Ben Bernanke; Putting It All On The Line

It’s a shame that most Americans do not and or can not appreciate the extremely narrow wire upon which Ben Bernanke must cross a seemingly great expanse which  divides Europe and  the current administration’s  lackluster ability to favorably impact and affect  a meaningful and significant economic recovery …al of which points to four years of failed policy and failed leadership.

Yet, for all this …Ben is still on the job …walking the line; trying to keep it together …in spite of it all odds …Europe and this administration not withstanding.

Incredible! Remarkable!

I mean, it is as if a golden tongued orator’s words of wisdom are falling upon deaf or equally indifferent wiser ears …ears which turn to Benanke for more substance …which at times is best withheld for the greater good of all on both shores.

I mean, it’s not as if Ben Bernanke could otherwise …in and with greater freedom …just simply wave his magic wand over Congress …so as if to instantly produce a more effective and favorable (pro-growth) policy which would suddenly altogether appeal to the likes of small and large business communities alike.

I mean, after all …who or what is holding Bernanke’s freedom back?

I mean, it is not as if Ben is being held hostage …or, what?

Perhaps he is being held captive and perchance  no longer  free to act as independently as either his mandate dictates …or in  quite a  way which would otherwise please Wall Street any more than all the other president’s punitive policies which have made wiping boy examples of  this administration.

I mean it is not enough to say that Ben Bernanke’s policies have had to deal with the   every one of those examples impact …which have produced harsh affects and just about tried to marginalize everything  and anything  …save that which  bears the liberal and or social union label.

However, until sanity returns to Washington to export a different  fruit …a produce called confidence …the president’s policies will remain as a substance which will continue to divide, steal, kill and destroy any and most all hopes for significant economic change …like that which would otherwise efficiently and organically effectually produce fruit in any abundance like that which will efficiently resemble the sort of  capacity and capability that equates to the product of  broad prosperity from which all of Americans’ hope will emerge …if just given a just and natural and more fair and more free unencumbered opportunity in policies that favor free-market private capital solutions.

Let’s face it; public stimulus is not enough. Private policy turns the key which …when the government gets it …and gets out of the way …things begin to happen on a grand scale.

Hence, the lackluster emphasis of this administration has failed to spark the imagination of the real engine which otherwise is capable of economic demand. Preoccupied with the opportunity to socially re-engineer  a new meaning of that which is fair is that which has also failed to jump-start the economy. And this simply points to the fact that this failure’s ownership goes to the president’s watch …one which has not focused so much upon a chance of producing hope …so much as it has the opportunity to destroy the engines of an otherwise free enterprise based  economy which would, could and should if it were only give the food, fuel and the opportunity of encouragement which organically builds the sort of confidence which manifests the spirit of a more worthy trust …self ignite and take flight to soar like an eagle should fly …proud, free and independent.

Where is the strength of dependence in making the independent weak?

In view the cost of what emphasis has been obviously missing; is …that missing piece of the puzzle worthy of doubling down on that  cost for four more years?

I rather strongly think not!

None the less, even in the absence of any manifest more robust economic demand which would  result in producing greater economic activity, the president will probably stubbornly remain in the same shame and blame mode …clinging to a rant  which has failed to unite America in a manner which would enhance the huge amounts of public stimulus which in turn …absence of the spirit of unity has also failed to  consistently to take the opportunity to do whatever it takes to support and sustain the sort of GDP growth necessary to bring home the bacon and the bucks.

After all, the proof is in the pudding and this administration has nothing to show for its lack of business acumen …save a lack of tax receipts and a litany of growing excuses which point to a seemingly endless inexcusable tendency whose dependency is growing nothing noteworthy of Trust …not even in calling for new tax schemes and dream …hell bent on finding ways to separate money from its citizenry …year after year.  

Yet, in spite of what is as plain as lipstick on a pig, the administration seems comfortable to lead WITH ITS DEFICITS INTO a mantra whose rhetoric is continuing to make more and more calls to justify MORE OF THE SAME …all without impunity …all the while doling out its divisive policies of shame and blame.

Go figure …then, go …GOP for real hope and change!

For until a more unifying real hope and change come to town …America stands to fall into an abyss of a pit where ever more still larger deficits have gone before US without shame.

As such America stands to become  victims of  a social inclination whose nature  is reflective of a fistful covetous  finger-pointing …such habits whose drive belongs to envy and jealousy …characteristics void of solution and totally belonging to an administration which knows no shame nor the meaning of hypocrisy.

And true to its nature, this administration can not even acknowledge the ownership of its very disturbing disruptive social nature.

As such there is nothing for change if hope had no chance and no compromise?

And unlike the adage which states that there is no shame where there is no blame; this administration’s failure is in not realizing that there is no blame where there is no shame.

None the less, in  contemplation of today’s current market reaction  to Bernanke’s summary statements …it is obvious that the domestic equity markets wanted to be spoiled by stronger  more definite words …all of which proceeds out of the mouth of the Treasury Secretary. However, even though the adage apply described by; “…spare the rod and spoil the child …” may not apply to  Ben Bernanke’s comments today …he still  gave  little more  indication that  he is willing to entertain easing other than what he characterized as “…being willing and ready to engage …”

And in saying no more, his lack of forthcoming may be a foreshadowing that  his hands may be paradoxically tied by the same wire of this administration’s divisiveness.

In contrast to clarity and a more open statement; think of what kind of  clarity would mean in contrast to holding ones cards closer to ones vest. Think about  that if the Secretary’s comments were intended  to  stand  to benefit European interests  the more than those domestically.

And those interests  would naturally be more representative of decisions made to keep  European bond rates lower and a weaker Euro …all of which would favor European manufacturing, jobs and cheaper European exports.

However, how would that be possible if it were the case that Ben Bernanke would stand and rock the boat with an overt (more clear) announcement ….that of a more foreword pronounced intention to robustly push QE-3?

In other words what shades of ones announcement serves which shores is no longer a coy matter of speculation …as much as  it is just a matter of how one holds his cards …a good  poker face not withstanding.

You bet!    

Thus, this week …Ben’s sovereign mandate took a more toned down demur in serving a stronger reality …that steeped in the quagmire of a conflicted geopolitical, economic and financial balancing act which has Ben Bernanke up in the air …in the middle of trying to perform a high- wire act far and away above the job description of his dual mandates’ more narrow definitions.

That is to say …Ben’s job description during the mess which this administration now owns has grown far above and beyond the definitions of a more American mandate. But who is the more discerning of this than Ben?

Would that little privy mystery be known more of …say, the Congress …than perhaps the MEMBERS OF THE G-20 summit?

Who’s is to say …whose sovereign interests have taken a back seat for to better serve those of a world gone flat?

And whose interests stand any less compromised by the mutually intertwined spirit of debt and her sister greed …all for the Love of money?

So Ben is above blame for what all has conspired against America. As such, all should realize what is now be forcing him to just to be trying just about anything which is workable in order to do his job the best he can …even it means keeping his powder dry and his cards close to his vest …even if he is not all that well understood …up in the air …walking a thin line …with no safety net …save a cavalier glib single expression; “…whatever!”

No thanks to you Mr. President for without compromise; you are without excuse far below the man whose job you have put on the line.

All the best,



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