Amy’s JetSki Bails On Old Navy Abandon

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Saturday, June 28, 2014


Of Whatever; Like, I’m Out of Here Dude!


or …


Beyond the Genius of “…”…Ulterior Forms of Bailing”


I.E.; “…I thought you were a purse;” …pay me!    (Note:   See the Don Rickles’ Roast link below.)



Note:   If you are not serious …and not an avid reader; Amy Poehler and Tina Faye’s youtube videos below might be more to your liking.  In any case, I hope you will take time to vote more responsibly than, say “…Whatever dude!!!”


On Maria C., Michelle, The Gap and “Whatever …”  to you too Old Navy!


Dude! Dude, this is really TMI …!

So, like  …is Femme Fatale …like, the height of total and sudden abandonment,  as if one need  prior authorization or now, any more of an excuse than to simply follow  a  personally appealing spirit …one whose strong  singular wind-driven  command  is strong enough to rule  over one’s  compulsions’ restraints? Yet humor has proven the strength to disrupt  even the best of a well ordered regimen of resistance. So then, what  further hope does a less highly prioritized order of one’s subconscious have against …the likes of a well targeted campaign …one of subliminal subterfuge which  repeatedly  heaps hilariously unbridled portions of ludicrously obsessive self-indulged bridge-breaking, gut-busting comedy skits upon the psyche? Its force and folly are with you …to the end of breaking  one’s conscious …subliminal resistance or otherwise  …all the while  as one barely notices its affects’ processes which are so well aimed at building  the bridges  of  lust’s  desires …drawing wants tied  to needs hopefully delivered when both meet in hope of promise at their doors.

Back in the day, I would  often find myself saying; “…gotta have it …got to get one!”

Aside from the order of  today’s  complex approach to engineering successful marketing campaigns  have changed very little; not so the psychology behind them.

Nevertheless, the primary objective still lie  with engaging  a specific audience’s  imagination. Make that connection. Build want. Bridge it  with need  and a certain sense of  urgency and availability …and like magic;  harness  conviction precisely to repeated calls for action where no prior desire previously existed.

Hence, the  reality of a  prominent  retailer’s name, “The GAP” serves as a really  good example of the marketing campaign’s methods and means.

However, with respect to “Old Navy”   The bridge  NOW is taking a step beyond “…Whatever…” in the form of Poehler’s methodical unconventional means  which has a proven track record  which  has more than  established a proven effective method of madness (bordering insanity)  …namely the craft of her comedic art’s comedy genius.

Both she and Tina know how to  masterfully bridge the two (both need and want …or whatever the pathos may be) moving forward its abandon which is relinquished so frivolously in this sort of a non-sequitur fashion which I choose to call “…Ulterior Forms of Bailing” …after all,  ownership seems to appeal to fewer and fewer these days …the due diligence of responsible ownership not withstanding.

Therefore, my  term …not as well-coined as well as Poehler’s scripted  convention, fits  remarkably and seamlessly so solidly well  in line …keeping with the likes of “Whatever…” timelessly resonating in beat frequency along with the nerves and chords of a (…Whatever’s …) mindset which was built up by and has  so long been entertained by SNL and its various popular ancillary spin-off’s varieties. Yes there is no denying “…Whatever  …!” yet; as for NOW,  a growing  greater number of  a  more mature (???) cross section of America’s SNL loyalists’ appetites may have been perceived by executive marketing  staffs as being a leveragable asset  …a lively commodity  being perceived so sharply …such as they may might likely be hungering and thirsting for an even  newer …still greater appeal …one for which might hold  still more of the sort of appeal to those whose whatever Hope and Change appealed to  yesterday’s “…Whatever’s. Who knows what it has yet  promised to deliver? But one thing is  stands  certain  …even above Hope and Change …Change is inevitable …even when despair replaces hope’s empty promises.

Hence, the sudden change  the prevailing winds move with fierce  abandonment.

