No Child Left …or Right; Get Behind Me!


Thursday, February 17, 2011    

The three year anniversary  marking the release and launch  of the Obama presidential campaign’s  retorical slogan of; “Yes We Can!”  is quickly approaching,  and one thing which Americans are  being made to  realized is…    

No We Can’t!!!    

Please, let me explain why I believe this.    

 America will not, once again be able to fire on all cylinders without first giving the highest due diligence to every potential possibility which  possess the capability and capacity to promote prosperity which is not dependent upon the our government’s reliance on borrowed foreign capital …nor printed paper.    

And of  all of the abundant opportunities and natural resources which exist and are available in abundance today, the most efficient coincidently may come in the form of  cheap and cost effective solutions whose approaches may be taken by merely embracing the opportunities which exist only in a private sector- driven solution.    

After all, the private sector has so much  to potential cost-free power to offer. As such, it just makes  the most sense to seek to leverage and promote individual private ownership rights and freedoms.    

 There simply is no other approach whose path to prosperity is capable to offer a more efficient and cost effective path toward a significant economic recovery.    

The power of such dynamics are those which would, could and should be unleashed through means to encourage to promote a wide array of solutions, primarily from among any number of  combinations of any number of incentives which offer reward for risk. And these solutions auto-generate to multiply other forms of opportunities to be had in a private sector approach..    

Yet, for all that …the administration has not so much as yet to actively sought to seek to employ and leverage the vast depth of the rich resources available in a private sector approach. What a pity! Instead, America and primarily the private sector have been made to suffer for this administration’s wastes of valuable resources. In its lack of leadership …under its misdirected attempts the Obama administration has time and time again attempted to drag America into all things which resemble socialism …much of which without regard and consideration for the sentiments of most Americans.    In spite of the mid-terms of last November, this disregard persists. Obama obviously knows what is best for America.    

None the less, taking and setting a more private sector oriented course would lead to real organic economic opportunities …those which would be accretive to bolster the Federal budget with hard earned dollars for a change.    

In setting and taking such measures, the means and ways of  a more just organic rebirth would give way to growth in virtuous …natural and holistically generated, debt-free, green tax revenue.    

America should have known that artificial growth  is the elixir of doom …I.E.,  the quick fix …whose  results are empty and void, save for the short-lived  benefits promoted with  deceitful promises of immediate self-gratification.  

Sadly, such an approach has  failed to  consider  the long range consequences.    

 Sadly, the elixir of the administration’s doom is in the ways and means  it has chosen …those which  it has sought and chose in seeking to make the private sector to suffer as its whipping child.    

Sadly, the patience of America is being stretched like a rubber band …to its maximum limits.    

Moreover, in this regard, a deficit, debt-driven socialistic agenda is far less of an answer than  any other alternative.  

As is, any other such lie might equally mislead one to fall into the pit of any other  equally plausible  lame brained solution.    

So, if  the administration’s embrace of socialism is the target de’jour, then …am I to understand that I should believe that; socialism is not too big to fail?    

 Shisshh Ka-Bbb!    

Why would any one want to buy into this sort of pretzel logic …no matter how much blind disregard, neglect and abuse took place under the administrations of the past thirty years?    

 The whole world’s systems’ and their institutions are reeling in objection to abusive absolute blindness of one form or another.    

 The real power of this century’s history will be written by the hands of those in whose minds take heart and choose to believe action is the path to their destiny. Herein …lies the power of the individual …in the heart, mind and soul of the individual who regards and esteems the priceless value of his or her freedoms worth standing up and fighting for with all the strength that the spirit of their love for freedom and liberty can muster, build and multiply.    

 What greater pursuit is there than to be free …in pure liberty …free from all forms of oppressions …debt not withstanding?    

With due regard for  that which offers the greatest potential to promote the rights of the individual to  own property …free and clear, what is the significance of;  “Yes We Can?” …if indeed, the political and economic reality is; “…No you can’t?”  What …is the greater reality …the spirit or the delusions of a lie, hope and change not withstanding?  

 By the way; who the hell is the “…We …” which this administration presumes for whom its  socially bent agenda has spoken for  the last few years of its short-to-be-lived inception?  

