Let There Be Jobs …and Let There be Houses!

Tonight, I looked back at a piece I wrote on Friday, June 25th 2010.

As  an afterthought, I find it interesting to note  that, although we have just cracked an important  400  K (400,000)  unemployment claims milestone …we have wasted  or damned well taken our time to get to this point in time.

Now is not the time to be wasting any more.

And so, now is  certainly no time to be  slapping ourselves on the back in congratulatory gestures.

If we are to congratulate ourselves on any accomplishment, it would be for waking up in the nick of time.

And if we have any positive benefit to take away for having fallen asleep at the wheel, it should be for the  time  and opportunity to  look soberly forward with a rather more  tempered  understanding of what a  waste of precious time ours …this last few years have been …if indeed  not the entire  decade.

Shoot, we have been so deep asleep  …ours has been …a course in time spent waking only to realize there’s no one better to blame but those who  have been dreaming so deeply …ourselves not withstanding.

For in the better  part …with and in erroneous assumptions  we have taken and wasted so much for which we have too long taken for granted.

Now, soberly wide awake …is now  no more the better a time  than one now to be given  to political grandstanding? I rather think not.

Mister President, please!

What has that got us today? A paultry claim to be under …400K?

How’s that working for America at a time we are paying through the nose to shelve two years worth of housing inventory?

A damned shame …if anything …and certainly no room to boast at that.

Instead of taking the time to congratulatulate ourselves; in reproof …it may  very well serve better to ask the private sector  ….instead;   what do you need to get the job done?

 This then, from June 25th 2010

What Does One Step Forward Actually Cost?

   On the subject of “Job Creation,” did you see that CSCO committed one billion dollars to building out a presence in Russia?

 From the perspective of the respective environments, I am led to ask what makes Russia such a great off-shore move.

 My question might better be instead; what is Russia doing to attract jobs …from which Washington could take a lesson?

 Could the major difference be in an answer which demonstrates how differently the two treat corporate income taxes?

 Imagine the cost savings and the differences between achieving real organic growth as compared to the public costs associated with chasing after public policies which seeks to harvest tax receipts in the wake of policies which favor artificial growth.

 Seems to me that, in spite of blowing its horn so long and so hard in favor of artificial growth …very little that Washington has done has actually translated into building any confidence in everything it has touched …and confidence is still suffering from an appalling lack of unity.

 For all its efforts, Washington leadership has succeeded in killing and or driving more jobs offshore …while simultaneously adding to the actual costs …opportunity costs associated with meager and marginal recovery hopes.

 So, in terms of continuing downward revisions in GDP and GNP, what is not working is actually conspiring against US in terms of a debt clock which is waiting for no one to grow and attract any more hope.

 Go figure.

 20 x 20 vision would suggest that it is, one step forward and two steps back.

 This should be very clear …unless you have your head buried in the sand.

 So, if you can’t see it, put on your rose tinted glasses and kiss your jobs good bye   …millions off-shored …organically …with the costs adding up …all the while.

 That’s as green as it gets. And if you can’t hear or see it; that’s ok …you’ll get the bill regardless whether or not you grow housing or have a leg or a job to stand on.

 Stimulating, no?!?!?!

(Today? 400K …not so much! Definately …NOT ENOUGH!!!)


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