The Opportunity To Proudly Say; “…United We Stand!”



The Preface:  

Introducing A New Lost Decade


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Moving to  & From  



 Jackson Hole  





The following is another in a series of related essay …those which have been attempting to offer answers to the following questions:

Where Is The One Key Organic Mechanism Which Will Go Beyond Merely Pulling Fed Speak  Words and Artificial Rabbits Out Of A Hole In Any Hat?  

Where Is The One Most Crucial Missing Cornerstone …The Most Capable …And The Most Sustaining, Viable And Crucial Stabilizing Piece of A Comprehensive Organic Recovery Plan Whose Reach Most Moves America Toward Growth Realization Organically?

What Answer Is Part and Parcel to The Economic Recovery’s Foundation?

What Is Common To Each and Every Other Piece of The Recovery’s Multi-Dimensional Delivery Process.

What actually lead (past-tense) America into the malaise which is currently continuing to hold America captive in all this and the bad of chips …has become known as what is NOW called “ARTIFICIAL STIMULUS.”

Aside from being a topic for future study, it has proved to be essentially useless …save for the opportunity to waste and misappropriate ginormous resources in the wake of this administration’s miscalculated attempts to reach for hope and change in its embrace of socialism (the opportunity to redistribute wealth) …especially …in spite of the expense of all the relative needs and priorities which would have …could have …and should have otherwise been brought to bear …to focus primarily on treating recovery …an essential non-event whose opportunity costs have been essentially all but put on the back burner in order (order?) to pursue its agenda’s abilities to fund the costs of its misplaced priorities. (…namely cap and trade …which would have become another opportunity …like housing; a morph to become a securitized special products division of whom {???} the likes of Goldman Sacks???)

Who's Pulling Whose Short's Hares?


To date, what enormous capital resources which have been used to provide artificial stimulus …has not lead America out of and away from Her wilderness.

In fact, it has all but insured to keep the pain of a lack of confidence ever more so closer to the hearts and minds of all Americans.

Therefore, in order to move away from the precipice of the abyss on which America stands …that ledge upon which Americans stand and question the probability and possibilities of actually falling back into another recession …what will offer more hope for all …quickly?

The following is a consideration of these questions’ single most promising inter-related answer.

When Illusion Confirms Confidence?

Enjoy the read!



The  Catalyst:   The Opportunity …



To Embrace & Face Great Challenges;



To Proudly Say; “…United We Stand!”




Today, CNBC contributing commentator …Kevin Ferry (Co-Founder of Cronus Futures Management ) mentioned that there has (indeed) been an emerging conversation (on certain levels) regarding considerations over a proposed revenue-neutral, national mortgage and refi-mortgage plan.


This morning, Perry’s comments mentioned that this mortgage plan may become the largest part of the parcel …to be delivered in an announcement of President Obama’s forth-coming new stimulus package.


And although Mr. Ferry went a bit out of his way to reiterate that this proposed stimulus proposal is one …which has yet to be announced …in looking forward …short of any imminent roll out or announcement thereof  …Ferry’s forward-looking (attempts to connect-the-dots) comments went so far out on a limb …so as to say that he was  particularly  more inclined to believe that Warren Buffets  multi-billion dollar investment in BofA preferred 6% warrants today was more than merely coincidental.


Perry’s comments which strongly suggest and hint of much more than mere coincidence …should …or, could be taken in a way which adds an actual measure of substantive confirmation that such a national revenue-neutral mortgage and refi  plan is on the table and being considered as a way to avoid a long protracted period of loss.


Therein, I would have to agree with Mr. Ferry in that Mr. Buffets move is definitely not to be dismissed as being merely coincidental.


Who takes the next move to lead this idea forward is anybody’s guess.


Today is Thursday. Jackson Hole maybe a new day.


Whoever holds the key …and whoever gets the credit for resolve is not important today.


What is …crucial is that someone actually stands, goes to the gate and actually turns the key   …not to open up a QE-3 …but to open up the opportunities which reward private ownership with incentives which underwrite the principals of adequate measures of equity.


Whether or not Jackson Hole leads to incentives which like magic …rewards one and all the more …for the skin which one brings to the table …this, remains to be seen.


One thing for sure is that all artificial ways and means undertaken to date have fallen short of pulling a rabbit out of a hat …let alone a hole …pun intended.


Never the less …looking to Jackson Hole and the Fed’s leadership role; when the Fed makes opportunity more organically available in a way which provides abundant rewards for one’s risk …there will be also a far greater flowing spigot which will concentrate natural resources systematically through a system whose institutions (financial industries …one and all) will build a broad and healthy path.


And although these streets may not be paved with the gold which built the housing bubble …such avenues will lead to a way which will go a long way to bring about a restoration of confidence …organically …more so than what has been seen in all artificially back-stopped efforts to date.


Organic market capitalism thrives on incentives which provide reward for risk.


And that’s not pulling a rabbit out of any hat …or Hole not withstanding.


Go get’em guys! But, be wise …especially with your time …as it is that America’s Lost Decade’s Count Down Clock has been running the last three years …and so far, we have very little progress to show for all things ARTIFICIAL.


Can you dig it?


Then plow the field and build it …and they will come.


Sow into it …as to expect a bountiful and plentiful harvest.


Therein …afterwards, keep both the weeds and the rabbits out of the field.


Do the due diligence in providing oversight and your systems of adequate accountability will pay huge multiples.


That’s what I believe that Warren Buffet choose to see in Bank of America; and that’s what I see in the power of all that is organically inclined …even if the stimulus is underwritten by a fear to avoid a lost decade.


All the best of Fridays …looking forward to those who have the will to choose to come after the field is built,



Walking Eagle; Carry Small Stick ...Speak With Small Tongue ...Play With Forked Rabbits ...Walk Crooked Path!





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                  Edited and Revised Thursday, August 11, 2011



Field of Dreams – Build It & They Will Come

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

…On Pulling A Rabbit Out of A Hole




Know What I Mean Maynard?




The Catalyst of Confidence

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