Talking Heads – Same As It Ever Was …Save A Newly Awakened Urgency

Moving forward …and gaining momentum …Washington has been made to take note of an unmistakable, and the undeniably powerful unified message which was manifestly expressed at this November’s general election.

Today’s blog posting takes the opportunity to look forward at one of today’s top news topics …the President’s Deficit Reduction Commission.

On a side note: This Commission has no Czars.

Such as it is …I am also going to  look back into the recent past for insight.

I am posting an article first published back in the early part of 2007 from a bipartisan group called The Concord Coalition.

To lean more  about  The Concord Coalition,  see;      …

And when I look back at the article posted below, I am reminded that America has suffered immeasurably from  a continued lack of accountability.

But in our recent past years case, America has suffered by  deliberate  …driven by  the winds of sheer willful intent of one form or another …one whose abandon was rather intended to serve a  certain popular political will de’jour  …moreover than that of “…We the People …”

And with its deliberate blind neglect, Washington continues to dither away  huge precious periods of time …squandering several windows of opportunities …rather than  making   the otherwise …tougher decisions in terms of sacrifices more prudent.

And in side stepping  the times  and terms of making tough sacrifices a matter for discussion …Washington has done very little otherwise …rather than merely kicking their very own  cans down the road for future generations to deal with and pay a heavier price for the ease of Washington’s neglect.

In  this, many opportunities have been lost …primarily by embracing shame and blame …such  frivolous focus has also failed to address a solution worthy of resolve …let alone one of hope …holding a single merrit worthy of change.

Many opportunities have been lost in  abandonment …in failings to lead and address and deal with the most urgent matters America has been facing for years …in recent generations.

Instead,  Washington has pursued its agenda rather that the priorities which out weight those which remain …the most weighty issues affecting the economy.

Thirdly, the liberal ideology and agenda  crafted  a plan with a mind-set which made  2012 its own time table the priority above all else …otherwise cap and trade and their other socially engineered plans would have taken a back seat to the economy.

And in deliberately forming its own time table of neglect …in its abandonment, the the economy was intentionally made to suffer …so as to justify its ends …making free enterprise their very own whipping child …their foot stool to craft a new socially engineered society.

And now that time is past …and the honeymoon has been spent …where is all the finger pointing …the bickering …the blame and the shame?

Maybe, it was all just a bad nightmare …a bad dream?

None the less, the reality which has always been the need for fiscal responsibility and responsible oversight …are still issues of accountability whose pressing weighty matters still loom ever-larger before all of us.

Today, we can ill-afford to turn pay no more attention to this than Dorothy could ill-afford to turn a blind eye on ” …the man behind the curtain …”

Today, I looked through my files once again and found a timely example of the job before us ….the one which has primarily been left undone and unaddressed for years.

And these tough issues involve matters regarding the budget …spending …deficits …and the velocity of money in our economyg …and last but not least …public borrowing …and printing.

And as …No man is an island …no country is a leader in the free world if it can’t keep and maintain its own house in an orderly well managed fashion.

So in view of such matters and their urgency, I am posting an article which was first printed back on February 9th, 2007.

The SOURCE IS: The Concord Coalition

This post should serve as a reminder that this timely matter’s level of URGENCY has merely escalated …to become the 1,200 pound gorillas in the rooms.

Yes, in deficit reduction, debt management, spending, and monitary and fiscal policy …these issues form a plurality of the primordial soup from which our problems have  risen.

And their form’s complicity  have  mutually intertwined …multidimensional ramifications which impact a widening circle of a greater number of multifaceted  matters …each of which make crucial contributions  to the welfare of our nation and its economy.

Make no mistake about it; Main Street and Wall Street are interdependant and neither can afford to throw stones in a good Samaritan’s glass house.

For that matter, as a good Samaritan …he can ill-afford to pass up urgency when it is lying motionless, next to death …in the road …in favor of pursuing his own agendas with indifference.

Note: The following is from the: The Concord Coalition ….Feb. 9, 2007

The Fiscal Wake-Up Tour Comes to Manchester: Public Invited to Discuss our Nation’s Unsustainable Fiscal Policy

WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On February 13th, The
Concord Coalition will join with other federal budget analysts to host a stop on our Fiscal Wake-Up Tour, a nationwide series of town hall forums on
the nation’s long-term fiscal challenge.

U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker will be the featured speaker. The event will be held at St. Anselm’s College Institute of Policy Auditorium. The event is hosted by St. Anselm’s and is open to all at no cost.

“One thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is that our nation’s current fiscal policy is not sustainable over the long-term.

Our children’s economic future is at risk, which is something no one wants.

Changing course will require hard choices such as:

scaling back future entitlement promises,

increasing revenues to pay for them, or — most
likely – – a combination of both. Because these choices are politically difficult, the active involvement of the American people is critical.

Without greater understanding of the problem among the public, community
leaders, business leaders and home state media, elected leaders are
unlikely to break out of their comfortable partisan talking points and
unlikely to find solutions. That is why we began the nationwide Fiscal
Wake-Up Tour. As demonstrated by the recent election result, voters are
tired of partisan gridlock. This gives both parties an opportunity and a
duty to begin working together on the real problem we face. Ensuring a
sound fiscal future for our children should certainly be high on their
list,” said Robert L. Bixby, executive director of The Concord Coalition.
On Tuesday, February 13, there will be a Town Hall open to the public
and press. The panelists will be available to the press before and after
the events.
What: Town Hall

Where: St. Anselm’s College Institute of Politics Auditorium
Saint Anselm Dr. and Rockland Ave.
Manchester, NH

When: Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Begins at 6:30 P.M.

Who: David Walker, Comptroller General of the United States
Robert Bixby, Executive Director of the Concord Coalition
Alison Fraser, Heritage Foundation
Isabel Sawhill, Brookings Institution
Moderated By Professor John Romps

For more information you can email or you can RSVP
to Tristan Cohen at 703.894.6222, or by email at
For information about David Walker’s participation, please contact the
GAO Office of Public Affairs, 202-512-4800. For information about the
forum, please contact Tristan Cohen, Communications Director of The Concord
Coalition, at 888.333.4248 or 703-894-6222. Panel members will be available
to the media before the event.
A complete press packet may be viewed online at:

SOURCE The Concord Coalition

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