Windfall Profits Tax vs. An Oil Lobby = Why Term Limits


Windfall Profits Tax vs. An Oil Lobby


or …


Standing in the Way of Choice


A growing discontentment is leading to calls for a windfall profits tax which is translating to political rhetoric in what may likely come from Washington’s knee-jerk reaction to manipulate and profit from a growing dissatisfaction fueled by fuel price shock.


It should be easy to clearly see that such groundswells’ calls are likely to be arduously opposed and met with indirect counter offers in open invitations by oil lobbyists’ whose efforts it will be …to try and change your congressional representatives’ minds.

Like …that isn’t or wouldn’t be an indirect opportunity to serve any Senator to make a discrete invitation in the form of an unsolicited call for additional campaign contributions …or, what?

So far, The Senate (unlike The House) has pretty much refused to speak about …much less, consider Nat Gas.

Poor old Liberty! Where are her choices gone?

I thought competition in the way of more choices was good for keeping prices low …free market principals not withstanding.

Maybe The Senate is standing in the way of Nat Gas …in the name of capitalism.


Wait just a minute; what happened to free market principals?


I guess, in Washington ,,,you can just about throw everything out the window …including the baby with the bathwater …especially when the opportunity of crisis is a welcome opportunity for every senator to improve their re-elctions’ campaign’s war-chests.


What does this say about term limits?

Maybe The Senate is serving their lobbyists more than “…We The People …” Who will demonstrate what choice is all about …namely liberty? I believe that 2012 America will demonstrate what choice is all about …and the senate will be swept clean in a manifest clear choice …pretty much after the same manner in which America stood united in one voice at last November’s mid-term elections.

Until then …I guess, in the absence of choice; America’s aggregate  demand destruction will just have to do.

For the time being, I’m going to buy a bicycle and a backpack.

In spite of rising food prices …I’ll, at least … still be able to eat well.

Bon Appetite …all you who are considering becoming Smart Car …or high-mileage vehicle owners.


All the best,



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  1. Vous savez vraiment comment attirer l’attention des gens parce que quand j’ai commencé ? lire je voulais savoir ce qui sera ? la fin.

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