Just Another Brick In The Wall


Tomorrow’s German High Court Decision





Eure Ehre, Richter! Richter! Nur ein weiterer Stein in der Mauer.


{Translation:   Your Honor. Judge! Judge! Just another brick in the wall.}



In my opinion, German Judges needs must quick-like, learn the lesson of the expression which says;


Fool me once; shame on you.


Fool me twice; shame on me.



German Judges must learn to stand and say;


Why should your rather untimely urgency become our rush to; give it away …give it away


…give it away now?



Serious now, how hasGreece’s ways become any more likely to (grow-up!) become more considerate ofGermany’s more fiscally responsible ways’ manners and means?


To date, the Greek mindset has yet to budge …failing to make even the mere token of a single lone gesture …what has paled by compare to all of the turmoil which Greece has produced.


Greece’s true failure to grasp the significance of fiscal responsibility swamps out any sincere desire to resolve a conflicts of its own making.


So why and what is there to expectGermanyto give it up …and give in now anyway?


In caving in,Germanystands to do less now than to serve to excuse and dismiss its socially marginalized greater economic prudence and wisdom.


If the court acts to placate the ECU, it may well be seen as an absence of their substance …and a departure from their nature’s hardened character.


I venture to say that if the High Court issues a lame decision, it may very well not sit well nationally speaking. Giving in may be seen instead as …caving …giving in to serve instead the better part of any shred of Greece’s good faith …which is a substance which is totally non-existent …certainly not as a decision which is in the better interests of Germany.


Then KNOWing that there is no excuse for Greece’s bed having grown too short and narrow to cover their short comings; how should any judge (in good conscious) arrive at any other just conclusion, save for a decision whose strong expression rightly and boldly serves to strongly reprove Greece’s firm grasp of a national mindset whose reason/s are based in an excuse …one fueled exclusively by an unsustainable debt?


I would not be surprised if the German court were to simply say “…No!”; “none” is all you have given …therefore, none is all you get.


After all, what is time to a pig?


None the less,Greecemay as well say;


Pray for me to give it away?


Give it away? Give it away!


Give it away now!


But who could faultGermanyfor saying;


Go away! Go Away!


Go away now!


At any rate, here come the judge …here come the judge.


As for me, I pray that the German High Court will not come to the bench as bewitched fools …certainly not as ones blackmailed by threats (either real or perceived) from within its other member ECU states …those specifically which may come in the guise of newly formed powers …those whose massive and powerful Eurocentric financial and economic structures are said to hold covenants which are hoped to hold the magic elixir (more debt not withstanding) of a greater future (time to kick the can’s) promise …though it is, heretofore …not yet well known even now …how well …or, rather …even if these new institution’s and their machinations …(never mind)   however unproven they may actually be, work and or eventually work to fail.


In this manner, Germany may very well be compared to the U.S. Senate who was addressed by Former Senate Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi when she declared; “…in order to know what is in the bill; you must pass the bill …”


And if Europe is become so blindly compromised …what does this say of Europe’s grasp and lack of esteem for fiscal failure?


Likewise, on this eve of The German High Court’s decision on Greece; it may as be that they may make a decision to prematurely roll this thing out even as it is obviously is …a half baked abortion …one which has yet to be clearly rolled out in its entirety …let alone thoroughly well studied and understood.


Like a late term abortion, there is a great deal riding on all of the ECU’s new untried institutions.


As these new institutions’ workings’ gel, hopefully their purpose will demonstrate that they are indeed stable and capable of effectually executing mandates in a manner which supports a thorough consistency far removed from serving the political interests of a narrow group of power hungry ideologues.


In this regard, I would not imagine that there would be much …if any emphasis placed upon that which would serve to further the likes of clarity whatsoever.


Therefore, placing such pressure solely upon The German High Court to make such an obviously hasty decision tomorrow, smacks to me as being rather less like that of getting the cart before the horse …or, as much as it does a pitifully poor attempt to make that sort of show …so it does not actually appear to look like what it actually is …a sham …that which rather more resembles no more than a mad-dog and socialist’s pony show.


Germanybe ware of any such brutish crude economic bestiality.


You are above that. You have risen to become much more than to be pulled down into the fray once more.


Yet, for all this, this does not speak at all well of the ECU’s attempts to otherwise earnestly build solid guarantees whose goals it should be to aim at taking the responsibly to establish efficient and flexible measures which are capable of fostering and sustaining consistently level and balanced environments which foster the best opportunities that encourage economic growth and stability …more so than punish it …all the while …instead rewarding and empowering pretzel logic the more.


So far, it would appear that the purposes of the formations of the new financial institutions within these Eurocentric Economic machinations are hell bent on anything but social blackmail …parading around in a disguise …masquerading as anything but that which is capable of serving (in a timely manner) to further the precepts of prudent fiscal responsibility …their first failure …among all others which, for no more of an excuse than to merely put another brick in an unseen European wall …all has become a ginormous invisible erection …one which has still gone unnoticed by those who have pretty well proven one thing; that they can not even plainly see the noses on their face.


As such, debt may as well be quickly becoming the wall which will divide all peoples, nations and states …even those which pretend to masquerade as united …while otherwise knowing no better in their spirits the difference between the truth and a lie.

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