What has “Yes We Can …!!!” done for home owners and other tax payers; but merely waste an enormous mass of time, money, hope and opportunity …and for what …to create for hope and change?    

Hope? Change? For whom; our foreign creditors?    

For Americans …not so much. And “No we can’t!”  emphatically may apply much more to  those living upon fixed incomes as well as the future generations we are burying with debt and the inflationary means …namely the bogas  money flying from the printing presse of our U.S. Treasury Department.    

And for all that is obvious …that which is plain as the nose on our face…resolve in any hope for reaching unity in an agreement is that which also seems rather distant and as afar of as any distance which separates us from any of our foreign creditors.    

So, in this divide any private sector solution seems equally distant. So, in this regard what is there which could, should or would otherwise, lend credence to promote confidence in the belief that hope and change are forthcoming any more and any sooner in view and in the wake of this continuing divisive, terse and highly charged political atmosphere?  

 What are unity and agreement? Maybe they are a-coming …but as such they are still a trifle far off around the bend.  

 Certainly, they are far from  our present-tense politically charged reality.  

 The primary case in point is our president’s budget and approach to spending …deficits …inflation and reality not withstanding.  

 Note:   Inflation and the discussion of it is becoming much like chasing a greased pig …or like a Jew having to say the word Messianic Jew.  

 Denial is not just another river in Egypt.  

 Add to this, today …data which came out that indicates foreclosures are persisting at all time highs …while prices are continuing to make all-time lows.  

No wonder home starts are picking up …that is to say; off the bottom rather …but only in that regard …and still again, only for multi-unit investment housing; I.E. duplex and apartment-like condo units.    

Today’s data still reflects single housing unit starts are not making gains.  

Furthermore,  the release of the data failed to say anything of a huge languishing existing inventory which is producing nothing but blight which promotes further erosion of neighborhood home prices.  

This definitely does not bode well for communities whose school systems have become sheepishly engaged in a more than questionable practice. In the face of city and county tax revenues which have fallen off over the last few years, property appraisers have taken the opportunity to become …more and more heavily reliant upon artificially raising property appraisals above their true and actual market values.  

These over inflated appraisals have placed an undue and disproportionate burden upon home and other property owners.  

Teachers have to teach, so city and counties have to reap what revenue they can …even if, in a turned down economy, that means and ways affects property owners unfairly …especially when city managers and county budgets refuse to budge.  

So, yes we can see today …that the data  says nothing more significant for that wonderful sounding “…Yes We Can …” pre-campaign retoric.  

Therefore, where are today’s expectations for his hope and change coming from in spite of  and in the face of …all the opportunity costs?  

Am I to believe that hope and change apply equally to the private sector in this administration’s socialistic mindset?  

No …they have not, and no again as they are not anymore a reality than hope and change were said to be three years ago. And in this regard, nothing has changed for the betterment of the private sector which would lead me to believe that they will presently be …shortly forthcoming.  

So, in regard to either hope or change …I’m not going to be will to hold my breath in the mean time …for the essence of O is not one of hope …nor change any more than is the substance of his rhetoric’s lame slogan; “Yes We Can!”

Oh, contraire Mr. President; no we can’t.

Ah, Monsieur le Président contraire; aucun nous ne pouvons pas.

To this I offer an open note to today’s CNBC guest legislator; House Representative Steny Hoyer:   Good luck Steny Hoyer. I know a good optician. You were standing next to him today on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

Such blindness only serves to leave me no doubt; the lost cause costs associated with “Yes We Can …” are substantive …in that these opportunity costs are the sub-surface portion of the tip of the ice berg.

Furthermore, these unseen considerations are a form of American blind fraud, waste and abuse which is continuing to mount up …adding to the floodwaters of American debt…altogether …much with little …if any truthfully centered objective resistance whatsoever.

Let’s face it; if “Yes we can!” applies to anything real; then in all honesty …the phrase which is the suffix of   “Yes we can!” is truly to be understood in the light of a socialistic agenda which follows with; “…sink this ship!.And we will to do so!”

Political insanity is that which seeks to destroy the village in order to save it.

What does it mean that we should agree and do nothing significant to stem the tide of this sort of socialistic political economic indifference?

The lack of direction, resolve, agreement and unity should impress an indelible message upon the hearts of all Americans …leaving the following message, namely; “No You Haven’t …No you shouldn’t  and Now, above all else, No! No, You Can’t.  

