Part 1: The President’s Speach Today; Which came first …the chicken or the egg?

Which came first …the chicken or the egg?


Part One;

Likewise …which came first; the spending or the deficit?

Should Americans then be more entitled to blame bankers more than politicians?

Therefore, consider also; which came first; the deficit or the call for more taxes?

And if there is a call for higher taxes, where is the justification?

Where is the balance of such a call’s cause; in the deficit …or the social need?

If the housing crisis has been dropped and left lying in the dust …what then?

And if employment has also been dropped and left lying wounded by the wayside …what else then?

Furthermore, if fraud, waste and abuse receives more esteem than promoting thrift and traditional free market opportunity …what then?

More government? Larger government?

Mr. Obama …please!?! Where are all the feet-washers gone?

Such solicitations serve only to further divide America …along socially leveraged lines in shame and blame which pits a mentality of entitlements against whom …successful Americans.

Brother! Please!

In such …there is no justification which excuses the bigger aberrations of social injustice …namely a dereliction of duty in all of that which would otherwise better serve all Americans equally.

In this bogus approach today; there is nothing noteworthy of that in which there is no other remedy …other than a wedge or rhetoric whose spirit of a scorn is that which seeks to lead through the divisive deceit of shame …which stands behind a false self-justified defender of all things social.

That is a bogus sham if ever there was one.

Such as it is; a wolf in sheep’s clothing might have an appeal on the outer surface, but the logic of such approach is void of any well-meaning substance.

Since when is the servant’s ointment gone if he kills the doctor before the physician can make his orders advice known?

I’ll tell you when; it is when the servant seeks to become …the provider …the lord himself?

That is the definition of upside down …the picture of all that is gone wrong in America …Freddie and Fannie balance sheets not withstanding.

Home equity? Upside down?

Wrong! That’s where it has gone. Upside down.

So, beware when a politician speaks about sacrifice.

In approaching a mere 38 billion dollar spending bill; anyone can see what measure sacrifice means to our politicians.

Today, much as it ever was …the president’s speech served to reaffirm preoccupation   with a socio-economical political justification to approach 2012 …much of which is all but void of substance …save, bash the rich …and give to the poor.

There is nothing which offer’s hope in this mantra. This mantra is the standard pap of which socialism rises as the only answer to utter failure …in the wake of do-nothing entitlements which are hell bent on bringing failure to the table as the only answer which will …if allowed …justify socialism.

Where is the opportunity in that hope and change …one in which failure is the desirable footstool to power?

For where there is not even one ounce of an honest prevention to be had; there will …in turn, be no honest opportunity in which a freewill can organically yield a pound of cure.

When will this federal government get out of the way?

And where as all our borrowing from Peter to pay Paul has also not yielded anything more promising than that which is entitled to make for more socially obligated deficits, why is what is ailing this nation becoming the over all …greater ailment which is requiring still more ointment?

Since when did it become politically correct to cause the need   …the greater need for a remedy …one for which there is …a paradoxically …less and less opportunity for a workable prevention …in spite of the one clearly available …as is plainly in clear view …as is the nose on our faces.

And the president cried; peace …peace; and yet …there was no peace.

This is what is what today was …and what …will be …all in the wake of his agenda’s socially irreconcilable …irresponsible and cavalier calls to destroy and replace free market capitalism with socialism. For this, the private sector will suffer the greatest.

The president’s solution today is proof that his solution is to take more from a section of the investor and or business and private sector’s power hitters …those who historically contribute the most support to fund the federal budget.

However, the president’s call for more sacrifice is a contradictory paradox which is becoming as much of a growing distraction as is the deficit-driven growing public debt load.

Why? Because the public debt which is of Washington’s making is also a dereliction of duty which is also causing a sucking noise which is taking its own liberty to justify its mindset in grabbing more and more revenues away from the federal budget …leaving it with less and more unable to otherwise …more efficiently fulfill its social mandates …in service to America …in a more perfect union.

Union my ass; this deficit thing is anything but perfect.

It may be more like Washingto; but perfect that …they both are not!!!

Thus, the president’s BS is the height of deceit; a socio-political paradox …man-made worse by the political conundrum and composition of the self-serving senate.

What could embolden a presidential bobble-head any more? A bunch of senatorial boobs led by a bobble head.

Oh God; help us all.

What is a compromise today? I’ll tell you what it is; it is a quagmire; that’s what!

And that translates into a do-nothing congress …in spite of all the gains made in the house’s roll-call …post last mid-term elections.

America has much to thank for her voters who stood up to draw a line in the sand and hold socialism to its untimely demise.

Now, that’s what I call hope and change! Yeah, baby!!!

Yet, for all that …no wonder nothing’s getting done in Washington …save the American people.

Washington is cooking America’s goose …slowly, but surely.

That’s ok! Let patience have her perfect work. 2012 is coming and today …the president’s mantra is just one example of a rap which he invariably will replay many times over as 2012 approaches. But do not be fooled. Do not be taken in.

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. And that is what this administration and senate promise for to make cause for all their meager hopes.

Mark my words; hope is coming and it will be expressed and unleashed in the unified express will of the voters who truly seek every opportunity for meaningful opportunity which liberty should otherwise make available …rather than punish.

This injustice which now prevails is exactly what is causing this distraction which is detracting from Lady Liberty’s freedoms …attempting to cause a wedge to be driven down a socio-economically line drawn and defined by a politically irresponsible agenda’s reckless and ill-timed motives.

Yeah! Like “…one nation under God, indivisible …with liberty and justice for all …”

Oh! Brother!

Come on people, now! Let’s get it together! Let your love shine on one another right now.

And it is along this non-recompensable string which the senate and the executive branch are deliberately striving to divide this great nation …merely for a political agenda called socialism.

Can America pay more for socialism as the president suggested today?

The president’s budget and its deficit assume as much …that is to say; we are all to be made to be willing saps …eager and willing to line up and be counted for the slaughter all the day long.


Hell no!!!

Nay! In all these things …I am more than a conqueror!

In   the mean time …the president’s budget …government spending is driving the debt load like a pied piper …and it is soaking all Americans …fueling the argument that seeks to pull money from America’s private sector through still higher taxes.

And the timing couldn’t be any more appropriate than the president’s budget’s deficit.

For what problem will this tax-based   remedy serve to cure?

For that matter; which came first; the chicken or the egg?

Ask Ben Bernanke which came first; the Great depression or the taxes levied prior to its manifestation …the resulting impact in which its service to big government   all came raining down?

In any approach to any workable solution, ask this question of those who want a relationship with you.

Are your friends genuinely interested in what’s in your heart …or are they more preoccupied in their spirit of covetousness …with what’s in your hand instead?

In this regard, America desperately needs a congressional clean-sweep along with a genuine presidential change of heart.

All the best,


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