Lip Service? …or, Unity & Agreement …Purpose Both Won!!!


"A house divided against itself cannot stand."
"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Not long ago, a wise man once said: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”    

Can you guess which one of these two characters is well known for having spoken this quote above?    

Of course, it was Abraham Lincoln.    

Wimpy’s character, on the other hand …would have been more apt to ask you  to extend him more credit …as he ate you  out of house and home.    

None the less,  if the captions above were to be reversed, I would  expect that some might  be fooled, but  I trust  many a more discerning folk would raise their  eyebrows  in disbelief.

For  the better part, this contrast is a question  of valor …a matter which is  in respect of characters’ honor;  the consideration of  discretion …or Whimpy-like lack thereof. And so  …it becomes manifestly more apparent with the passage of  time   …that  one’s oft repeated practices tell the tale of  one’s loftier or baser esteem for more central issues      …those which bring    a more weighty  substance to bear  in what  truly adds to build  one’s  lating true nature.  

These matters which are at the  core of one’s nature,  those tangibles which are powerful  enablements which, by  their very essence bear the marks of their experience, capacity and a capability which add to  their core apotential to  either build up or tear down confidence …faith and trust.  

However, on the dark side of the moon there is another side to another  nature whose path, if taken  …may lead  character to develop along a path which matures progressively along a sequencial maturity in doubt, worry and ultimately full-blown manifested fear and terror.  

Where has  and is America’s character headed to in this regard process of maturity?  

On what side of  faith’s path  do you  believe She has been walking lately? Faith, confidence and trust; or, down the center  lane in doubt, worry and fear?      

Either path leads to the formation of atmospheres which if, left to develop will produce mature, long lasting environments …overarching paterns …which in time, set up paterns …and progressively stronger, self sustaining reinforing  cycles which are bound to sustain and repeat themselves in a nature of cyclicality …over and over …same as it ever was …same as it ever was.  

I rather believe that …like the question above, it is also …just as apparent that today America has awakeden to make known its  unified voice in  a more than abundant manifestation of dissent.  

And who  wouldn’t  respond to what can and has been aptly  characterized …in withstraint …as an atmosphere of uncertainty.  

I would say like the singer/song wrirter/musician Chris Rhea; “We’re On A Highway To Hell” …and Americans for the most part want to change our nation’s route, practices, routines, habits and the rather debt-reiddled direction in which  American character’s destination is leading Her nature …to the precipice of self-destruction.      

Here are nearly 7,000 reasons why?

See the following article from the Washinton Post written by Paul Kane and Mary Beth Sheridan; Washington Post Staff Writers, dated; Thursday, December 16, 2010; 11:29 PM:

Someone has to say; “No! Enough is enough.”  

Therefore, in terms of our National  values …the contrasts of my  observation is to note that, within …the context of a progressive building process …the one which builds  one’s nature …our nation’s backbone may also be one process is also one whose building and rebuilding …needs also must …deliberately take place along a different path.  

I believe Americans have and are continuing to reach out to Washington in making  a unified calling for  basic changes  with respect to  handling fiscal responsibility.

There has to be better  ways to execute fiscal moderation. And in order to do so Washington needs to change by modifying many of its old detrimental habits.  

But in order to do so, Washington needs first have a plan. So far, there is no plan …no budget.  

So, in order to swap out the bad …there must be somewhat of a concrete agreement upon things which speak for and rather clearly show favor for healthier practices which support the formation of far more beneficial routines.  

Hopefully, this will be also in an agreement representative of the American will …rather than partisan party interests.  

This is a tough environment for earmarks which benefit states’ special interests via pork barrel projects.  

Americans have spoken though and … I believe that Americans will reward politicians who work hard to establish broad fiscal cooperation responsibility. When this happens it will go a long way in building voter confidence.  

But Congress needs to demonstrate that it is willing to listen and execute according to America’s call to show constraint and to service America to  this better end.  

If Congress listens and acts accordingly; I believe that Americans will respond with encouragement.  

But Washington must adopt wiser spending habits and policies which reward due diligence, fiscal restraint and oversight.  

