Gulf Oil Disaster; Looking Forward in A Look Back in Dis Belief at the Dynamics Shame & Blame?

 In  the wake of any number of a variety of crisis, much …if not  all of that which has  rocked America to her core in recent years  seems  to serve  more than a mere suggestion which points to  evidence that there is more than a prima facia case to  indite  America for having too long taken a  dim view of Her responsibilities for  oversight,  accountability in Her approaces to perform Her due diligence..

The following is a look back on a piece posted on Saturday June 13th 2010 regarding the  tone and  chain of President Obamacomments and responses to the  Gulf Oil  Disaster.  

Such as it was, I saw the material as just one more example of toe tapping …side stepping …hem-hawing and shame and blame …all of which I could not ignore …seeing this all the  more as  enough of another wake up call …one  which was in need  to be addressed  at a time …one going into a November 2010 election.

So, I guess, this piece was more serving of a call for temperance …self control, and just one more opportunity to get a grip and move forward in a more sober responsible manner.

Since it was written, I have added a few websites which add content and added substance to the atmosphere which prompted me to write this post at the time.

Change? Can’t Stop Dis!;national

 First 100 days of spill animated interactive day by day graphic

Obama’s original request …Vote for me for change!

Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!

But now, I’m thinking …not so much.

All Obama seems to be capable of …is, making claims such that; “I merely inherited this (fill in the blank) …in this case, it’s become the mess in the gulf.

…and, once again …

“This is really Bush’s fault!”

That’s not change. That’s not original. That’s a broken record.

The proof is not in the pudding; it’s in the pointing …that; in regards to finger pointing …blame don’t stick and shame doesn’t stack up …none of which translates to a viable path to change capable of trust-building.

This does not logically …merit votes does it? Not justifiably with any good reason pointing to …exemplary decisive leadership.

That’s right; exemplary leadership leads forward toward solution?

Instead, we have an example where; “Sue the bastards!” …and “…or else I’m going to kick some A@@S.”

Oh brother! Please! Get a grip!

Or else …America is going to kick your can!

Yes we can! Yes we will! And, like a hole in the Gulf …you can’t stop us either!!!


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