Why? Because …for one; I can vote and Yes, I will …come 2012.  

Has Mr. Obama earned your trust and respect?  

For that matter, in spite of Congress’ opposition to the president’s budget; what are you personally going to do to safeguard your interests in your personal freedoms?  

In all of this, the biggest commission …was …is and will be; in the continued omission of every possible  private sector solution available …in every dimension of plurality.  

Therefore, I can’t stress the following enough, and I hope you can get it …in all of its simplicity.  

Without the private sector …there simply can be no certainty …without certainty …there simply can be no confidence; without confidence …there simply can be no trust; without trust …there can simply be no financing …without finance …there simply can be no recovery in housing.  

 And without a recovery in housing …there simply will be no prospect for jobs expansion.  

And without jobs expansion …there will be …no jobs.  

Without jobs, there will be less hope and little will change for the good of all …save a more certain detriment …one which will sting and cause all to suffer burdens under higher taxes …lower opportunities…and continued rising costs.  

Such will continue to envelope an atmosphere …whose plague’s pall of negativity will teach a lesson learned the hard way …impacting Americans under harsh and unreasonable influences of an unhealthy reliance …the addicted state of deficit spending …aided and abetted by a co-dependent foreign enablers …who like a prostitute is indifferent to whether payment comes in either borrowed or printed form.  

It all spends the same; or does it?  

After all, can you remember when the paper-like fluff was proudly known as a Strong American Dollar?  

So, without a strong dollar, will there be a scarcity of jobs? I rather believe …not in a political atmosphere which promotes higher taxation and greater economic burdens upon the shoulders of all?  

So, with fewer economic opportunities, there will be a scarcity of jobs.  

Without jobs …there simply will be no hope for a better educational system.  

And yet, in spite of the fact that the American system of education has been numbed and dumbed-down, I find it paradoxically ironic that the adage; “…less is more …” one which sadly aptly applies to what Americans are ask to pay to support a system which wants more   and more …yet, return less and less each and every subsequent year.  

Go figure.  

It must be entitlement 101 …or pretzel logic. I don’t know, maybe something from basket weaving.  

I can go to Europe or Asia, and find kids of the same age and educational level …all of them speaking two to three or more languages …performing admirable operations of higher math skills.  

Here, on the other hand …I get; “Whatever …” on about as much a regular basis as I do; “Yo! Dude, that’s just TMI …too much information.”  

Quite simply, without education …you have no child left behind …for you’ve already lost them all.  

No child left behind?  Please!  

Left or Right …America is not losing it. America has bought a bill of goods and is trying to buy into a deceit that   is lost and can not be found …not even in the dirty clothes hamper …let alone the Goodwill lucky bag.  

Who cares? Who cares as long as teacher’s insurance policies and salaries are well funded and paid, and who cares that politicians are offering up their retirement pensions in return for a vote at any cost …all keeping the ma …ma …ma …mama …machine well greased by well meaning citizen-politicians who placate and cow tow to the unions every need and want …in fear …not to rock the boat …marching like good little soldiers in true loyal tit-for-tat, classic quid pro pro politically compromised fashion?  

Who cares if the kids are not prepared to compete upon the global stage?  

Who cares that an American “…Whatever …!!!” attitude of indifference has all but mortgaged their futures already …much long before the suckers walk across the stage to accept their high school diplomas?  

After all, the kids of today age going to hold a fine bag of our choosing.  

Now, isn’t that the legacy all Americans should want …to be spat upon by our youth when they wake up to the reality of our indifferences?  

Now, is our esteem worthy of that sort of vision?  

Think about this opportunity.  

Then look at where the US ranks internationally in terms of educational standards.  

It just might surprise you a bit …as in being a little more than; “Shocking!”  
What about corporate tax policy?    

When you look into this tidbit; I believe you will be equally shocked.  
Is there a correlation?  

This is the real opportunity to be taken back in surprise.    

You bet your sweet bippy there is a direct correlation between corporate tax structure and the level of educational standards.  