Additionally, Americans are calling for  Washingto to be more free to pursue monetary practices and guidelines which  would allow  the  Fed to impliment its monetary policies  in  a manner which is considerate of the needs of the American people …rather  than merely primarily and overly concerned with serving  the Government’s nervous preocupation with its fiscal inadequacies.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if  Washington could focus on returning service to “…We the People …” rather than  its more obligitory service which envolves a primary preocupation with  its ability …or inability to service its debt load.

No thank you please Timothy Gheitner!

The real costs  or interest service costs on the public debt is doing America its greatest disservice.   Can you imagine the number of 2’s, 3’s and 5’s which will come due and be turned in one rolled over after another …reset at higher yields over the next few years?

No than you please Timothy Gheitner.

Instead, thanks to President Obama, what do we have to look forward to inherrriting in the comming years?

Oh! Brother, where for art thou? What have you been doing?

Therefore, Americans are calling for a cessation oft repeated practices which,  thus  far …is continuing to hurt American hopes for a brighter tommarrow.  

And lastly,  Americans are calling for changes which promise to have long lasting beneficial impact in the form of what can alter the  current shape of the nation’s wounded character.

Americans are willing to go another route which is more capable to  engrave the hope of a prouder  more true nature of our esteem.

America’s will is  to write  a legacy  in a manner which best serves  to ensure liberty by ensuring  that Her future character endures,  and is capable of producing a confidence which raises the nation’s will to continue Her  proud and long legacy.

That legacy  was founded upon raising and promoting individula freedom is with the liberty which has been entrusted to every generation before ours …to have and to hold …to honor and cherish.  

And in all of Her proud legacy, Americans are  calling on the individual  to rise up in agreement, unified  so as to guard our Nation as a treasure worth preserving in all  our individual strengths.  

What we leave behind to future generatons  must  reflect upon the wholehearted commitment of our nation. Ours must be a national character  whose  manner of resolve  is one whose  actions  testify of a  nature truly  committed the responsible stewardship of  all of liberty’s freedoms.  

This would, out of a necessity and respect for order …and by a measure of priority include a strong consistant commitment to fiscal reserve and restraint as a measure of moderation which is  self control.  

In this, spending cuts are on the table …front and center.  

Our nation can  not say one thing and do another if we are to  say what we do is to do what we say.  

And that woud be to  truly  esteem  the  importantance  for taking adequate measures to ensure that we  actually do take  responsibility for  a piority in the order in  which we approach our  fiscal difficulties with responsible withstraint.  

Otherwise, what other form of nature are we  serving to shape?    

In this, I believe  it is altogether fitting to choose to  contrast the characters’ images above.  

Thus, in keeping with his name  …Abraham’s character is more than that which justifiably reflects the honor and valor in the actions he took to unify America at a most critical point in time.  

Today, America has all but just about become ate up with  a  misguided mind-set …one in which She has come to think of Herself as entitled to have a burger today and just about any day She damned well pleases.  

And if this were not bad enough, America has been dreaming; blindly  neglecting  a principly greater responsibility …namely,  to live free from the snares  of  the burdens and affects of  unmanagable debt.  

However, last November …America woke up and banned together to demonstrate that She is  fully awakened and no longer willing to forever to be entangled with  a former preoccupation   and reliance upon  DEBT in an entitelment to whatever.  

Americans have instead spoken and no longer desire to do disservice to liberty through the ad nauseum addiction to  a looming debt which has only encouraged to trap and enslave Her  beyond Her means.  

America  no longer is ignorant of the diror  consequenses of  debt-driven consumption on steroids.  

And now that Americans have spoken in unison …now is  the time and …the times …they are a changing.  

 As America has awakened to speak with a single-hearted purpose, Her political bodies are beginning to address this issue within a more  unified …singleness of heart and voice.    

But as it can be seen, much remains to be accomplished in Washington.  

And in this respect, both Wimpy and Abraham Lincoln’s images  serve to stand as  a timely conflicted  contrast to what has recentl events have taken place in Washington recently.    

I hope that this contrast sends a strong, loud and  clear  message to Washington before it is too late.

For,  if ever there was a man more fitting for the time …and a time which was made for a man to take his name’s sake to heart …Abraham Lincoln was that man.    

