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I sure hope that the President’s  Deficit Reduction Commission isn’t misused, merely as  a partisan political platform upon which to improve an approach to the 2012 elections. Fine kettle of fish that would be …along a growing line of self-serving disservices to “…We the People …”



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Preface:     Updated February 10th, 2011

Bravo! Way to go Senator Simpson!!!

Way to go Congressman Ryan. On glide path. On glideslope.  

Move spending cuts deeper into the national conversation!!!

Yesterday, after contacting my web host …I realized that my blog’s hits and visits were down from December’s exponential rise over and above the prior months’ increased traffic.

And while I realize that I went on vacation and have also been rather slack in blasting my posts …via e-mail; my host’s technical support staff member made me to take note  and mark that the foreign component of my site’s followers had altogether dropped to zero.

This compares to visits from 23 countries over the last four previous months …traffic which has essentially increased to become parabolic in December.

So, after listening to my tech support staff member, I asked what may have caused this phenomenal drop-off in foreign traffic …outside of the fact that I was no longer solely relying upon e-mail blasts.

And the answer I was given was quite startling.

This is rather shocking; yet altogether revealing …if true …discounting any degradation in the quality of my  writing and or content.  God forbid that I should be regressing in these manners.  

None-the-less,  a more plausible answer I was given pertains to what pertains to what is known as proxy servers …and more specifically …to whom and with what technical measures provide for how traffic may come to be filtered …or censored …and or altogether totally blocked.

After contemplating the impact of this possibility, I instantly became confronted with the reality which may have caused Google to make the decision to exit and leave China behind.

After all, freedom of speech is not free if it is restricted and not allowed to flow freely.

Freedom of speech is simply just another oxymoron  if it is first of all …not free from fear.

Therefore, I am returning to e-mail blasting as a complimentary practice whenever I post my work to Geoblography.com.

To this end, I would like to ask you for your  help and continued deliberate support in order to  circumvent whatever means and barriers may have been raised  to maliciously thwart and stifle the free flow of my  expressions and  thought in what was meant to other wise be an open forum supported by free and unimpeded processes which promote diversity and choice.

After all, if it is the case that my work should come to naught, what does the likes of China …and or, the U.S. State Department have to fear from the likes of little ole me?

Therefore, I am e-mailing you my last two posts I made to Geoblography.com.

With all humility, thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding.

As such, I humbly wrote the following post ….earlier this month on Friday, February the 4th.

Posted:   Friday, February the 4th. 2011

In keeping with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s address to the Washington Press Corps today, I am taking the liberty to look back  at  a letter which I sent out via e-mail on  Tuesday, June 06, 2006.

Today, the strength of our nation is tied to  our weak dependence  upon  borrowing …as much today as we  were, when I wrote the piece below …back in 2006.

A wise man once asked; “…What good is actually realized …if, in order to strengthen the weak …the strong are made weak?”

Truth be told, America  may have simply  become weaker …and more  dependant upon borrowed foreign capital,  merely for the fact that our creditors are becoming more and more reluctant to lend to us …leaving us no choice than to print and buy our own debt with nothing more than fluff vis. QE’s means and methods.

And that’s serious weakness in anybody’s book.

Sort of reminds me of a less than creative means than robbing from Peter to pay Paul.  

And this would not be so bad if it were not for the case that this weakness  will impact Americans ability to afford to retire  …let alone the ability to do so comfortably.

One needs look no further to Germany after the costs of reunification came home to severely reduce pension benefits …the demise of Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

And that, in and of itself …is a sin which is eclipsed in our commission …in that we know it …but are not able even to be honest enough with ourselves to even be able to  admit it.

This is why I posted my last post.  

Interesting is it not; that the announcement to extend QE was made while China’s president was visiting Washington?

And wouldn’t you know; no sooner than I had drawn up my last post’s  rough draft …the announcement was made that QE was going to be extended beyond the proposed  March-April  scheduled expiration  of the program.

That’s right, the close-out of QE has been postponed and pushed back to July. And interest rates are the only consideration …confidence …or rather the lack thereof …altogether not withstanding.

I do not take this mere  coincidence lightly, but rather a deliberate avoidance of transparency …the planned dodge to avoid  the publicity and rancor which  such poor timing would otherwise be draw into the national conversation at a time (March-April) …coinciding …or rather colliding with Congress’ debate which will precede their inevitable  raise of the debt ceiling’s limit.

So, that is a recap of my last post in a nutshell …any rise interest rates, not withstanding, because that is the central and pivotal …jobs …housing …liquidity …debt load (public debt costs) treasury yields …bond prices and lastly …the Fed’s balance sheet all not withstanding.

God knows we couldn’t have these two items (The end of QE and …the rise of the debt limit) scheduled side by side.

No, we will now …not have these items on the calendar at the same time. God forbid!

Think of it; rising interest rates impact upon the service costs of our public debt. Good Lord! We wouldn’t want to send our foreign creditors the message that we need to borrow more money …just to float the note.

That was one aspect of Chairman Bernanke’s address which drew a laughable response from the Press Corps.

None the less, today …Ben Bernanke’s call to cut spending and embrace physical responsibility was about as weak  as his attempts were to justify  down-playing QE’s impact upon commodity prices and the unmistakable presence of inflation …passing them off as factors attributable chiefly to the expansion of demand  stemming from developing emerging market nations.  

