Trump Pride; Shameless Incorrigible Attitude

With respect to the advent of the 2016 Presidential Election cycle, I offer this posting which follows in the vein of the last Geoblography post (A Rebuke to Reprove The Donald) posted on December 11th, 2015 …because the effectual correction of pride requires repeated persistent consistency …the Donald’s attitude of shameless pride notwithstanding.

Behavior being what it is, it is one thing to be without blame …as in being blameless …or without blame as it were.

However, it is altogether another to be without shame …as being shameless …as it may be.

To illustrate this, I often like to say; “…Where there is no blame; there is no shame.”

“However, where there is no shame …there is no blame, for there is no reproach capable of denting one who, in pride …is incorrigible and beyond reproach.

Let me unpack this a bit further.

In my last post written last month …I led out with an apologetic explanation in which I wrote;

“I very seldom post material which is explicitly focused and directly fixed within a spiritual bias, but this is a time which calls for just such an explicit exception …one which needs be launched and precisely delivered with an extreme sharp rebuke …(with …or) in one blow meant to bring down, topple and burst the shameless pride of the one known as …The Donald.”

Now, after writing this leading opening paragraph, I turned and then …directed the second paragraph in the same vein …addressing it directly (as it were) expressly to The Donald Trump himself …writing;

“Donald Trump, when I hear someone say; “…God bless America …;” it invariably calls to mind the passage of scripture found in Mathew five which contains what is known as …

The Beatitudes.”

So, today …when I attended church services at New Springs Church in Wichita, KS; a message focusing on The Beatitudes was the last thing I was expecting  to hear.

As He would have it though …Senior Pastor, Mark  Hoover’s sermon today entitled Attitude Indicator, kicked off the latest in a series entitled Take Off …one in which Mark is employing themes borrowed from the field of aviation and (in this case) avionics in particular …telemetry, if you will.

So from a pilot’s perspective, their primary focus always returns to concentrate on the most prominent centrally located instrument that is mounted in the instrument panel. In other words, such a primary instrument must be mounted front and center at the top of the panel.

This crucial instrument is called the ADI …otherwise known as the Attitude Indicator.

It is simply the single most important instrument capable of visually conveying the attitude of the aircraft even at times when the pilot’s vision is impaired by either the weather, clouds and or darkness.

The ADI’s feedback represents whether the aircraft is climbing or diving as well as whether it is in a roll, either right or left.

So, with respect to The Beatitudes and Mark’s message surrounding attitudes …let me simply suggest one thing.

Check out what these instruments’ indications mean in relation to The Beatitude’s by following the multimedia presentations of Senior Pastor Mark Hoover’s Take Off series at:

And I hope you will enjoy taking heart in noting the leading promises of the Take Off series …a message which expands and amplifies …The Beatitudes.

Thank you!

And have a truly great new year, for there is no blaming anyone for being fully prepared to take off with all the lift and the thrust of One Whose promises are such …aimed to take one and all higher.

And with all due respect to The One Who knows what focus is most needed to correct attitudes formed in pride; sadly there are certain incorrigibles among whom, in their pride …would shamelessly take the helm  ahead of The One …namely the PIC …The Pilot In Charge?

Would that one who knows best be The Donald?

Evidently, not so much.


The attitude’s indicators point to the contrary …The Beatitudes’ not withstanding.

All the best in 2016!


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