Today, we need not rely on the likes of a Wimpy. That is for sure!    

Abraham’s heart  and mind were    prepared and spiritually hardened with  a deep-seated respect for freedom.  

Araham personally realized the universal purpose and truth upon which liberty is founded.  

And tracking with his heart …both his words and  his actions  spoke volumes in regard to honor the virtue of  his valor.  

They are  the measure of the depth of his character and leadership. And this foundation is  what made Lincoln enabling him to be sought after  ….at a time when the nation was in need to  called for so much from the office of their president.  

Abraham knew and esteemed the power of  the spoken word revealed from his spiritual perspective and took it to heart that its promises’ were also together that which formed the spiritual underpinngs of our constitution’s precepts and principals.  

Wimpy? Not so much.  

Lincoln also esteemed honor as the better part of valor …even to the point he saw fit to eclipse states’ rights in much of what he pursued in terms of  his  war efforts’ actions.  

Then, what could be more valuable today than those time honored values which  served Lincoln …speaking volumes today for  all that he esteemed?    

Therefore, the value of today is to take an assessment of the essence of Lincoln’s legacy.    

And in looking at Lincoln’s life and speach …it is easily to see that Abraham Lincoln honored  and fought to serve liberty within the measure of his esteem for the power of unity  served by  the strengthof a prevailing atmosphere …cohesive agreement.    

None the less, these two icons above are a fairly good way to portray a contrasting picture …one of a choice …one which depicts the actual American dichotomy today two paths which have formed …the paradox of an American mind-set.    

These are two paths and choices which have more or less …in one manner more than the other …from one time more than others …conspired to make America what She has become today …much of which may be seen as the result of a lack of accountability …a gross negligence which must no longer ignored and or put off upon the shoulders of others without consideration for the certainty of consequential regard.    

But, as slack as American may have been in its focus and performance of due diligence, much more today than ever …America has turned to embrace a vision …in   mass …one rather   focused upon all things which needs must pay attention to priority and thereby …address fiscal responsibility head-on with a heightened level of due diligence.    

Yes, I would say that both of these iconic figures fairly represent a manifest …unified expression …one that of a shift …a call for a break and change from Wimpy.    

America’s unity comes in the form of an agreement which esteems the need to exercise the power of Her unity …within a character which rather resembles that of Abe’s spirit.    

I also see the unity of America’s change …as a refreshing call …all the more rallied in Her stand and agreement …in what is leading Her a singular PEOPLE to join arm in arm in order …to build an expectation …one whose anticipation rather favors an order of new hope.    

Make no mistake about it, America has changed and is emboldened to make its priority a call to reconcile, balance, offset and counter the Wimpy-like affects which have done nothing but conspire to plague Her.    

America is standing up to pursue a posture …a new mind-set …poised and prepared to make a difference. Americans are ready to break the chains of debt enslaving Her …an over-indulgent addiction and reliance upon spending …aided and abetted by the snares of debts’ burdens.    

Clearly, much of what has enabled America …also, stands to threaten America …to the point of tearing America apart at the seems …accountability not withstanding.    

Yet, what …is emerging promises to stand as a growing testimony to America’s resolve And if hope springs eternal …America’s needs must include no small spirit of resolve in dissent for what spirit led Her to stand on the precipice of our blind approach to the certainty of a rather tragic abyss …the same one which we are attempting to step away from and avoid falling into in the future.    

And in our newly found embrace of our recent dissent …there are therein …seeds of hope which are all the more certain in purpose …to bring America out of the throws of this paradox’s snares.    

Make no mistake about it, had America not embraced Her hopes in voicing Hre decent …ours would and may very well …still be a destiny whose choice is manifestly more  sure to be retraced upon the highway to debt’s hell …a hell we should know …there will be no hopes for return.    

Therefore, in recovery …decent needs must be a determination to stand together …unified all the more …in an agreement of order in priority.    

Nothing else is more promising to produce more fruit …more worthy than the benefits which spring eternally from a secure, and independent foundation. Liberty was intended to serve that which freely makes lasting and certain …hope and peace …rather than serve snares, traps and the chains of debt’s bonds.    

