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One for All and All for One






Q:   What’s that?


A:   An acronym.


CNBC’s CBE-based commodity commentator, Rick Santelli’s cute use of a freshly coined acronym was obviously intentionally meant as a forced play whose borrowed birth (pardon the poor inference to terms of credit) is …in my opinion, a poor excuse to make a shipwreck of OPM …other peoples’ money …as it pertains to credit …or perhaps herein …the pervasive abuse thereof.


That abuse I understand. I get it, but let me be honest; solution is not about simply being cute.


This said, I both respect and highly admire Rick Santelli, for he is spot-on in many of his controversial observations and editorial comments. As such, Rick Santelli is understandably an invaluable member of CNBC’s editorial and reporting staff.

Rick, simply brings so much to contribute to the national conversation, he is often more the better  part of the solution that needs to be heard and heeded  

In fact, I wish CNBC would give Rick more reporting responsibilities …more so than those of Editor.  




None the less, in taking a closer look at Santeli’s rather irksome …if not grating comments that he made today; I have to take exception for his use of this acronym today led me to take his motives as a personal emotional compulsion …and this one, I particularly took as being …akin to rubbing salt in the wound of a dog which has already been well enough kicked about when he’s down …and just about out of what has come to be loosely treated less in terms of more than a goodly misplaced measure of American contempt even by referring to its name as a contradiction in terms …a European Union.


Today, I have to sadly caution thatAmericahas not much right to criticize any one on the basis of what constitutes a “UNION.”


Furthermore, in trying to pull Rick’s use of this acronym out of my craw; I can’t help but believe that the honest truth begs my following question; “What’s the difference between the affects of The Marshal Plan and Rick’s use of OCM this morning?


And to TAKE THE LIBERTY TO …answer my own question, I do not hesitate IN THE LEAST in taking the opportunity to simply say …that the difference may be found in the polar extremes between today’s era approach in resolving today’s issues as compared with how and why those which faced the post World War 2’s era’s problems …chose to place honest emphasis upon effectually growing and the actual rebuilding processes which would and actually did provided and reward those involved and committed …with incentives’ rewards …those a plenty which benefited private and public sectors alike.


And there was unity, but more importantly …before hand, there was agreement.


And this led to a spirit of unity …and unity a direction.


But where is that leadership gone?


Today, ask the question; which Reagan did not ask; “Where are the bean counters?”


They are all arguing with liberal radicals who are trying to pull leadership into the context of liberal socialism …in the total abandonment of the private sector.


In my father’s generation, America was led by the motives which chose to place and revere the rewards which paid for a of proliferation of that which subsequently had the strength to give birth to a peace dividend whose extensive long-run course helped to actually pave and pay the way for both private and public social rewards.


In this wise, there was a partnership …a symbiotic synergistic good produced in an agreement as to what good that partnership formed.


Therefore the how to form such to a priority which cause my father’s generation to come together …rather than to pull itself apart.


To deny that such primarily spirit’s did not value OCM in this priority had no part in paying for Germany’s opportunity to rebuild, reunify and rise above the collapse of communism would be a bold faced lie.


And so, to speak so derogatively about OCM …is akin to slapping THE MARSHAL PLAN in the face.


And I simply find such to be the height of (Tea-Party) hypocrisy and call for Rick Santelli to retract …if not …then, at least …beg that he re-qualify his short-sighted quips which he made today in reference to OCM.


As one who takes the opportunity to portend to speak for the Tea Party; his own compatriots needs must hold Rick’s feet to the fire in this.


So, in view of The Marshal Plan, what is so new about OCM?


HasAmericaearned the right to look down its nose atEurope?


I rather think not, for the US of A has for sometime …seeming acted with contempt in almost entirely writing off its historical significant investment in peace …that which has been made in terms of the massive sacrifices thus far; I.E.   …The cost’s price to pay for the opportunity to provide for a timely necessary defense ….not only of Germany, but also for the ancillary ways and means to pay to police the world …not to forget to mention Cuba and the rest of the southern hemisphere …with, or without a strong immigration policy in lieu of a largely absent, consistently thorough, standardized system of adequate border security policies, practices which are integrated effectually and efficiently broadly implemented on a state by state coordinated platform which can operate to execute justice as swiftly as the courts should deliver the same.  


Now, is not the time to shun, shirk and mock this (OUR PEOPLE’S MONIES) staggering vested interest in the spirit of safeguardingLIBERTY…NEITHER HERE AT HOME NOR ABROAD.


MORE ASSUREDLY …NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO MAKE A MOCKERY OF OUR HISTORICAL INVESTMENT AND OUR FOREFATHERS’ entire PRICE PAID TO PROVIDE THE DUE DILIGENCE THEREOF …and thus, INSURE OVERSIGHT OF the WATCHFUL LEVEL OF ACTIONALBE ACCOUNTABILITY necessary to safeguard the liberty which assures that Americans may either enjoy the freedoms we cherish so highly …and or …merely take them all for granted …in and with a sprit of “WHATEVER DUDE!”




AND THEN, ASK; WAS IT WORTH IT? And say not; “…whatever dude!”


ABOVE ALL …Now, is not the opportunity to TRASH THE HONORABLE SPIRIT associated with a more courageous tea-party’s hopes and aspirations.


Therefore, now is not the time for a would-be indiscriminate mouth piece to b-rate and b-little the value of the price paid to build …rebuild and build again and again whatever support is necessary to defend, support and further freedom’s chances to flourish and mature.




Turn you at my reproof …if you have ears to hear and eyes to see.


Then, be hearing and be seeing …and be about it.


Amen and amen!


Thank you,



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