly miss the mark of  what was  both hoped for as well as what was also needed.

As is, I find it  embarrassing …if not down-right ludicrous for the President to think that he could and did ask Americans to swallow this temporary thing in its limp and limited form …as is …without making it  clear that he would also  tie it and marry it to  equal and deeply-yoked  spending cuts …which would lead to  significant deficit reductions.

If this loop-sided, unbalanced approach is the best of the essence of O., this deal understandably …more than stinks …standing as an affront to the intelligence of All American Patriots everywhere.

What is playing out today, is a continuance along the lines …down a path within  a spirit which  has resulted in offering little service and promise which would otherwise  serve the needs of an independent America.

Sadly, this is one of most certain frustration.

The limits and chains of this administration’s intervention is thwarting service to the private sector.

Uncertainty …after all,  is no service worthy of producing any other substance worthy of hope which would benefit positive change.

Lies …on the other hand …are the counterfeits which  hold worthless, strongholds tightly in place.

This administration’s lack of capacity to generate unity  is a cracked cistern …sadly lacking both source and credibility …and will not hold water.

Crack pots are  those which are flawed and can hold no water.

And so is  the temporary offer of the President’s paltry play  …a band aid on a bullet wound.

And the  President knows this for a certainty.

Sadly,  the President’s lame-duck proposal is not even half-capable of building the sort of confidence sought by  those who must have this sort of certainty.

Certainty is a necessary crucial element to navigate this economy’s murky waters. Businesses need it …in order to plan, implement and execute their  long range plans.

Then why do the  administrations policies persist much like Darth Vader’s mantra; "…Resistenceis futile?"    

This  futility is beginning to morph into  a wierd uncharacterized  game whose script  also is something in which …I’m sure that …Mr. Obama himself is progressively losing  interest in …if not also his nerve as well.

Have you seen him on TV. He’s growing progressively more impatient with the press corps.

I for one am also growing a more than impatient …being myself …a littel more disalusioned with Democrats in general …more and more …with  each passing day they waste with their bull.

I have no more time nor credence to give to the entire lot. Every day …for the last two years I’ve been amazed …wondering daily what  new tax policy they might hatch  to justify  financing more solutionless government.

That is not hope and change whatsoever! Nothing more promising than one capable of producing the next pissing contest.

Hell, I can’t even turn on  the T.V. without getting an obnoxious headache from all the bickering debates which promise as much hope and change as they do  their examples of today’s widespread imbrace and acceptance that has imbraced and approved of the considerable  lack of decorum,  respect and honor and seen fit  to call and define such as news worthy.

Go figure!

Understandably,  business leadership continues to speak with one clear voice in  unity  …standing firm and more resolute each day.  Here a line …there a line …in precept upon precet.  And  with every opportunity afforded,  that voice of the business community has  overwhelmingly  made known that it is not impressed with  the administration.

Understandably, the left  of center proposals all but lack every consideration  which would otherwise speak and address this voice’s concern over  the abundant lact of  certainty,  consistency and   clarity.

As scarce as these  vital  components  are  …the abundance of these comodities  needs must  otherwise be considered in order to serve to promote, encourage and significantly build  pro-economic, business-favorable environments.

But  these  badly needed  provisions’s considerations have not  been  forthcoming …in intent …in speech …in deed …nor  in spirit and agreement by the Obama administration.

So what  will the Obama adminsitration do to produce the substance needed to produce the sort of long-term genuine  confidence necessary  to move the economy forward? What will unify. What is the  cement which will  bind up our wounds and redeme what time we have left ot deal with our petty indifferences?

What will  serve to bring into focus a clear  and more certain  comon long-term vision?

Will it be  one hastily thrown together in the wake of continued incessant bickerings …or  do we, as a  nation look forward to  buildign an ability to be able to participate at a level unsurpasse in our continued  sharing …our continued giving …our continued ability to participate fully engage …rather than shrinking away from  our core’s primary concern’s primary genuine intent.

And  such as has been our legacy, our future’s  hopes for prosperity lies  well  provisioned only if and within  all and each incentive’s opportunity to …to promote long-lasting growth.

So why stand we here in the rain all day and wait for it to come to us?

We have no time to waste.

The best opportunity to leverage growth is to turn to  the glory and power of the private sector now!

Now  faith is …and it has  always faithfully served  America  since her foundation.

Now is no reason to turn from our heritage’s richly laden substance.

And Americans should not lose sight of how well we have all  benefited  overwhelmingly  by a uniy which was crafted after a patern whose target was in  a common vision …bonded together with a love for  the faith and belief in her foundations …that principally upon and in spirit and  truth.

What options does the administration have to lose from such a well intended affection’s execution?