At its peak, today’s slothfully lose embrace of accountability represents a world which had all but lost its grasp on reality …seeming turned upside down, inside-out, wherein which …left is become right and right …left …or, so it would seem.    

Today, discernment …good judgment …and reason’s prudence is the better part of   discretion. And today, valor and courage are valuable virtues which are just as beneficial and applicable as they were in our forefathers’ yesterdays.    

The same holds true of every truth in science …yesterday, today and tomorrow.    

Truth never changes …even though perceptions may vary ….as fast as do opinions and private interpretations.    

None the less, the truth speaks for itself.    

Today, approval ratings for those who serve in Washington reflect that Americans have neither much been fooled,  nor …much impressed by  the  politically charged hype  which has been coming out of our nation’s capital in recent days.    

And in this regard, the media has spared no small number of opportunities in  giving  outspoken politicians more than their fair share of opportunities to  characterize  their efforts, accounts and experiences in Congress’s recent extension of the Bush Tax Relief  measures.    

By and large most choose to paint their work’s effort  as a tough compromise …being careful also not to miss the opportunity to qualify their characterizations as efforts made in the midst of unreasonably stiff partisan opposition.    

Is that valor? I rather doubt it.    

This is the sort of charade of which …overwhelmingly, increasing  numbers of Americans are growing weary.    

Recently, this is becoming more abundantly clear in view of the light  in which Americans  are continuing to voice their unmistakably strong disapproval.    

In recently released  polls, reports clearly have shown  that  Americans  have voiced an  unmistakably strong disapproval rating of the performance of their government …all things Washington.    

 This growing record level of dissatisfaction has reached  a  measured record high as reported in this report’s  disapproval ratings it released in recent days.    

 The  over all level of public  dissatisfaction  …is running at record highs in regards to Washington’s poor performance rating …all across the board.    

I would venture to say that this is principally  directed to those in Washington  who still deem it necessary to continue engaging in endless, disingenuous grandstanding such as that which  was evident leading up to this tax bill’s passage.    

In this way, the passage of the bill to extended the Bush Tax Relief measures was not without a heated exchange of …bickering a-plenty …fired across  party lines without measure.    

Where’s the agreement in this …in photo opps …walking away?    

No, and sadly …yet for all this, there may be no more greater opportunity to see the manifest true priority of our representatives and the priority of their first consideration in all of their comments.    

Their chiding characterizations speak stand in contrast and otherwise …to the contrary fail to serve valor’s more worthy end …failing to stand and unify and represent first …more than party …America and Hers …in whatsoever would of …could have and should have considered the will of the American people. And in regards to whatsoever is of valor …these partisan comments sadly  suggest that valor …like honor …are scarce commodities …both of which are in short supply in Washington these days.    

In contrast …in abundant supply  …were the endless  and self-deluded summaries which, curiously …seemed to stop at nothing …to arrive at   assessments  in which assumptions presumed  it perfectly normal to  cast  net’s of perceptions which justifiable lead to entitlements which further  painted its respective self  and or  party  …the savior of all American woes.    

Gag me with a spoon!    

Curious how  that   …in any good politician’s assessment,  such would never be complete without  the mention of  stiff opposition whose positions and interests stand in  contrast to portray and be perceived as  a true  lion-hearted champion of the American people …for what; the sake of Her  better interests, no?    

Should the abundant barrage of  such last minute summary’s characterizations be ever so less  deserving of welcome and embrace?    

I say; No!   …and not so astonishingly …No, again!    

Hence …the high disapproval ratings!    

Well, Da’uh?    

D’are I needs say more?    

In the wake of continued bickering over what is being characterized by both sides of the isle in Washington …as a compromise …one which both claims it  championed; much of their  rhetoric’s verbiage  does indeed stand overwhelmingly as nothing more than grandstanding.    

Sadly, this points to the monumental lack of Washington’s esteem for a better …yet miss-placed order …one which would have …could have ….ought to have …and should have (actually) HAD its focus …its rhetoric …and its actions (…SQUARED) largely more centered upon a stage …on and in that of a higher level of esteem for the urgency of a greater priority …whose greater urgency and order is and continues to be one and only ….that of …..of spending cuts.    

