Wells Stumpf, Washington’s New Whipping Boy

Post-Preface from the Author:


This post is one specifically for Wells Fargo’s CEO, John Stumpf …who dumped a record number of shares which he held in his company right after it publicly came to light that consumers were deliberately being unwittingly ripped off.

…all this under the regulators noses …all this, post Dodd-Franks …and all this in spite of all of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s efforts to craft, pass and implement Consumer Protection regulations and legislative actions …well beyond the Housing Bubble’s debacle …particularly after the 2010 Midterm Elections’ cycle in which the Democrats yielded and ceeded their majority in the House to the newly elected members who formed the Freshman Tea Party class of the Republican Elect.

So, while there’s been no end to a whole lot of shaking going on in Washington  since 2008 …still, very little remains in terms of performance of any value remains in terms of effective active due diligence.

Case in point; with respect to what substance is still lacking while Oversight and True Accountability should have been clearly coming into focus so as to play out in all manors and forms of transparency …particularly from leadership from above; execution of consumer protection’s due diligence is …or rather should mostly be manifest …and must come in good stewardship …from the ground up. So that, if and when …and if …indeed such does actually spring forth from leadership by example ….so as to descend  from above …obviously …sometthing is missing …both above and below …both in Washington as well as it is on the board at Wells Fargo Bank.

Something like …On earth as it is in heaven.

Otherwise, if not; we haven’t done a bloody thing all day.

Were so sorry, Uncle Albert.



So, brother …what floats your boat? Leadership by example?

I bet whatever it is, the joy and the happiness of reaching good goals …are like those which form the crucial integral stepping stones of your life’s long ambitions.

They are like the links in a chain.

My Scout Master used to repeatedly drive home the point that …a chain was only as strong as its weakest link …in this case …the weaknesses or strengths which encourage what all allows one to reach good goals.

Noteworthy goals are like these links which people purposely strive to join end to end so as to reach  visionary pinnacles. And in attempting to make it to each of these successive milestones,  what reflects most in terms of careful diligent stewardship …is made clearly evident by what aims and means are taken to secure their purchase …even so just as a mountain climber secures each step along the ascent of their climb.

Having seen the peak advantages’ long range multidimensional visions …there are plateaus …resting points along the way …each with their own gratifying and increasing panoramas’ perspectibes.

But each successive accomplishment must work together…building on the basis of the last …in order to actually reach the pinnacle of the summit.

In other words, we patiently take from the past ….experiences to work understanding in hope of future incrimental growth.

The Apostle Paul wrote of this progressive process …mentioning it briefly in verse 13 of chapter 13 of 1st Corinthians …expounding upon it again in the first five verses of chapter five of  his letter to the Romans.

So what perpetuates the certainty of any ultimate goal? Could it be that the ultimate goal lies beyond ones summit’s view …that in terms of a greater perpetuity …one which lies beyond ones vision/s ..?

Even so, let’s come back down to earth …back to a well grounded starting point.

Take education  …like graduation ceremonies …these two starting blocks are like the best beginning of any well purposed extended long range vision. They are merely the beginning milestones.

Nevertheless, educations indeed are pinnacles of extremely worthy accomplishments …for they are like launch pads for rockets …some more worthy of more recognition than others …some with more stages than others …some more capable of reaching loftier heights.

However, no matter how far one goes and how much one achieves, there are benefits of never losing sight of ones starting point …the reference from which one may discern ones present tense limits …good judgement nonotwithstanding.

However, if one takes an eye off of ones goals, that reference point won’t make a difference …for ones trajectory will become errant…even to the slightest degree…more so over time if left without ourse corrections.

If one becomes distracted and loses focus …even the so-called “Right Stuff …” will be a secondary forgotten trivial footnote.

Whatever is not haphazard nature of what it takes to successfully access the most of all far reaching areas of ones aspirations.

In aviation, there is a well known saying; “…one awe-shit deletes a thousand at a boys.

Such as it may be …one may easily achieve a slightly disappointing trajectory from overlooking and ignoring the small details of a checklist.

Overlook and dismiss the small stuff, and the big stuff will soon show up …resulting in producing a long trail of smoke formed and followed by an explosion’s plume …the evidence of a disaster …the result of a string of a seemingly inconsequential small , but additive overwhelming circumstances.

OK, let’s transition to ground transportation …OK?

