Tea Party Serenity: Living A Reality Within One’s Means

 Peacefully …Prepared in Unity

Is Washington Preparing America  to  Handle the Actual Affects of …

 Inflation’s Oncoming Reality

 …Rising Debt Load Costs Not Withstanding?


Like the Revolutionary Tea Party of old; there was a certain fight which preceded the peace which resulted from the effort. No pain …no gain.


My father used to say; “…If something is worth keeping; it is worth fighting for …”


Isn’t it time to hold our elected servants to this rule …the one which should apply to how much America values fighting for accountability and fiscal responsibility?


Now that America has had almost three years to consider these values; isn’t it just about time we stand up for stronger measures which safeguard such values …those which are worthy of a truly great fight’s effort.


Then, let’s go the distance …even if it takes us the effort to last till the last round, OK?


TKO’d in the 2012th round! How about it America!?


Are you ready for it?


Some obviously are. Some are willing to return America to a path in service on a road which stands for accountability and oversight …through honest due diligence.


America deserves no less and a chance to heal properly and a quickly as She holistically is able; and I believe She is up to it.


Now that the tax day Tea Party political rallies have come and gone this week, much of what remains, will likely lead to the development of an emerging formation of what will become an exciting new group of conservative congressional candidates.


This group of hopefuls will likely add to and compliment last November’s new freshmen who won their mid-terms, and added to the net gains of both houses …gains whose numbers changed the landscape of the house as well as the senate …welcoming and ushering in a whole new refreshingly set of different conversations whose discussions were …or had been badly missing in a politically imbalanced liberal atmosphere.


Now that this week’s rallies are over, moving away from their wake’s growing ground swell …one thing is clear.


Much remains to be done to cement this daring new movement’s continued growth permanently as a certain and undeniable fixture of “…We the People …” in Washington’s shaky and challenged liberal firmament …in which one falling star after another has reformed more conservative constellations.


Yet, in spite of the positive changes which have changed the composition of the house and senate, there is still a great deal of work left to be done in order to effectually be able to efficiently address and responsibly apply the fiscal ideals and principals of responsible fiscal accountability in diligent exercise of discretion and oversight of the budget. This is the hope for which change is well suited for those who have been and are willing to stand in the Tea Party.


These are ideals which stand in direct and stark contrast with those of the Obama administration and the liberals whose ideals are continuing to recklessly oppose fiscal responsibility in and under the pretext of so called social responsibility …a call which has chosen to hide its budget and deficits behind the socially irresponsible claims of class warfare.


And in this regard, I would say that the Tea Party’s torpedo scored big …taking this week’s momentum in every opportunity to build upon its powerful potential to continue its pursuits in setting its stars courses for destinations upon their future stages in Washington.


Now that spurs the imagination as to what true reality would and could serve to furnish America with far more glorious trappings than those promised and hope for from a slide into socialism.


As such, if this week’s rallies are for signs and seasons; The Tea Party’s political rallies impact will surely continue to contribute to a whole new wave of fiscally more responsible congressional representatives.


This is the momentum whose hope for real change is that which truly poses a significant real threat to the liberal socialist agenda.


And if the pattern of this last November’s mid-term and its message are kept fresh in the minds of “…We the People …” 2012 results will more than likely offer opportunity it just cause in one more unanimously overwhelming voice which will likely result in the redistribution of power in the senate …if not also in the White House as well …regardless as to how much the liberals stuff their war chests and flood the airwaves with slogans calling for four more years and for billions in unfunded deficits.


As it is, this year’s payment …just to service the public debt is almost equal to half of the 1.749 billion dollar deficit itself. That is staggering!


As is, a liberally ludicrous posterity has all but killed the opportunity to leave an American legacy worth speaking of …one that characterizes the truth of America’s long and proud heritage …the one inherited or otherwise …lost in a continuing socially justified …equally false lack of oversight …that of similar blind due diligence.


Does one wrong make way for another?


Do two make a right?


I rather think not …no more than they make for a preoccupation and a waste of time.


None the less, on a more sobering note:


Take heart!


Today, I’ve just finished watching Part One of Atlas Shrugged …for the second time, thanks much in part to my local theater management whose understanding permitted me to watch it the second time for free …being that I was late getting in to see it the first  time.


Bravo! Like the Tea Party, it is so refreshing …to see a movie which is supportive of the premise of ownership’s social benefits …in spite of how much politics …at its worst more than merely stands in the way.


So, in arriving at today’s blog, I am made to remember and regard esteem for what is called;


The Serenity Prayer …


God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I Cannot change…

Courage to change the things I can

And Wisdom to know the difference…





In recalling this prayer, my meditations also caused me to realize I should consider it as the basis with which to form the context of my next blog’s post …this one to be exact.


And so, the more I thought about it, the more I found it apropos …especially, in the wake of this week’s Presidential speech on Wednesday …followed by all the Tea Party political rallies.

As such, it became abundantly clear that my contemplations in this prayer was the most perfect convention befitting of this week’s current affairs.


So, it is with this prayer that I believe I would like to convey …a form of an open letter to Barack Obama and those who believe that such annual huge deficit are the way out.


As for me, I believe they are merely a way in deeper down a rabbit hole I very well doubt even Alice herself would have traveled down by her free will …that is; if she had a vote and a brain in her head.


All mention of fantasia aside, I believe that the prayer above is most …if not divinely appropriate …especially for those of us who still cling to our guns and clutch our Bibles …among others who still enjoy their individual rights and various other personal freedoms …the religious freedom to worship and bear arms and the freedom to repeat The Pledge of Allegiance also not withstanding.