And the bottom line is that we are failing in both …as the foundation of our corporate base continues to erode in favor of greener and more favorable offshore climate and business-friendly atmospheres and environments.
In this line of overly opportunistic rationale,  it should be easy to connect the dots and see and take heart in that there is wisdom in pursuing the truth of an order which honestly seeks to  esteem  priority and  truth due to an  urgency which promises the best hope  to  accrue the greatest efficiencies.  

Any less  discernment …honestly will always exact more opportunity costs.  

Taking the most effective direct  path to realize a best, low-cost  purpose …will always seek and esteem an order which strives to harness and reap the benefits of purposeful individual ownership.  

Strong ownership rights are cause alone to spur growth and cause green shoots to emerge  from  the private sector …and this historically has been the engine of primary growth propelling all ships and markets to rise accordingly.  

Think of America as an emerging market with incredible potential …after all, we have stumbled and have the opportunity to rise again.  

There is opportunity to rise and pick up our beds and walk though …if we but, merely choose to see our ways to believe to do so in taking our generation’s responsibilities seriously …and but …will to act upon the promise of a stronger hope …that of the strength of the individual …as opposed to the state.  

But the blind can not see afar  off and will always fail to  recognize and deal swiftly to resolve  urgent needs …especially when the state would otherwise hold and suppress one in benefits and entitlements which encourage weakness …rewarding those whose will …it be to otherwise remain sleeping in the dirt …down on the floor they have fallen.  

Is that encouragement? I rather believe not. I would rather beg, argue and strongly differ.  

America  needs to make some important sacrifices.  

That is true.  

Undeniably, there are urgent needs  begging for resolve …those which have suffered immeasurably from gross neglect and political abuse.  

Yet, aside from shame and blame …there is great opportunity to be taken in resolving and addressing the woes which have beset America thus far.  

And this is good …to realize the resolve of an awake and an alert America.  

Conversation does not guarantee unity, but it does ensure and make for work and that together leads to cooperation in times of stress and great urgency.  

America has tremendous opportunity…both under foot in the near term …as well as  in taking aim at and bringing resolve to bear in searching the horizon for long-term solutions …those down the road and out beyond the horizon.  

However, to bring about swift and efficient low cost solutions,  choices need to be made which lead to  better paths.  

I do not believe that cutting corners will necessarily translate into a good investment.  

I certainly do not believe that the immediate quick fix is any more promising either.  

Yet, I do believe that whatever our options may be, our choices needs must be carefully weighed and guided  by guards of strong visions whose deliberate and sure guided wisdom is seeks to make choices which promote, preserve  and safeguard the American freedoms and strengths which have served so well to deliver us safely and securely where we are today …even in our world of present hurt.  

I have seen, first hand a neglect so gross and blindness so dark; I do not want to return and I do not want to leave this world knowing that I did not lift a finger to make it a better place for those to follow.  

Therefore in weighing the options of our opportunities let us take preference for what makes for …what is best suited to produce fruit …long lasting …perennial fruit which …self-sustains the American proud spirit of our love for strong independent living.  

And it is the solutions within the private sector which will produce such and continue to multiply a steadily self-sustaining stream of benefits and increasing  returns.  

Plowing  endless time and money to promote a slacker’s mentality is akin to taking a path  akin to  promoting social programs in a priority …ahead of other more available …off-the-self alternatives.  

These opportunities are and can be taken as organic opportunities …and grow much with little need for fertilizer …or external stimulus. The growth is ignited by the spirit of ownership from within.  

Pursuing the artificial means that Congress and the administration has pursued thus far is to a large extent barren and without fruit …void of  great expectation, hope and has produced even less significant change for the better.  

The social change of the administration’s agenda is  sadly producing much less  hope and change and is rather more akin to the third servant mentioned in the parable of the talents.  

This  particular man was the one who encased and driven by fear.  

Rather than confidently put his talent to work, he took and choose to believe instead that the best path to good stewardship was to take and burry it.  

Did he avoid the risk? He sure did …or so he thought.  

But his limited nature and rather poor character limited his opportunity. And his choice reflected his negativity in that his lack of confidence was his undoing.  

Members of Congress, are you listening?  

Voters pay attention please.  

This man could not see opportunity, primarily because his focus was obscured by the walls of his mental  stronghold …namely by reason of that guided and driven by a certain spirit of fear.  

And this  prevented him from exercising wise stewardship at a certain level of trust.  