For instance, let’s take a drive in a new automobile. Take your hands off the wheel and or your eyes off the road, and see how quickly your destination and dreams will soon go south on you …if not lead directly into a ditch …or under a semitractor-trailer as was the recent case involving an autonomous vehicle . Need I call into account the adage which asks; if the blind should lead the blind …should they not both soon find their way to the ditch?

For this reason, and in a similar respect …in  regards to sailing; I have developed a certain graphical metaphor of sorts …one which I hope will illustrate this more succinctly.

So then, care to go sailing …?

Welcome aboard…!

Soon after safely aboard, the Captain calls out; “…cast off all lines …!

What else should we cast off …save the lines which secured the sailboat to the safety of the wharf’s dock ..?

Consider what would result if the crew were to have thrown the tiller man overboard, removed the tiller and ditched the rudder.

Whatever would be left to move the boat forward …let alone steer, guide and direct it?

My point is, that …in terms of what has, in the past …long stood to form, foster and build and perpetuate the awe, respect,and reverence (fear) and esteem for The Spirit of Truth …is also that which  strengthened the foundation of our values and ethics in so many ways to perpetuate our long range visions goals well beyond the horizon …but is now …more and more going missing.

Then, ask; “…whatever difference does it matter at this point now, anyway …?”

Today, as we clench fists and give witness and endure the arger (German for Anger) of Congress’ scathing questioning of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, I have to also look back in anger.

But I do so discerning both the shortcomings of Stumpf …as well as …if not more so Congress and the White House.

Where is justice gone in the wake of a continuing build out of blind justice; I ask? Is we blind folk all being led into the ditch …and that as timid blind mice?

Oh Brother, where for art thou …?

And so now, more than ever …in looking forward …I have to shake my head in a more certain frustration …knowing that this increasing frequent lack of accountability will only increase and worsen …for the evidence of the Stumph and Wells incident reflects that it is unchecked and that “WWWe;ee the People are undone ….having done the undoing of us ourselves.

Who then will stand up and put the rudder back on the boat? Who will man the helm? Who will rightly steer Her…?

So, I have to ask a few very pertinent and pointed introspective questions which I hope will cause Americans to take stock of the values of what principals, ethics and practices remain among those of us who believe in their core foundation.

For it is upon the cornerstone of those principals’s foundation which …provide the head and chair of the nation’s institutions’ …those that support and strengthen those who chair their institutions’ pinnacle positions, and it those examples’ reflections of leadership by example which ultimately …in daring do, believe to set the pace to build out their institutions’ cultures and respective conscious.

So, then …those who enjoy their positions, powers and wield their authority …there under …must do so in a better more focused conscientious manner to provide direction, guidance and vision …to ultimately lead and direct this nation’s mightiest institutions to and beyond Her summits.

But we have a lot of work ahead if we are to reach our next plateau.

We have already wasted way too much time in division …in shame …in  blame …in failings one after another.

So, in forgetting those things which are past; which way then, is it to the city …the mountain top…?

Throw away the higher guiding …BEST principals, practices and procedures …AND WHATEVER IS LEFT OVER?

Don’t be quick to answer, but instead; consider the graphic of my sailboat below.

Study and review it for a while. Meditate on it. Let it sink in.

Yes, let it sink …!

Take this as a challenge to seed your contemplation.

Again and again …let it sink in.

No, that’s not a pun.

Takethis as a challenge to seed your contemplation.

But without much of its progressive sequential forms’ figure, one might as well be on a boat to nowhere towards the pinnacle summits …waiting for it to sink.

So, what is the value of their supporting building blocks’ habits?

What is the value of best Practices when abandoned…?

When …settling for less?

After the realization that we are ….Getting less?

Is their a value in a harvest’s Hapless dead reckoning …in endless drifting aimlessly…?

Isn’t that a fine kettle of fish…!?

That’s is the hit or miss vision’s lackluster manifestation which is playing out at Wells Fargo, as is being reflected today in the halls of Washington’s Congressional hearing.

For all that our abandoned crumbling values might be worth today; I likened such as to the AIMLESS execution of the WALKING DEAD …by virtue of the virtues which this nation has seen fit to let go of in favor of WHATEVER’s blind leadership.

Take heart though. Return unto me …and I will return unto you; says the Lord God Almighty …or NOT …!?

Hope this floats your boat.

In the meantime, happy sailing on a chocolate bar.







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