No matter how the Ben Bernank  slices it,  and no matter what components he can rightly, justly, or otherwise care  to conveniently factor  out of  the inflation indexes, low wages and or labor components are no means worthy to justify the  excuse to continue  down a path which destroys the strength of the American dollar …for merely a greater  interest …that which  allows thee government to skate free …merely to justify paying  a lower (weak-dollar) interest service costs  …merely  to afford to carry  the  public debt ….merely to be able, primarily …just to float the note we tote.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain …INDEED!

Clarity? Transparency? Preposterous!!!

That’s a service which  Ben Bernanke has allowed to eclipse the  primary purpose of the government …namely to serve the interests of   “…We the People …” much more over in service primarily to  the all mighty dollar.

To this, I ask;    where is our discernment? Where is our view of priority? Where is our order? Where is our honesty gone? What justice is served then …if we can not even be honest …let alone see our ways clearly …just to honestly see the transparent truth?

Is it any wonder that Mr. Bernanke would admittedly recognize QE-2”s impact upon equity  markets (STOCKS)  rather stronger than he would …and did it impact or recent part in driving  inflation and commodity prices.

Pay no attention to the opportunity costs behind the curtain.

This excuse for QE is worthy only   to of the time which has been purchased and squandered so as to merely avoid the more pressing matters …namely prudent and reasonable efforts to execute spending cuts and deficit elimination.

Enough said, here below is the text of the e-mail which I blasted out to CNBC, Fox News and the editorial staff of the Wichita Eagle dated ….

Tuesday, June 06, 2006.

Enjoy the read.

666 China’s Currency Evaluation

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dear Editors,

In light of President Bush’s recent appointment of Mr. Paulsen  as Secretary of the Treasury, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Paulson#U.S._Secretary_of_the_Treasury)   there has been no small speculation that this move (in a large part) was based upon an apparent  need to place more pressure upon China to float its currency and allow its currency to rise  against other currency valuations in a fair market manner.

(http://money.cnn.com/2006/05/30/news/economy/snow_replacement/ Note the reference to the reliance upon foreign capital …herein.”


All  speculation aside, despite all that the shaking and moving this administration seems to be engaged in,  I’ve got to ask what  truthfully is shaping and affecting  the administration’s China policies and actions?  This  question also begs another question.  How committed to our own relative national interests are we as a democratic people?

Are we  not a sovereign nation? Then why do not our national interests reflect this with regard to over spending, over barrowing,  and international foreign policies which favor economic globalization instead?

If Washington’s message  is so urgent …so as to be  deserving  of  more than mere political lip-service,  then, why do  we continue  in  the same laughable and ineffective currency policies with respect to China?

If the Chinese  are not willing to play ball in their refusal to float their currency valuations (exchange rates) using  generally accepted international practices, why not  adopt a plan to gradually implement  an escalating  program of systematic  tariffs until they are willing to play fair?


In other words, rather than continue in  laughable,  ineffective,  adverse  policies, and playing with an unfair player whose play is detrimentally  affecting us nationally; …why not instead provide the Chinese with motivations which place a goodly portion of forced reason for  plain fair play? In other words give them motives  to make them want to participate internationally in good spirit.

Why can not Washington confidently  place  our own Homeland and national economic interests on equal footing, if not, then …than on higher  ground in highly sensitive matters, interests and issues surrounding  Taiwan and Korea?

Could it be that our leadership is  afraid of being bullied by a nation to whom we are becoming more and more dependant upon as a creditor?

I rather think that this may already be the case.

Are we as a nation not unlike a parent  who has  more than well spoiled a child?  

Have we not  enabled China’s ability to  purchase more and more  of our Treasury Notes and thus buy into our public debt at a greater and greater pace? As we have barrowed more and more,  is this not, after all, a problem we all have had a hand in making?

As we go into the mid-term elections, it is paramount to elect public servants who will be  willing and able to address these and other issues and thus serve our national and international interests in a perspective of honesty and clarity with an emphasis upon the relative good priorities of our own national interests. We need to be healthy and strong to go forward.

But we need first to be willing to straightforwardly address these issues and avoid the temptations to overshadow the tough issues by sidetracking these issues using  smoke and mirrors to avoid responsibility to the greater good.

A wise man once said, “If, in order to serve  the weak, the strong are made to become weak; who, if at all, is served?”

Hopefully, our choices will reflect an openness which  places an emphasis upon priorities  which best look out for all of our interests here at home while not diminishing  our abilities to look out for our allies  who count on our abilities to react in healthy manners to international issues. We need to be able to be responsive to crisis from  positions of strength and from  a base of honorable honest leadership.

We must not leave our homeland vulnerable in any weak position of state; …especially not fiscally.

Let us  make  sure that  the issues before us and the candidates are clear and  thoroughly well understood.

Let us make sure  we also understand where our representatives stand on  these difficult  issues.

And above all, let us not be diverted,  sidetracked nor deceived by those which  merely seek  power for power’s sake.

The ultimate check in our system of checks and ballances is fast approaching in terms of a secondary referendum …the 2012 General Election.

On glide path; on glideslope. Spending cuts …moving toward a return to fiscal responsibility.

Thank you,

Bill Landman

For more a more in depth profile of Henry Paulson, see:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Paulson

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