Campaign Finance; a Matter of …To the Highest Bidder

Campaign Finance …

 A Matter of …A Question of Balance


Sovereign Interests For Sale


To the Highest Bidder

Our Alies Be Dammed …for What; 30 Pieces of Silver?


Could President Obama’s comments made during his recent trip to Israel be a succinct response to the breadth of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce campaign political fund raising during the mid-terms of last November?

If it is, this would explain much of Mr. Obama’s rhetoric and stance which was well received by most of the countries in the Middle East …save Israel.

Think of the timing of Mr. Obama’s trip as a function whose back-drop was prefaced by the following Los Angeles Times article: Obama order could make corporate political spending public,0,5609555.story

Contrast this to the articles which have raised questions as to the Chamber of Commerce role in its mid-term fund raising campaign activities.

Mix the two sides and their issues, and the question of foreign campaign money becomes more than a question as to whether or not there exists more than a marginal measure of compromised sovereignty.

When raising campaign funds become more than such, overstepping borders becomes a matter which involves …national security conflicts.

Can you say border security and raise money across borders and expect “…We the People …” to turn a blind eye to even the mere appearance of impropriety?

I rather think not.

In this regard, I stand solid in agreement with the Prime Minister of Israel on all principals.

The only thing I would hope that would …or could come out of President Obama’s visit to Europe is that some Arab finance ministers would take a shining to the idea of backing some of the European Union’s PIIGS …no pun intended with regard to eating pork.

At least funding those struggling nations with their debt issues is legal, while funding Mr. Obama’s bid to hold the White House would be an obvious illegal conflict …unintentionally solicited or otherwise …under the table as the White House has more than suggested in regards to the Chambers mid-term foreign activities.

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P.S:   It has happened before. It probably will happen again …

Re:   The Natural Gas Resources of Egypt; Is the President doing Egypt or Israel any favors?

They cried Peace …Peace and there was no peace.

In this regard; who is the Community Organizer, or rather …who is the Community Agitator?

When you get right down to it …this administration is really airing its dirty laundry out in the open for all to see …which is giving American diplomatic strength a black eye …our allies not withstanding.

What is trust then; but a forlorn forsaken momento of our forefathers hope …no tribute to the promised heritage and the legacy any once proud nation should ever hope to leave behind for its children to inherit …an inheritance I call shame.

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