Recovery; It’s A Gas …Part 2

The Independence  & Power


Consumer Confidence;

Harnessing  Choice & Competition


(Part 2 ….edited revision)

“….I know nothing.” …continued from the complimentary post:  “The Independence  & Power of Consumer Confidence; Harnessing Choice & Competition”

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However, this one thing I do know. “Doing nothing” is an oxymoron if, ever there was a more appropriate denotative illustration of a more…be fitting example of one’s definition.

Doing Nothing …is; as if disbelief could be made to seem no less as much an active form of believing as, say are; doubt …worry and …fear are forms of belief,  which …for the sake of reason …can not mask the fact that doing nothing  is mealy one of these more  negative subtle forms of believing in progressively more higher negative gears …which power and move believing in reverse.

And just as doing something has consequences …doing nothing, con not obviate nor overlook the responsibilities which comes with a complete complimentary set of consequences all of its own nature …those which belong to …doing nothing …as being opposed to all things which promote the free processes which would otherwise promote free and unimpeded constructive progress.

However, after the manner of doing nothing ….the consumer loses, while suffering in the grips of the talons and jaws of a rather motley crew whose beneficiaries include (among others) OPEC …who will survive …handsomely regardless whether …OR NOT …the patient survives to live another day or dies tomorrow.

I for one do not hold such an “ATE-UP” vision for America …not now …nor in all of Her future opportunities.

However, should America not be able to see Her way to free Herself from the snare …of doing nothing; the consumer will suffer and the patient’s condition will continue to deteriorate …without a say …nor a choice in the matter.

For, in doing nothing; the consumer therefore, becomes Royally subject to service the would-be (higher powers   ???)  …the so-called otherwise More Royal …”DO-NOTHING”   winners.

Live or die; the consumer …in a “DO-NOTHING” world …will be made more and more needy and thus, more likely …to develop greater addictions’ becoming more reliant and prone …to suffer all the more …from the hands of the winners’ slings, throws and arrows.

Thus, in spite of however arguments’ reason and pretzel logic might be crafted and spun to favor a “DO-NOTHING” plan (???)   …by spin’s design, the shear nature of such deliberate deceit commits the egregious major fallacies of omission and commission which deliver nothing but the empty promises which  deliberately marginalizes far better solutions in favor of serving the continuance of the ulterior forms of economic terror …an approach which do not support the confidence and better interests of the consumer.

Thus, as …so goes demand …so goes the price of the only game in town. And when price is tied so closely to so many of the consumer’s and patient’s inter-related addictions …it is all the more likely that, in doing nothing; the consumer will likely become road kill …or wind up on the emergency table along side the patient in the emergency ward next to him.

Hence, if the emergency ward’s treatments of the consumer and the patient are to be of   any benefit,   the staff and bust be willing and able to execute in a manner which seeks to maximize the utilization of what resources are at hand. In stressed times like we are living through, Washington would do well to take a lesson from the medical profession’s practice of triage at times in great emergencies.

In this same regard, if the balance of the patient depends upon the consumer …both good judgment and discernment must be tempered together in the practice of triage-like considerations which would make the consumer a matter of top priority by reason of the size and impact of the consumer’s contribution to the patient’s wellbeing, hopes if chance is in season to favor an efficient, organic economic recovery.

Thus, energy policy should not be used as a weapon to moderate the pace of spending (velocity and consumption) in the economy. Otherwise, the price of oil has become an ancillary extension of the Federal Reserve Chairman’s arsenal …one so much so, because …it is (after all) dollar denominated, and to a large extent …affected by the Fed’s weak/strong dollar policies.

However, if the consumer were given a viable choice in the way of CNG; well then …recovery would be a new day which speaks of recovery by saying; Recovery …it’s a gas …especially if it were to be that the consumer would have a viable opportunity and the technological availability readily within reach.

Isn’t that what is meant by “SHOVEL READY???”

But, until SOMETHING IS DONE which would promote and offer the consumer such an opportunity; I have to ask who is hiding the shovel and for what purpose?