But no! Washington has and is continuing to put its carts before its horses …ass both teams are wasting time trying to play lesser parts …the fools …those of would-be champions and saviors of the universe.    

Oh, please! Grow up! Not all is well.    

Ask not for whom the bell tolls …    

Americans are not fooled by Washington’s focus which continues to lack an esteem of wisdom’s order. And in its disdain for such, it should be no wonder how far off track Washington’s verbiage wanders >>far astray from the greater priority of America’s calls for spending cuts.    

So, in terms of Washington’s continuing further failures to address and tackle spending cuts head-on, it should be easy to draw a direct correlation between America’s growing disapproval ratings of Washington’s management of affairs …all things economic.    

And in the wake of all the rhetoric which has been tied to the piece of legislation dealing with the decision to extend the Bush Tax Relief measures, such BS serves as a prime example as to why disapproval is so high.    

All of the rhetoric and congratulatory cajoling couldn’t be further removed from doing service for the better interests of the country.    

But all this politically charged rhetoric has done is merely to serve as an opportunity to lay down a thick smoke screen instead.    

Cutting through this, we would see that the will of America is not  really being served in terms of the needs She expressed last August.    

America’s call is a reality which is crying out for spending cuts.    

Her calls are for Washington to not only show, but to also demonstrate fiscal restraint in all Washington does …its leadership not withstanding.    

Her calls are for heightened levels of fiscal accountability which may very well come …only in the wake after carefully  measured terms  in  sacrifice with  some pain.    

America is calling for clarity …lower deficits …lower spending along with a corresponding complimentary number of significant spending cuts …all of which will demonstrate a deliberate determination to willfully lower reliance upon borrowed foreign capitol …lowered deficits and lead this country out of debt along an altogether changed path of hope …one which may clearly may be visibly seen as one which is not only viably capable to lead to prosperity …but most importantly …one in hope …which will allow all to see their ways to connect the dots within an atmosphere of certainty which build and bring about the establishment of an environment which encourages that of change.    

And make no doubt, America is calling for this change to take place upon a fast track …whose will is routed and grounded in and along the her straight-line clear calls to reduce spending …nothing less.    

In all of this, America has spoken clearly. These calls have been made to cut …and so, cut we must.    

But America’s needs must not be allowed to merely become appeased by sincere, half-hearted, approaches, gimmicks and appeals …the likes of which Popeye’s Wimpy was made famous for using.    

His time is gone. In Her need, America is urgently calling for something radically different …something new …and certainly more significantly promising of hope than; “I would gladly pay you Wednesday for a burger today.”    

Cult TV Classics - Popeye - Wimpy

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No, America’s needs are not to be merely founded in curbing spending. To meet the needs the size of America …She needs to SUPER-SIZE HER burger’s conversation.    

AMERICA’S CONVERSATION needs must be centered …rather the more …diving and delving DEEPER into KING-SIZE realms …WITH KING SIZED COMMITMENTS …those in which we are all committed to making deep cuts which have a chance to make significant, long lasting beneficial impacts …both now and for generations to follow.    

That’s the legacy Americans are calling for today.    

Anything which falls short …anything else which misses the mark bears the mark of a fool.    

So, merely curbing spending won’t get it.    

That’s a cop out and …even serious successful dieters know the difference.    

America’s call is not one to be placated by appeasing and serving Her politicians will …NO!    

America’s will has made a call to serve “We the People …FIRST …or “TO HELL WITH THE DAMNED POLITICIANS.”    

 None the less, Washington continues in its own pursuits …along a path of continued resistance …preferring instead to be contently engaged in smoke screens and diversions which conveniently …or otherwise curiously, afford it the opportunity to all but side-step and avoid the issues surrounding  spending cuts …almost altogether.    

As such, much more true to a less-than-transparent nature ….Congress is continuing to miss  a  crucial mark …its failure to move  America in the unity of its will. This lack of service  would otherwise  benefit from  opportunities which  will accrue if it were to robustly embrace and find its way to America’s will …unified in a desire to firmly become engaged in delivering  due diligence  …in   an execution of actions which viably cut spending.    

