Donald Trump; More Plays For Reality?

Whacked-Out Nut-Jobs


Control Freaks


Dangerous Distractions






Useless Circus Acts


What does the Republican Party have to fear from the diservice of Donald Trump’s rants’ antics and otherwise useless counterproductive selfish distractions?

I mean, Donald Trump represents what could not be characterized as anything more than a long shot …for which there should be nothing to fear, right?

I mean, even if Jessie …The-Body Ventura were to prevail in becoming Donald Trump’s campaign manager …that still would make no difference and therefore, there would be no more reason for fear to prevail in this manner.

I mean, if droves of thousands of Democrats in precincts all across the nation were to cross party lines and register as Republicans …that would be different and fear might then prevail all the more …to cause him to be taken seriously.

I mean, if Democrats were to stuff and flood the Trump campaign’s war chest like a plastic surgeon works on stuffing a Dolly-Parton-wan’na-be, then fear might still not even have a chance in hell in prevailing …that is any more than people pay to see freaks at a freak show, right? Oh, I forgot; Donald Trump’s TV show, The Apprentice is pretty well funded …in spite of the fact that no one pays to watch it.  

I mean, in terms of pride, America …over all could use a face-lift, and who has more to share and distribute than Donald?

However, if American pride depends on Donald Trump; then America …fear for your lives!

Get out and vote!

Intercept this Donald. Better luck next time, but Donald …you’re fired!

You are a fish out of water …and you don’t know it.

Worse and pathetic is that you can not recognize that your own supporting cast members are supporting you just so that you can support their cause as their fall guy.

Tragically you are pushing a string in that you are so blind to all except what is feeding your ego …buddy.

You may be having a kick, but you are becoming no more than a laughing stock.  

And In this sad regard, all you are doing is becoming a counter productive costly waste of time in a distraction whose side show antics are producing nothing which actually is worthy nor speaks of substance …nor promises to produce fruit in service to any one …save yourself, certainly not to your country which could actually use your talents should you decide to actually let your freedom ring more efficiently.

The problem with most politicians and bureaucrats is that they have a difficult time getting out of the way.  

Otherwise, keep up the good work in your own arenas and areas of expertise.

I rather believe that if The GOP needed nuts for any of the party’s better sakes; they could call Planters who, more than likely …would be (I suppose) humbly more than happy to …show up and deliver some real choice nuts of their own.

Judging by way of who appears on The Apprentice; who knows what nut jobs you might fill your cabinet with if your ego were ever to have its ways.

Time After Time? Time After Time?

Dream on Cindy Lauper.

All the best,


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