“…But without faith …

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 Saturday, December 07, 2013

 Part 1


“…But without faith


(or rather …without believing, if you will …)

                                    …. it is

                                                          impossible to please God …”



With respect to planning, without doubt, there remains an unchanging mutual understanding that  a  spirit of faith was  present in the forefront our nation’s founding father’s minds as they joined together to pen and purpose our nation’s declaration of independence which remains self-evident by virtue of the spirit which drove them to plan the form of that document and those which were to follow.


In fact, that bold statement’s declaration’s foundation of their succintly clear purpose is a deep seated  expression of their testimony to the spirit of their faith …believing as such that their work would honor that which is self evidenced. And so it was that the belief provided the lion’s share of the drive which planted the seeds of this spirit of faith from which whose roots our nation’s constitution’s foundation’s form and embodiments emerged from planned, and prepared fertile soil. And in this well prepared manners, our nation rose in strength and stature to stand sure and certain upon the very principals of their conviction’s reverence. And so, what guided the nation’s heritage prevailed, did so well in the light of this spirit’s well established precepts, purposes and priorities.


And I am quick to understand that, foremost among all those who convened to ordain and establish our nation did …all did so with respect, believing that it was crucial to plan protections for safeguarding the rights and freedoms of each of this new nation’s individuals …their descendants not withstanding.


For this document, like its mirror …the spirit of faith, was purposed with a priority of   a never-changing purpose to  last, endure  and reward the faithful  throughout the ages as a  strong servant standing …of  the people …by the people …for the people …principally, thanks chiefly due be it …to  belief …to action …to planning …to performing the due diligence, if you will …or, the acts of belief and believing …the substance of all of one’s hopes.


The universal ideals of equality, freedom and liberty were primary rights expressly defined as having their genesis …their origins which, like …life itself, were credited with the esteem of this spirit of faith …as being created by the very author of nature itself, the spirit of their creator’s acts …by mere words …the expression of such planning speaks volumes beyond the stature of the unnatural organic structures of man-made contrivances whether appearing artificial, inorganic and or natural.

Too often it has been the case that, mankind has been oversold, only to be under delivered. Sadly, it seems that there are any number of angels of light who’s false pretenses’ pretexts seem to be all too good at casting one dim shadow’s nets …one after another over mankind’s gullible nature …a nature which seeming has a greater propensity to be inclined …lazily or otherwise …to suspend the ability to exercise wisdom and discernment …opting instead for the choice to willingly suspend disbelief …a.k.a., DOUBT which opens the door to otherwise trust in snakes.

Yet, our forefather’s words were to address how important and necessary they believed it was to plan and safeguard their fledgling nation’s people from such tyrants whose purposes would demonstrate human nature’s craftiness as an inborn innate ability to produce a close second, a knockoff and more often than not, contrive a counterfeit which could worm its way through the fabric of due governance to undermine their best laid plans in spite of how well purposed their precepts were intentioned …even with the highest precautions’ in mind.

 Yes, how very well  our forefathers  knew how far things can fall from grace.

Therefore, from this spiritual perspective, every one of their provisions’ safeguards were patterned and order with express intent to preeminently foremost protect the rights of the individual from the possible incursions of any and all perverted forms of tyrannies which could possibly be contrived by man to dissolve, disrupt and destroy the precepts of this nation’s constitution whose purposes was intended to serve all rather than ….one more than another.


Liberty and justice for all demands nothing less …and therefore, our forefather’s held nothing back in penning a deliberate natural document which spiritually demonstrates their highest regard, respect and awe in giving their credence to reverence and reflect their spirit of faith. To this end, their writings’ spirit expressly mirror the degree of their faith upon which the constitution was meant to stand …so long as a sacred esteem for our creator’s precepts and their origins endures checked by the discernments of the safeguards of our constitution’s provisions.


In deep respect with the utmost highest of their considerations as they declared our nation’s independence and wrote our nation’s constitution …our nation’s constitution expressly reflects the belief that the origins and source of their faith is that spirit in which they stood to ordain and establish our new nation …as one nation, UNDER GOD.


With chief respect to endurance, the manner and considerations of what our constitution’s forefathers wrote, embodies their action’s ideals which reflect beliefs purposed to have, hold, maintain and keep it so highly (so help us God) within the spirit of such self-same spiritual regard may be able to maintain it it.


Chief among this approach to the constitution’s endurance’s maintenance is the due diligence given to the oversight …the level of accountability the document sought to …above all …in awe …with respect …reverence of this spirit of faith which   seeks that all mankind naturally enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


And in their esteemed writings, they demonstrated a reflection of their highest love for mankind’s freedoms’ liberty …the single most highest precept that established their will’s drive …The spirit of love for whom they stood, to prepare our nation to fight and die for what they believed was the most important pivotal tenant …the hinge on which opens a doorway to the sourced from which all of their common freedoms flowed …the spirit of faith not withstanding.


Therefore, to keep this doorway open, our forefather’s …in seeking to ordain and establish the safeguards which would protect the constitution’s spiritual tenants, and so ensure that liberty and justice for all would be able to withstand the trials and tribulations throughout the ages; our constitution’s embodiments were  crafted contingent and consistent with precepts that were best believed to ensure its continuance, and would …therefore, remain strong and well balanced enough to faithfully check, limit and endure …even the most powerful incursions of the less than faithful …self-serving tyrants’ imaginations whose unscrupulous challenge might challenge the constitution …its very tenants’ foundation’s precepts not withstanding.


So, what does this spirit of faith have to do with today and the theme of Obama care?


At this point, I must ask you to endure with patience as I promise to post this answer in part two of  …


“…But without faith


                                    (or rather …without believing, if you will …)


                                                                                                                                    …. it is impossible to please God …”


With respect to planning, thank you for your understanding …still more for your discernment and wisdom.


Faithfully wishing you all the best …!





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