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Monday, November 21, 2011




Super Committee: Trading The Master’s Hand



Once upon a time, trade guilds ruled the world primarily due to the significance of how important they were in successfully promoting trade.



The effectiveness of Trade guilds and the reasons for their successes have so many ramifications which persist even to this day and age, but none were as important as the underlying fundamental principals that formed the underpinnings which build upon and strengthen trust …and the resulting lasting quality of their target’s assurances.


Such as they were ………much of the successes of their cause and affects relied and rested upon making …or insuring that these coveted target assurances of each guild’s craft were taught in a precise and standardized consistent manner …one which reflected well on the masteries of the guilds’ crafts’ targets and objectives.


And in this manner, the confidence each guild sought to promote benefited both the members and the artisans’ patrons alike;


…and trade flourished in the LIGHT OF the emphasis placed upon each guilds’ targeted high level of quality workmanship each masteries sought, strived and obtained.


The history of culture speaks volumes in terms of the praise due the guild system.


In this system, anyone’s individual pursuit begins at the bottom; as an apprentice’s helper …and with any patience, moves on through a succession of performance which speaks to the experience and level of training one receives from one’s master teachers’ skillful guidance and close oversight.


From the level of an apprentice, with still more patience and experience; one moves on to become a journeyman.


From here, finally …for the journeyman; there comes a day of reckoning in which the journeyman’s master gives an assignment to the journeyman which involves an all-encompassing number of multidimensional set of intertwined tasks necessary to demonstrate the journeyman’s LEVEL OF COMPETANCIES IN EACH PARTICULAR SKILL SET THAT THE MASTER HAS IMPARTED TO HIS STUDENT JOURNEYMAN …all those which the master has patiently labored to build his student’s able capabilities.


And in this challenge, the master’s assignment becomes the last test and hurdle to his student who has journeyed long and hard to arrive at this destination …the test which …if overcome …will allow the journeyman to stand once and for all as …AN APPROVED MASTER himself.


All crafts’ pursuits of this goal have long benefited this end save one or two.


The first exception includes a guild called politics otherwise well known in some lesser circles as the study of law.


The other is also well known and has often been referred to as the oldest profession on earth …second only to politics.


Case in point, today’s failure of the not so super …Super Committee.


With respect to masteries; the mastery of politics seems more bent on mastering the arts and crafts of the sorts the behind the curtains’ scenes which in terms of Congressional trading techniques have benefited a small number of insider traders whose interests stand not as those which are approved by masters …so much as they are allowed by those who have been led to the slaughter in the numerous pretextual pretenses which should otherwise do more than merely allude to public service in the wake of endless pointless and empty rhetoric’s deceitful misguided counting frauds which service nothing that could ever hope to resemble all of what trust’s more exemplary callings should be answered.


Truth be told, this is a revealing sad day forAmerica.


Super Committee indeed!




The goals of today’s body politic are as much all over the map as is the level of volatility in today’s equity markets.


Nothing else come close in being so erratic …save for the level of confidence and contempt Americans hold for Congress and this administration.


Maybe, there is a need for a third or fourth political party.


Better yet, maybe the message of last November 2010’s mid-terms need be reiterated in this upcoming 2012’s general election.


Looks to me like no one party has a leg to stand upon to claim that they stand approved as a workman that needs not to be ashamed …rightly doing right by the American people.


After all, choice breeds competition and competition …solution.


But instead …today; all that Congress has to showAmericais contempt.


Americans are all to well familiar with that …and all know what that breeds more of than less …especially in all of that which can be seen moving forward …or backward from a most painfully obvious S & P downgrade to a ginormous credit problem …one which is getting no more attention than is electioneering engineering.


What has happened here today inAmericaclosely resembles the oldest profession in the world, and is rather reflective of a body politic that sucks royally in every sense of that self-serving profession’s preoccupation.


Washington, blow me!


That goes double with respect to that catch-up-king-wan’na-be.


With respect to the real significance of the Super Committee, in respect of trade and the importance of such …I would rather say; be careful not to bite the hand of the master (commerce) that feeds you …especially ahead of and going into the holiday seasons.


Obviously, this is something …somewhat of an afterthought taken in comparison to the importance of 2012’s looming more seemingly significant self-serving opportunities


I’ll have my say on this day again in 2012!


Happy Holidays!

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