Did this man exercise stewardship? Yes; but it was not worthy of the spirit in which brought honor and esteem to his master …reflective of his master’s skilled masteries …namely confidence, trust and strong individual independent thought and action …action which produces fruit according to one’s level of trust and responsibilities.  

In fear, this man did nothing but think to safeguard himself, but in this defrauded his master and brought shame upon himself …a double whammy.  

On the other hand, the good stewards of this parable; put their priorities in their proper perspective and their courage of their convictions drove and encouraged their decisions …their mental attitudes’ desires reflected upon the details which came into being and ultimately is what caused or bridged the performance to deliver at and in relative levels of their actions of service to their master.  

Decision to serve, desire to serve …led to details …and doors opened to allow them to deliver in their performance of service to their master.  

If you can see the Simplicity of this four-step process, then you can see also how fear and self-absorbed concern can also thwart and halt and gum-up stewardship.  

This  wonderfully simple story  contains a  four (4) step process in which   all  could  well benefit  by grasping the wisdom of  its principals’ simple example.  

America’s  talent by reason of anything but fear …has always been to invest and take advantage of these four simple principals and opportunities. The process supports a simple path which welcomes,   ushers  in and promotes  multidimensional building  processes which strengthen  confidence and trust along paths which lead to continued growth which fosters the multiple cost effective benefits.  

And this is so far from the policies which seek to promote and supplant the spirit of American independence with the primary pursuits and deficient dependencies of socialism.  

The reward of socialism’s habit seeks to promote itself by promoting ludicrous and unsustainable promises which …by their very aluring prospects (something for nothing rationale) seem very appealing to the weak and down-trodden; while the flip-side of this coin rewards personal independence in freedoms and individual rights granted and guaranteed by the precepts of Liberty.  

Much of socialism’s proliferation comes at the expense of the strong in order to strengthen the weak.  

This may be characterized as a poor choice of equally misleading verbiage which makes a leading declaration that seeks to justifiably empower itself with the power …assuming  power so as to reward its proponents with “…something for nothing …” and thereby cementing a means with which it will always seek the means to raise its authority merely to strengthen itself in a unending  systemic self-serving  systematic redistribution of wealth.  

Note; the purpose is not to make for wealth …but rather to redistribute it.  

I call this sap-sucking a definition of a relationship between a parasite and a host …or, maybe a hooker and a john.  

In  regard to this administration’s pursuits of socialism, No Child Left Behind makes as much sense as “Yes We Can …” all the while …having turned its backs on every viable private sector solution at this fair nation’s disposal.  

Instead, the administration has sought just about every harebrained, cockamamie, misguided to become preoccupied ….seeking to …and grasping at any and all the artificial means and schemes necessary to sustained hope …its party’s own hope that is….with the likes of nothing more than fluff and rhetoric which characteristically appeals to a more liberal ….redistribute the wealth …in the liberal mindset more of a “…something for nothing” sentiment.  

In this regard …and seeking a place to close, I have to ask; what is the substance  of such?  

If, such is artificial  and void of sustaining a true organic alternative, why don’t we simply deny service to such …that which is so fraught with  unbearable costs,  fraud, waste and  abuse?  

What hope in frivolity is there in stretching a rubber band to the point of capacity …knowing the pent-up energy  may and inevitably will suddenly release and snap back upon us in what is called inflation?  

POW!!! …the substance of which might make  all men more its prisoners of war.  

Whatever; the avoidance of  this delusion,  obviously …it amounts to no more  greater substance than  a rather large pile …a collection of widespread human ignorance.  

A sad social commentary …to borrow an over used expression.  

I long for a day when the battle returns better and greater opportunities for more refreshing and uplifting expressions.  

Regardless;  however ill-suited …bedfellows bliss and ignorance might be …I’ll take my risk and rewards in the unending examples illustrated by sacrifice and selfless service in a light of a more diligent stewardship to others first.  

What could be more opportune and fulfilling?  

In the mean time, good luck with  bliss.  

Yeah, like that’s an opportunity which is working real well …real fast, yes?  

I’m not calling any stupid,    

I’m just saying…  

All the best, would otherwise be a more organic greener encounter with a far greater opportunity …or at least …for the time being …one more affordable to swallow.  


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