 But before the walk …we have to have the talk.    

 Isn’t ours the conversation long over due?    

Such  …more wisely chosen operations  and conversations would  better serve to manifest  clearer leadership in demonstration of  strong commitments to serve the greater American will.    

And that …in and of …and by itself would produce manifestly greater dividends in terms of what America needs most of all ….and that would be confidence and certainty.    

Within a dialogue of such  new messages, there is hope in signals whose  assurances would provide  clear signals. And this would go a long way to  unify Americans.    

After all, there is plenty to more than suggest that this is an express agreement  of will …the direction that America should and needs must take in order to  move foreword in order to obtain economic well being.      

Let such  assurances out into the open ….into the public forum …and then last, but not least …let these messages ring in the halls of Congress that it is moving forward to address with a more profound urgent needs of cutting spending …and this  certain intent will ignite the spirit of hope in agreement …taking place along the strength which will arise in  significant and deep  spending cuts.    

In that, Americans could better take hope in comfort just by  hearing from  Congress that it indeed would be lining up to actually serve first  “…We the People …” rather than to …we the warriors …the saviors of the body politic and …the American people …out of a self serving …out of sync …out of touch focus …which is no priority worthy of doing service to “…We the People.”    

For prime example, take the verbiage and the order of much of the recent debates’ language.    

In view of the debates’ arguments which surrounded the discussions leading up to the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts, the rhetoric failed to include a robust consideration of spending cuts.    

In my book, I see America’s dissatisfaction with Washington as well founded mostly because Washington largely can not be trusted to be genuinely interested in even being willing to address   …let alone, discuss or tackle the multidimensional spending cuts’ stages and levels of spending cuts. As such, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that much of what is coming out of Washington may be easily seen by most Americans as …nothing but lip-service and self-serving grandstands.    

Truth be told, if Washington doesn’t get their act straight …they will not even be able to save their own hides …which is exactly what the approval ratings reflect.    

And, as if …the rather august November elections  were  not enough agreement to send an adequate message of unity once and for all …then; confirmation in view of the ratings is surely on a conjunction  to 2012’s  north star who will be all to glad to inherrit the job in a better spirit with which to take full responsibility in the unity and agreement in a better purpose which considers  “…We the People …” first, and above the body politic.    

After all, when did the servants become the lords? That’s rather upside down now, isn’t it?

As is, Democratic house transformations should also serve to confirm the public’s  call for Congress and the president to address and tackle spending cuts NOW! …rather than later.    

Such as it is, the continuance to puff-up party lines is sure not serving ……in the better interests of “…We the People …:    

That is to say; unless the order of Washington’s actions change to reflect acts which move ax spending efforts forward ….at the forefront of its rhetoric, KATIE, BAR THE DOOR!    

Until then, it will be; “…same as it ever was! Same as it ever was …” TALKING HEADS …LIP SERVICE.    

This equal opportunity to cause America to suffer loss …applies to both respective members of the body politic.    

Failure to neither consider America in priority nor by reason of order’s priority is the express stuff of which …the consideration of the recent approval ratings must be taken.    

Until then, no one will be fooled by the lack thereof …in all which a proper order of priority would otherwise better provide …a greater service to America …within a growing agreement …which is manifestly being expressed in unity …in terms of a growing dissatisfaction.    

Long story short; spending cuts need to take center stage …not continued political infighting and bickering.    

Washington …please!    

No more lip-service. Let’s have some unified action. TEAM WORK.    

OORah! (ew-rah!) …BREAK! (…time to move out in agreement!)    

The people have spoken …spending cuts Washington. Got it? Ready? Break! Execute and get’er done!    

Come on Boys and Girls! Let’s see you translate understanding into some performance on the field.    

Let’s execute as a team for a change. Now that would bring some hope to the table for a change in a direction which would produce hope.    

Let’s take some real-estate. Let’s see some real play in terms of actually doing service to America in and with the intention to serve Her with the priority of an order which she has called you to …in both your acts and confessions …and both your words order and your act’s deeds.    

Let’s get it all together going in a direction which demonstrate and track together to speak of and about our pride and determination to actually do something worthy of hope and promise …rather more for a change.    