Why abandon the ship when our very one most promising port of call is as plain as the noses on each of our faces?

Certainly, the social agenda of the left is one which has failed  to dispel the malingering persistent air of uncertainty …the one which has successfully engineered the destruction of demand and consumption and  has made, formed and created the overwhelming economic ills afflicting the soul of this great nation’s body.

As genuine an attempt as they may have made, ours now is not to continue in our indifference …to pursue our differences.

But, rather …now is our time to get it together and stand united, because it  is certain that …divided we shall all fall together miserably.

The  uncertainty which has been allowed to entrench and encompass America about with a debilitation whose climate  is creating an ever more ominous environmental threat  …that of a deadly sort which is maliciously intended to do little  more than  produce the  opportunity of its choice …division and chaos …rather than unity and peace in mutually shared agreement.

Now  is the time to rebuke and marginalize the behavior which promotes such failings.

Now is the time to  dispel doubt, worry and the fear.

Now  is ever more the time to be working to set new presidents which esteems the true social values provided when certainty is promoted  in manners which  build confidence and trust …where due diligence is duely rewarded instead of short sighted temporary stop-gap measures.

Certainty …confidence and value  of policies do  lead to the substance worthy of esteeming and placing our confidences in trust.

Today, we are at a crossroads much like that of a Charles Dicken’s play.

Now, are we going to allow ourselves  to become  beset  by the Spirit of Christmas past …or sieze the opportunity of our Christmas future?

One thing is certain …a long a future period’s  long-lasting turbulent head-wind is forecasted  for the pattern of  the spirit of Christmas future …so, to you Dickens fans; good luck grapling with the spirit of Christmas Past.

This portends  an extended period of bad economic weather?

So, do you wish evil or good upon your neighbor? What do you propose to promote?

Such as is obvious, the essence of O. has proved that, for the time being  …an embrace of liberal socialism  has been deemed overwhelmingly undesireable the more Americans came face to face with its realities.

So, now  …to continue to push on a string  makes  no sense at all.

That is not to say that America is not in  need of change.

America is beset by many problems which need addressing …all in due time if we could just let patience have her perfect work.

One of our greatest which needs our most urgent attentions is our priority …tempered with an order we can all agree upon.

We can ill-afford to throw up our hands in resignation though.

Honestly, Mr. Obama’s announcement is undobtedly an approach which is a highly questionable, half-backed …a half-baked motivation  whose aims  are  widely received …ones which are being  perceived as being half …(without spending cuts) fully …without merit.

Is it then, no wonder then …that recent upward moves in  bond yield are  more than enough of a significant signal which indicates that the bond market is not buying into the administration’s tax relief announcement.

The market did not take  the fake …nor the sincerity of Obama’s  baseless motives either?

To dispel the perception of the essence of O. …the President’s moves  may be perceived and taken as little more than a man reduced to shadow boxing …a thrashing and beating at the air.

His swings  may look good, but  their temporal nature  may not be enough to  serve a  better long-lasting purpose.

As such, the swing’s coming from his efforts might just be little more than self-serving  posturing …grandstanding dribbling away more precious time …engaged in reciting empty ryheme.

Such as it were,  his sudden post election posture’s shift …suggests that he would, other wise …best be served …by moving away from his party’s more liberal play-book …which may be one written with his lame-duck role in mind.

None the less,  for all  the acts of this play …the plot is flawed by reason of the  temporal nature of the script’s limited scope. What are  unemployment benefits given in trade if  not much is  offered in exchange?

This is a slap in the face  for what obviously is …a lame attempt party-line concession.

What  measure of certainty is there in a consession  which  expires in two years? Sounds like Quid pro pro.

There’s nothing certain and clear about that …other than there is no incentive offered to further the cause of long-range hope and change.

Furthermore, any serious  conversation  of  tax relief  must include an equal weight’s worth of spending cuts as well as deficit reductions, otherwise, we might as all be spinning our wheels.

Pairing the two issues  would go along way in conveying that  spending cuts are imminent.

If the president manages to pursue and tackle  these two issues simulteneously, that fact alone would  purchase vital political yardage for him.

But to obtain it; the president would have to agressively take them on with a contrite heart …making them a matter of his utmost priority.

I do believe in  miracles …both large and small wonders.

As is most evident …the president’s slog  is to be a staged presentation …a procession which will obviously take painstaking efforts to make use of every photo opp to characterize the president as the true champion of the people …a rock star against the world …even against those of his own party.

And, if that’s the saga which works to eek out a re-election hope …so be it.

Bring it on Mr. President, but whose fooling who?

Nancy Pelosi? Oh, please! Grow up.

We might as well make our reservations for a puppet show.