In an embrace of “doing nothing” America is being asked …or rather offered no other choice but to sit down …strap in and take an airplane flight to a frightful (fearful) destination whose …approach will end with an arrival in a hard landing …one in which the consumer is being made to realize that there very well will be no way to avoid the ever increasing likelihood that they will made subject to …still more and more trepidations of further future economic blackmail fraught with an abundance of brinkmanship …and other similar political gambits other wise spun and characterized by those whose move in Washington’s circles …as so-called political compromise ….a politically correct term which normally never saved a dime …nor a minute of time …in terms of even offering solutions worth an ounce of prevention …much less a pound of cure.

All but too often …what is considered to be “PC” in Washington …literally makes for the waste of time for which tax payers must pay for the pound of cure’s costs …dime after dime ….in   the wake of their crisis …time and time again.  

Why now ….then, must the consumer be the last in line to be served? For Pete’s sake …the patient is still lying on the emergency table …and no less further from being out of harm’s way.

Is there any question as to why then, that the patient is at risk …faced with the danger of dieing as well?

And seeing that the consumer is in the same emergency ward …on the operating table next to the patient; there is little comfort in knowing that the consumer is …still waiting …without having received the critical care of even the least of what might lead to a successful …let alone a self-sustaining consideration which would …which could …and should assure a successful recovery.

So, what bed-side manner is that sort of consideration?

Is it any wonder what’s up with a down-turn in consumer sentiment these days?

Doing nothing to either relieve or alleviate the patients’ pains …merely reinforces further …the forces which feed and build the patient’s dependency upon oil still stronger. Such holds on the patient will prevent recovery for no good logical purpose …save, merely to benefit those whose lobbies have successfully promoted their self-serving opportunities …those which have afforded those same few …whose interests have and are still being well served and maintained.

Yes, in doing nothing new in favor of either the consumer …nor in the sovereign interests of the patient, Washington is continuing to deliver great …even stellar service in the form of doing nothing.

In doing nothing …Washington’s lame energy policy is killing consumer confidence while giving  away the farm to a few (foreign interests) who are enjoying the opportunity of being the dominant players in a debilitating addiction to oil.

This luxury …thanks be principally due to Washington’s elite power brokers is a position whose opportunities and influence have been bought and paid for …by a lobby whose clientel are milking America dry.

In view of such upside-down priorities, American Energy policy has served merely to funnel, feed and focus money into political campaign coffers of those whose bass-ackwards self-serving interests have successfully profited from disingenuous efforts which …through political savvy and deft acumen …are merely poised and intended to ensure that …the consumer’s access to choice …remains essentially … road-blocked in perpetuity.

Good Lord America! Wake up! The Freedom of Choice favors competition …which favors price …which is just about the only friend a consumer has these days …in terms of consideration in a more perfectly ordered politically correct world where pretzel logic rules.

On the other hand, doing something beneficial …that which actually is capable of delivering the consideration which comes …NOT from the top down; but rather genuinely …from the bottom-up.

Above all …doing something is the substance of which is fresh and organic …that which makes things grow …and harvestable.

Can you plant it?

Can you dig it?

Then why not give the consumer and the patient a chance to harvest the hope which choice and competition promises in terms of a better price.

However, doing nothing diminishes the hope that Americans might …otherwise, enjoy an organic cost efficient recovery …one in which the patient might become empowered by pushing Herself (…as in “…We the People …”) away from the table …or, should I say …away from the trough which is sucking Her life forces from the otherwise would- be …could-be …should-be ….free soul …that She was meant to be enjoying more and more …rather than less and less whenever price and pain at the pump exact its pound of pain.

Yet, for what and to whom do all Americans owe their thanks for all this lack of opportunity?

To them who advocated for doing nothing …all without a plan …and all (understandably …) without an ounce of prevention.

After all, without choice …America; She is an enslaved patient …force-feeding a system holding her as a slave to forces which are out of the dwindling subset of institutions which once served Her once dominant enablement’s …those which once upon a time added to …rather than detracted from Her self sovereign ability to control Her own destiny.

I would not call that service befitting the better interests of Americans …at this time.

I know nothing …indeed!

However, I do know one thing all the more; I wouldn’t mind having a better opportunity to make the choice to install a cheap …economical  filling station in my home.

Now that …I know …would be a total gas!!!