So, now …more than ever, I believe that at a time when 600 billion dollars is annually required …just to float the note on the public debt …there is just no more hope left in annually borrowing a little more than twice what from Peter …that which we are under obligation to pay Paul.

For what in Hades name is a mere four billion dollar reduction in our debt (over ten years time) …if we continue down this current highway to hell?

I honestly believe that if history is any indication, the promises of endless empty politicians’ …empty promises have not well even served so as to stand today and serve the temporal flimsy excuses used in this week’s discussions.


Such as it is, the continuation of these promissory politicians empty claims …pretty much also have failed to address the question; why such a discussion took such pain just to arrive at the paltry budget cuts which netted a measly 38 billion dollar figure.


Is America indebted to thank the Democrats for a gesture which they have characterized as a compromise?


For that matter, is America to settle for a deficit reduction target of merely 4 trillion over a ten year time span?


I don’t think so; that is to say, not if Washington is allowed to run the deficits required to pay for the unfunded social insanities …which have seemingly supplanted America with unhealthy social obligations ahead of the freedoms and best interests which so long served to promote Her commerce and trade interests.

I was raised to believe that Americans aim high.

So, since when did it become politically correct for America to aim high and wide and fall even shorter of Her primary interests which have long been her common allies.?
This preoccupation is a social side show …a reality America can not afford.


American can not live in fantasia with two wars raging …while the real and present threat and rumors of more develop right before our very eyes.


I hate to borrow an inappropriate phrase which demonstrates a lack of diplomatic tact, but it serves to illustrate the jam we are in financially speaking; “…If you are not for us; then, you are against us …” Not so! We …like our allies are strapped for cash and burdened with other pressing priorities …understandably.


No wonder, why the president backed off and handed this Libyan hot-bed’s issues off so quickly. America is all but broke!


No wonder why Germany and France are still grappling with the Reunification costs after all these recent years. Opportunity costs …wars not withstanding.


Recession’s cost are unavoidable too …and are and will come in the form of lagging inflation; but this is a future impact that Mr. Obama may have the luxury of claiming; “…I did not inherit this mess …”


However in reality; higher interest rates will translate into higher debt load costs.


And this is a reality which makes the empty promises of multi trillion dollar deficit reduction such a short coming …if not an all-out total sham of a misleading deceit.


Such claims …made …as they obviously are …are those which fail to take into account the ominous realities of certain, real and unavoidable impending economic pressures whose realities are not fantasies Americans are entitled to  ignore …let alone able to afford …politicians maybe; but not the American public …and certainly not   “…We The People …”

Such unavoidable invitations are threats which can not be ignored …not even for the sake to merely seek to justify a bleeding heart’s agenda …especially one which has so much disdained disrespect for what it takes to make America’s housing and financial system whole again …all whipping boy mentality hopefully aside …by now.


Such obviated threats pose such an egregious danger to reality, I don’t even think that   reality TV show would nor could paint a clearer picture.


But that perception of reality is just about at what level Washington seems to be operating on these days …months and years.


And its treatment of fiscal oversight has just about turned its three-ring mockery-of-a-circus as upside down as Bank of America’s balance sheet was over the last few decades …Countrywide Financial not withstanding.

In this respect, I can’t tell you who’s done more damage to distort reality more …George Busch, Barack Obama …or Oslaba Has-Been Oblobbin and the terrorists of the Taliban/Alchadia inclusively …taken aggregately?

Division is division and that’s a reality which is not working in my favor right now.


Why then every attempt to divide?


Score one for BO and the Taliban/Alchadians.

I also believe that what we have in a continuing lack of oversight …is, at the most, a disconnected  liberal element which is pushing a bad position (in concert with …or without our enemies objectives in mind) which is seeking to deliberately make a worse case …a greater impossibility …and therefore seeking a further justification (excuse) to blame   the right for the social injustices which have occurred on its watch.


In this manner, both the left and right having failed to realize and recognize …the things that could have and still can change …all things for the better.


If division …however is promoted; the justice of division will prevail in random chaos.

Therefore, in failing to recognize this first, and therefore …failing to leverage what would have …what could have …and what should have worked for change; why is America putting up with a destructive, socialistic, left-leaning regime which has risen upon the nature of America’s weakness …in spite of Her originally rich charter’s character.

In contrast, the clear apparent fact that this administration’s lack of oversight has all but over-stepped and overlooked America’s organic strengths …while also failing to realize and address Her weaknesses and limits … this should provide enough of a warning signal that this country’s leadership is also failing to take note of what it cannot change …should not …and must needs must …not change …especially in direct opposition to the will of “…We the People …” and what is certain fiscal suicide not withstanding.

For if, last November’s mid-terms were any indication …I believe 2012 will be another identical opportunity in a resounding repetition which will give all Americans the true expression of their will …in a demonstration of a spirit which intends to live free above the poverty line.


It is time that all Americans demonstrate discernment and push away from the endless historical string of politically correct short-falls whose origins were …have been …and are still being crafted and sold publicly in open deceit.

It would seem that most Americans …when it comes to change; I would hope …should and could have the wisdom to know and distinguish the difference between good, better and best …well enough to make for opportunities which lead to real change in a truly more hopeful 2012.

That is my hope above all other hopes.

Until then, if America doesn’t get the message; it will continue to be …much the same as it has been …and will be; I.E. …same as it ever was …same as it ever was …merely a bunch of bobble heads full of BS and insignificant hot air.

Hopefully, America will have her say about hope and regal change, rather than fall short again and again.

America, Her vote is the ultimate law of the land …mid-terms not withstanding.

Above all …all the best!

Do not settle for less.

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