However, God forbid  should the likes of “…Whatever …” ever be taken as old and as passé could whatever hope to become …especially having ushered in so much promise of hope for both  which has been perceived as moving  America so far forward to date aside from the economy and the size and cost to service the National Debt.

So then, what might be made to hold still more promise than yesterday’s old sold sale of endless “…Whatever…”‘ssssss s # !+ ?

Therein might lay  an answer …however so curious, that it may  provide a glimpse of  the  architecture’s subterfuge on which  both Amy and Tina’s  humor turns and runs so effectually from the former “…Whatever …;” for in their comedy’s new spirit “Ulterior Abandonment” just  simply seems so fitting in  its convention’s ability to eclipse the former.

Yes, why not dispense with the failure of “…Whatever…” and  move on forward reorganized with a repackaged appeal which …yet  resonates with still more reverberation whose  NEWNESS spins an appeal which reinforces our nation’s readiness to engage in still more wonton abandon of one’s more reasonably  serious  undertakings …without taking on so much more arduously the responsibilities held so loosely thus far with the former loose embrace in “…Whatever…?

None who have …to date, chosen so well would have sold more wisely with “…Whatever …” So, then …none could ever hope to pull something like this off again a second time so as to move the American mindset still forward beyond the likes of “…Whatever …!”

But that seems to be what is resonating  so well today. To be taken more seriously is being sold as a set up …the brunt end of any number of jokes.

That’s ok for now, that is …until; no one is willing any longer to take your dollar.

But for now, that’s ok. Just  get out there and sell those who have been so so well sold on whatever’s lack of care. Just go on …into the abandon of the selfish self absorbed nature …at least as far as one may be led …so well for example …to be sold by likes of an Amy  …or a Tina.

For when those two get together, there’s no telling what will happen beyond “…Whatever …” …or, Like dude! That’s just TMI!

Really? To what and of what doors of truth has that usheredAmerica?

To what a level of honesty has that promoted?

To what degree of justice has Hope and Change delivered justice …let alone freedom’s  greater opportunity?

To what  measured price has American Purity  suffered in the wake of WHATEVER?

And what is lovely inAmericawhich is no longer loverly inWashingtonthe capitol and pinnacle example of our Forefather’s faith and careful planning?

Of what  virtuous goods  do  the American media have to report these days?

For what praise do Americans comments  speak of in tweet, post and comment’s forms?

Do we speak for unity …or do we speak more of a mindset which has been conditioned by “…Whatever…” determined to settle for division in still more wanton abandon?

Or are we …as a nation holding more to our noble delusions than our American Exceptionalism is an account which will just bounce back like our artificially inflated dollar’s backbone?

Well I suppose not …not any more than if a Whatif-a-Bird flew by.

No “…Whatevers…!”‘s seemingly are no longer essentially needed anymore.

Americais seemingly satisfied to just barely be capable of thinking that “…Moving On …” is also …in a tricky fashion, also synonymous with “…Moving Forward …” ?

Yes? “Well, then …I am so out of “…seems to be what is selling these days.

So, I guess …in a twisted sense; the “I’m so out of here …!’s of yesterday’s “…Whatever…” may be coming back into vogue.

Yet, for Now, I believe for America it’s  …JUST simply gone too late …gotten a bit out of hand gone, gone …way beyond Sgt. Bergdahl to be close now for any greater measure of the grace of unity’s comfort.

For now, that blame and shame no longer cut it; I guess it’s just simply …cut and run, like:


“…Bring My JetSki around …Now!”


Or …  


“Spa’s Closed Ladies …!”


Or …  


“My Kid’s Not Here. He’s a  reader  …!”


Roasting Don Rickles …Like dude …you are almost out of here …a purse? (well, pay me …!)


Tina’s 30 Rock …


Good night ladies …good night and God bless you one and all …!

Posted Saturday evening, June 28th, 2014to as well as  to the status of my Face Blah  page.

Who knows, maybe someday …I’ll meet Amy and Tina. Maybe; but hopefully not with what’s-his-face …Alec Baldwin. I don’t think he would take to me any more than he takes to any other civil responsibility.



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