Hmm? Let’s see; Punch and Judy comes to mind.

I hope that President Obama is up for better challenges …like actually pursuing what is right well and needed for a change.

Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change worth embracing?

Otherwise, the President’s pap is nothing more than short-lived dribble …sidetracks which serve  no other purpose either ….intended or otherwise …rather than to honestly and contritely …full-hearted stand behind the true essence of real, long lasting, meaningful  tax relief!

And make no mistake about it …in the wake of the essence of O. …long after this guy’s come and gone …America will most assuredly be crying out for such relief …for the resulting pain will otherwise …like it or not …come to stay for a very long time to come.

America’s legacy and  inheritance was to intended to be protected and preserved …rather than  squandered in pursuits are obsessed with  compulsive  drives in pursuit of wreckless tax and spend policies …one right after another …at the drop of the hat.

Sadly, much  of  this has been  the case for much of the last two years, and few  have  been able to successfully  bring  many  spending cut issues into the national conversation.

After all, this  side of the coin deserves as much …if not more attention and urgency than does the permanent extention of the Bush Tax Cuts.

Certainly …no less.

Therefore, any real solution needs must come together in the form of a unified combination of punches in order to become a sucessful pursuit worthy of executing service to America.

American has forgotten what it is to say no so much so that it is an all too foreign concept.

But this strange concept was indeed embraced at long last.

And  last August, Americans went to the polls and expressed a clear cut indication that the relative strength of the voice of reason …the voice of the vast majority is one which  is no longer  seeking to sanction and pursue …a pointless class war.

That, however seems to be a stronghold in the remainder of a smaller …ultra-left-…those most liberal in the camp’s rank and file.  

And those within this camp are seemingly not going to go quietly without a fight.

Be that as it may though,  as they  continue to fight …they will  stedily continue to lose ground.

Cmpromise is all but impossible for those who just can’t and or won’t.

Instead these small minority are content to remain blind …staunchly belligerent …overcome by the obstinacy in which they are so tightly wrapped.

Just ask the fictitious character,  Hugh G. Debt. (Google search;  )

As such, the longer America fails to make an “all-in” commitment …the more the above will become a reality …one which will bite us and our generations for time …ad-nauseum.

What a legacy we are going to leave behind …building such for future generations …one for all …to inherit.

And whether it be a bright future …or whether it be a dark one …America; yours is a most grave choice indeed.

But in execution …make your purchases’ choices sure …and do so with an open, discriminating eye.

Let me urge you to pass this on …and while you are at it …please make your requests known that you wish  your representative would work for you to make the Bush tax policies permanent.

While you are making  your requests and petitions known  …do so by  placing an added emphasis upon the need to reduce spending …all across the board.

Such action just might add  to drive credibility into the Deficit Reduction CommiSSion …by calling for deep spending cuts.

Complacency is no longer a healthy option which our future generations can afford…so, make the call …and make a lot of them.

This would go along way to build and demonstrate unity of purpose in the wake of widespread agreement.

One more thing; I sure would hope that President would NOT  make …or take the chance to make the Deficit Reduction Commission a spring board from which he and congressional liberals would use to further partisan interest or in any  other  self-serving manner …save for in service to America.  

After all, the President’s Deficit Reduction Commission should not be allowed to supplant the  utility of its intended  primary purpose.

What an opportunity lost it would become …if such were to willfully become a twisted tool …only to be cleverly wielded so as to focus its efforts and energies  away from America’s priorities …those at hand …all in view of  the run up to the 2012 general election.

If liberals will not …or, otherwise can not  see that they  have lost  touch with  the sentiments which most Americans …by virtue of  a prioritized, well ordered decency …which has been more than well defined in the wake of America’s express wants and needs this last August, maybe a clearer denotative view of absolute truth would do such liberals in Congress a world of good.

And if liberals can not and will not take note from the august lessens more than those of the returns of   the elections lost; I take joy in announcing  that I  project another unanimous decision …if not coming from a decision …then a I look forward to a second-round KNOCK-OUT …come 2012.

Take heart and mark me well.

Take heart and mark me well.

The most graceful of knock outs are not the result of a single sucker punch, but from a beautiful flurry instead …like a series of well linked, multidimensional combinations …starting from the ground up …till a worthy opponent-athlete delivers the final resounding blow.

Now, that’s neither blowing h0t …nor cold.

And that’s certainly not  pulling any  punches either!

You make your own call …and be sure to make a series of them.

And please, do not stop until your neighbors and Congressional representative get the message of America’s collective, united will.

America stands for fiscal responsibility.

Make it known  …together we stand. United we stand.

And we are not going to take it any longer.

In purpose …united we all can  do  a great service to America …for all …for “…We the People …!!!”




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