In terms of our lack-luster economy; one thing is certain; less spending is the more we need in order to reduce our reliance upon borrowing ….our deficits not withstanding.    

Borrowing? Yes, that’s the ticket which gives no one the opportunity to claim that they are the savior of anything.    

That’s the priority of all objectives in terms and in an order of wrestling with the order of fiscal responsibility.    

All else pales by comparison. So, don’t be fooled.    

No one deservedly is justified in making a claim at all, unless this objective is met square, head-on …with both hands’ grasp firmly on both horns of the bull.    

Until then …the lip service coming out of Washington is just that; BULL.    

Nothing else will stem nor satisfy America’s disapprovals short of spending cuts.    

NOTE:   Actions which speak louder than words …words which …till now, have largely omitted mentions of …let alone discussions of …MEANINGFULL AND SIGNIFICANT SPENDING CUTS.    

Washington, make no doubt about it; America’s order is in the priority of the order of fiscal accountability is in your hands. Do you want to run with the ball …or, from it?    

By the verbiage, one must assume the latter …and therefore dissent with a goodly portion of disapproval.    

Where is Washington’s response? In Change? In Hope?    

Until this happens according to HER express will…no one in Washington has a leg to stand upon …in claiming to be serving American interest …much less a champion …or a patriot of the people.    

Until then, the bull and the rhetoric coming out of Washington …well, nothing could be further from the truth.    

Until then, America’s representatives would well be advised to get a grip on their respective party’s bulls and shake their nasty asses …doing this till their acts track …and tack a course in a better line …that which agrees with the priority of an express American order …and that be …cutting spending.    

P.S.:   Be it served; and be it noted …that the kind of cuts needed to day ….are ….not just those which address fraud …waste and abuse.    

No, not only so, but the spending cuts of the order which would best do service to America needs must also ….also be significant to the pulling down of strong holds …cuts in each and every means …those programs which have raised themselves to conveniently serve themselves and their bureaucracies rather more than America in current urgency of her needs greater priorities.    

Yes, sacrifice just may become a priority manifest in some fully shared pain.    

No pain …no gain.    

Is there any doubt why we are seemingly spinning our wheels?    

More and more we have seen that the bureaucratic aspect which pretends to serve America’s needs …to a large extent also serves to deliver a form of self-service ….and thereby blind justice …and somewhat more or less, fails rather peculiarly to stand more ready, tried, true and proven to demonstrate a measure of readiness to serve “…We the People …” all the more.    

The servant must not continue …and so then be allowed to become ever more the Lord of “…We the People …”    

Be Prepared!    

Readiness in service to America can no longer be taken as a mere offer and measure of lip service.    

But such as it was, there was no small degree of rhetoric prior to and following the recent Bush TAX  RELIEF EXTENSION.    

And judging by much of that which was said would lead me to believe that Washington was the savior of the universe …in spite of being at odds with itself.    

Am I to believe that …as the savior of the universe, Washington had to shoot itself in the foot in order to make this claim?    

Hmmm? Sounds fishy to me!    

I would say, that in order to be perceived as a real patriot representative, one would needs be one who would …instead, take action on a platform which is fundamentally well based on a foundation of a well-ordered esteem for America’s priorities …those which reflect deliberate, open, transparent, conscious considerations for Her express will …namely by cutting spending.    

That is what service which would otherwise allow one to lay claims to being  …a true public servant.    

As for lip service …no thank you please. Give me leadership by quiet strong example …cuts spending and does it to strengthen all …not just for political position    

And until then …do it by an order of the arrow.    

Get the point?    

Then …do it …and say nothing till it’s …job-done.    

That would do us all …a greater service.    

And I guaranty …it would go a long way to silence the critics’ disapproval.    

Unity in agreement …job and battle both won!!!    

Likewise, in the priority …of our  order, therefore …we needs must stand as one.    

Therefore, in this matter of our efforts to reduce spending …by reason and  measure of  the order of our priority …we needs must stand as one.    

Is America  less  wise today  than, Abraham  Lincoln?    

Then, esteem the  path to freedom in the truth of this every word; “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.”?    

All the best,    


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