Fifty Shades of Nay; Rate Hike Reluctance


Fifty Shades of Nay; Rate Hike Reluctance

Denial is Not Just Another River in Egypt;

But then neither is outright avoidance.


I have not written a post for some time now. However, in making a comparison to when I started writing my e-mail blasts to CNBC, Fox News, The Wichita Eagle editorial staff …as well as some 66 or so individual home owners (who I believed would naturally take a heightened interest in all things which pertain to homeownership) …some nine years ago; I simply now, no longer have the time to write two or three times a week as was my customary practice.


Furthermore, there is just something which I believe has been deliberately dismissed which is gone missing from the heart of the national conversation …and thus, has formed a growing pool of malaise. And it is from this water’s gross injustice’s lack of due diligence which has curbed my appetite for casting my pearls so indiscriminately before those who eyes see not and those whose ears hear not.

It was once written:

How otherwise, shall I cause them to understand? For with stammering lips and another tongue? Shall I (plainly) speak to this people? Yet, (in either case) they will not to understand …

NOTE:  In the context of the day when this was written; Isaiah referenced his rhetorical question …likening his audience and his efforts as being as useless as to speaking to babes …as those helpless …at a time being as if just weaned from their mothers’ teats …prone to falling into all sorts of hapless mischief, peril …traps and snares not withstanding …even to the point of denial and rejection of the stone cold truth …preferring instead the favor of and preference of giving deference to the credence of abject lies.

I say this in contemplation of a certain wanton respect for the priority of understanding an important  worsening condition’s reality and a lack of an honest respect for the priority and order of any ordered focus upon the truth surrounding the management of our national debt and its gravest implications …those whose impacts seem to be more ever more often making ever  more widening ripples throughout the multidimensional areas of our lives; in manners which unavoidably affect our manner of life on the basis of its costs. These ripples incursions disruptions are taking no fair share of their our freedom’s opportunities away from us in terms of service costs. And it is these opportunity costs which will forever ripple through ours and those of our future generations which will follow …long after the bell of freedom stops and no longer is capable of ringing.


In much the same respect, at the Kansas City Federal Reserve’s recent monetary policy summit at Jackson Lake Lodge, Janet Yellen was also absent …and was, also like this missing piece of the puzzle …neither part of the conversation…nor any solution …no thank you China…and no thank you Europe …Christine LeGarde notwithstanding.


It is as if the debt is the eight hundred pound gorilla which has been overshadowed in choosing the convenience of giving deference to any excuse (exports which actually strengthen the dollar as well as greater economic world growth) that would cause one to deliberately ignore what more honestly causes growth by giving banks greater incentive to make loans in taking more risk in view …and in favor of wider Net Interest Margins …which organically grows the economy so much more efficiently than merely printing and weakening the dollar artificially.


(Should I come …or should I go now…?)


But who knows, the honorable Fed Chair may simply be biding her time, waiting for a conservative presidential candidate to step up to take the helm so as to write (pun intended) the ship, by charting a more balanced steward’s course …that is to say …by taking a more fiscally responsible approach to safeguarding our and our children’s’ future and financial well beings.


Regardless, the national conversation needs must more honestly address the eight hundred pound gorilla which is gone missing from our sight and sound mind’s false notions.


In the meantime, I can think of no better reasons why The Fed wouldn’t continue in its vein of a monetary policy which I coined as …Fifty Shades of Nay since it can do little to turn the ship around while drunken sailors insist on having the helm.


She, understandably …must truly …out of priority and in respect for the truth, quietly consider the costs of just floating the note in the best of all possible worlds …the hit to its book which a rate hike would mean notwithstanding.


Such an unspeakable conundrum, yes?


Such a waiting game.


Convoluted as debt management may be ….I call such masochism…Fifty Shades of Nay.

A.K.A. …the Fed Chair’s signals translate into a predominant geopolitical consideration offered as reason for her rate hike reluctance.

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