Wouldn’t it?

Well, maybe not for those who have put on and invested their bets …going long into deep in the money calls …on  CRUDE futures.

Talk about being made the cow’s tail…?

But seriously, how now conflicted is brown cow?

Conflicted is a long ways away from consideration.

For that matter, the lack of consideration shown the consumer is a long ways away from whatever which might otherwise prop up and make for a good measure of positive consumer confidence.

How now …is anything but  a CRUDE deception in the wake of a lack of choice.

Americans always have faired far better when given the opportunity of making a choice.

Such has always favored price.

And this is the order of a measure whose higher priority has long been the missing piece of the puzzle From American energy policy.

Gone missing …in the absence of “CHOICE” …also is a primary consideration which would and should clearly demonstrate the measure of this missing piece’s greater respect for the consumer.

If America were to rediscover this missing piece’s spirit …from the fundamental standpoints’ of both  priority and order …choice is the single most important solution …the missing piece of America’s energy policy which would ensure and promote an efficient and organic, self-sustaining, pro-growth, consumer-driven …private-sector solution …one which do the most to harvest tremendous economic recovery dividends.

As a matter of fact  …Natural Gas …as that choice …just may be  the very energy solution which America needs to kick-start and speed up the economic recovery processes.

Nat Gas is the very best answer to …fill in that missing piece of the nation’s energy puzzle.

Nat Gas is …a viable most vital piece of a plan whose solution …the man behind the curtain …obviously, does not want you to see …let alone consider.

To this I say; not so! Bully!

Instead, meditate on this day and night …for in doing so; America will make Her ways sovereign, prosperous; and then …She will have good success.

Until then, or until Washington gets out of the way and …its act; do not hold your breath …but rather …be courageous …be very courageous!!!

All the best,


Note:   See part 1 for more resource materiel which is pasted below its post.

To do so, go to: The Independence  & Power of Consumer Confidence; Harnessing Choice & Competition” …part 1;

P.S:   Have you ever asked yourself; why did the government get a willy pursuing ethanol?

If you think about it; then, ask yourself why hasn’t the government got one for (CNG) Compressed Natural Gas?

The answer  just might lie …not in the benefits which  favor the consumers’ pocketbooks  …so much as how much of a threat it poses to CRUDE Producers …those who do not want such a vigorously competitive bridge fuel.

Be careful …then, to weigh the logic of  information and sources whose reason …just might be inclined to break your back under heavy the burdens you carry …in the wake of the bridges they are fighting to destroy …by “DOING NOTHING.”

The small print …



Try and depreciate the weight of that unavoidable cost consideration …the one which could …should and must (BUT CAN’T) favor the consumer in  the form of a higher measure of priority’s order.

Like ethanol, there exists other choices which would …could and should offer a far superior measure of cost savings well beyond all of the myths of the so-called green tag’s claims and oxymoron’s associated with electric vehicles.

Beware of the man behind the curtain. Most likely, his ulterior motives are intended to supplant and overshadow all of the more important priorities which, otherwise would offer and extend far more consideration in the way a choice which is more certain to benefit the consumer more favorably.

As with ethanol, in doing nothing …Washington may very well continue to fail to demonstrate that it lacks the political will to make the consumer its chief beneficiary.

In failing to focus its focus upon an   object …such as Natural Gas, it is once again stumbling into areas driven by greed, and excessive abuses of misplaced power and hunger for control  …only to blindly fumble and drop the ball when it comes to matters of reason whose priorities do not resemble the true and genuine primary concerns of the urgencies which have been long facing this nation’s energy policies …those which continue to do anything but serve the better interests and priorities of   “…We the People …”

Alas, in failing to make the choices which would follow a higher more nobler path …Washington’s choices are apparently ordered in a priority which can only be characterized as furthering the causes, purposes and interest of those who export oil to support a paper thin, weak and frail national enegy policy.

What kind of pretzel logic is it then, that obviates, over looks and otherwise …deliberately marginalizes Natural Gas?

In this clear aberration’s dereliction …Washington is sadly, once again …failing in its duties to take advantage of opportunities which   needs must serve America’s best sovereign interests …those of “…We the People …”


End of   Part 2

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