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Part 3

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 Should consumers despair that they …as of yet, still do not have the luxury to chose a commercially viable alternative fuel at the pump?  

Or should Americans take heart and stand up for to  celebrate the huge opportunity that exists in making a united call for a tremendous change …one which really would        


…and will make a world wide world of difference for the betterment of consumers everywhere?  

The choice to make a call for a choice is a no-brainer.

However, such as it is, for now …Americans (largely) have neither stood up nor made a call for the use of an alternative bridge fuel …in mass …for private transportation purposes.

As is, compressed natural gas …as a commercially viable bridge fuel is more than merely in its infancy.

It has emerged from behind closed doors …and is continuing to gain a larger and larger foothold in proven increasing market share …in service to both commercial and municipalities’ and states’ public fleets throughout the country where recently stretched budget issues have made fiscal responsibility matter all the more …especially in a down-turned struggling economy.

The reasons why compressed natural has been embraced more and more by the public sector are two-fold; lower cost and lower environmental impact.

Such public successes should serve notice to the private sector. Natural gas is not only viable …it could also be made commercially available …if, the public were to only make the call.

News flash:   Natural gas is much more than just another viable fuel.

Q:   Then, why is it not being made more widely available?

I believe that there is a reason why natural gas’ status remains deliberately marginalized …essentially relegated to the back-burner. Natural gas may pose a threat whose natural power …has something to do with its market potential to cause a disturbance to the luxury’s now being enjoyed by crude producer’s.

In short, if consumers were to ever have access to the ease and access to an alternative fuel such as natural gas “AT THE PUMP” …the mere competitive aspect of such a choice would surely PULL the price of oil DOWN.


Why would oil companies sell something and lose …or, give up a secure hold on such a good gig.

As is, large oil interests are now falling all over themselves and their would-be respective congressional representatives…in offering up arguments for any and every excuse (regardless how good or bad) to throw out the trash (their long-standing tax credits/subsidies) along with the kitchen sink and the baby with the bath water …in favor of essentially “…doing nothing …”

But in this “nothingness” …the trade deficit …and a really weak dollar are sure to result in causing commodity prices to continue to rise and thereby handsomely benefit these players …all with a certain degree of heightened assured certainty …with, or …without the baby’s bathwater and or the sink.

Who needs ethanol at $100 per barrel oil?

Who needs these passé, old-fashioned amenities in view of the anticipated profits to be had in the range of + $ 150 to $ 200 per barrel crude?

In view of the fiscally irresponsible environment in which Congress and the Obama Administration’s spending and deficits have all but made permanent …who needs Tax Credits any longer …especially when the resultant fiscal and monetary policies will do nicely instead?

Together, in their addictions, these two governing bodies’ harmonic needs and arguments are conspiring to work in concert to favor actions which will heighten the price of oil …while all and each geopolitical uncertainty/ies not withstanding …will also all but more than favor each and every one of America’s oil exporters.  

In the wake of these bodies arguments …the tax credits which once gave alternatives a chance …are now on their way out …and are essentially threatened to become relics …artifacts and boat anchors of the past.

Yes, the kitchen sink, like the baby and the bath water are what likely will suffer at the hands of those who argue for the need to “…do nothing …” without the good judgment whose discretion …NOW is MASQUERADING AS …little more than a façade which SERVES big oil INTERESTS …THROUGH their lobbies …and OUR ELECTED representatives …WHICH THEY BOUGHT AND PAID FOR FOR WHAT Support CAN NOW BE CALLED TO DO THE RIGHT THING (?)…ONLY NOW TO relinquish, forgo AND TURN A CHEEK …in a somewhat of a rather questionable, pretentious and self-effacing …yet, extremely self-serving manner …a posture in which this environment will essentially serve to effectively ensure the LUXURY OF CRUDE’S DOMINANT position AS A SINGLE PLAYER in an essentially unchanged energy sector.

If there ever was a monetary tool which could fuel inflation, “…DOING nothing will prove more reliable IN DOING MORE than any one TOOL currently available FROM Snap-On.

Does it even need be mentioned how FAR a weakening dollar’s fall will go in influencing the price of oil?

Therefore, to date …this non-call (at it were) will more than long to benefit those from whom America will continues to import between 41 to 51 percent of all domestic crude consumed annually.

No wonder why oil exporting countries would encourage American fiscal and monetary policies which would favor Her inter-twined …inseparable addictions …namely, the coiled bond springs of both oil and deficits.

However, it is America’s sponsored lack of resolve which has brought this nation forward …netting nothing to meet Her needs but a volatile, solitary, rather iffy-choice at the pump …one which has the single most detrimental potential to such Her consumers dry so fast that it can make one’s mind spin.

Contrast this to the speed at which Congress moves, and one …fairly well has the makings for the theme of “The Tortoise and the Hare.

However today, in crisis (one after another) America is not well served …nor does She have the luxury to wait for the tortoise.

How and why has America become so deluded so as to believe that its dependency upon crude is the most reliable path to maintain its self reliant independence?

What good advantages can be accrued in promoting a lack of choice? What good advantages can come doing nothing …when, such is the veil behind whose hidden motives lie the objective being carried forward to serve a crude substance? Did not Atlas Shrug?

Are these not mere paltry manners’ and means whose interests have done nothing but to speed up the processes which have fueled America’s dependencies?

The efforts of this “…DO NOTHING” mindset’s ingenuity ARE those which have produced and maintained the advantages and luxuries which have disproportionately served an elite and dominant, privileged group of power brokers …powerful players who have long enjoyed …hard earned rewards and advantages …much of which are now coming more and more …without an equal regard in as much as how these processes have conspired to squeeze expendable incomes of consumers …as the spiraling cost of gasoline pinches and chokes the discretionary spending of millions of average Americans throughout the nation.

Nothing else has the potential to ravage a local community’s economic base quite the way this single commodity possesses.

In fact, as the price of gas rises, one might say that local economies become possessed.

Is there any wonder why the state of consumer confidence reflects the state of a local economy’s performance …or vice versa?

In fact the two …in the wake of crude’s possession …are simply mutually reinforcing manifestations whose glorious PowerPoint presentation is the sort of graphic stagnation which threatens sound and effective economic recovery.  

In such an environment, nothing flows except what goes …offshore …to benefit America’s pimps …those who export oil.

Why invest in an ounce of prevention when there is so much profit in simply treating the symptoms?

Sadly, in choosing symptom maintenance …the patient overlooks the sadly foregone greater opportunity never getting their hands on the pound of cure …the one which has always been available …in plain sight …right before one’s nose.

 In believing that no other relief is available …one in the form of a clearly viable alternative, the consumer is subject to becoming the willing captive …lining up in placid complacently, having only one choice …but to serve   the lords of an elite aristocracy.  

Is it true? Are …All we …like sheep …to be counted all day long for the slaughter?

No! Not so!

Or, so …it need not be …if America merely were to simply rise, and stand upon Her own two feet …and make a call for a meaningful change …one so as to boldly end …both Her slavery and addiction to what is primarily a uni-dimensional oil-based economy.

Such as it is; the current state of affairs can change if it were only the case that consumers would make a concerted, clear and conscious effort to make a demanding call for a change …not for ethanol …not for electrics with pricey   …flaky battery replacement costs.

At any rate, in any honest comparison between the technologies and the fuels …there is much evidence which would more than favors natural gas …without needing the luck nor the frugality of the Irish.

None the less, as it is said; “…the rain falls on the rich and the poor alike.” Regardless, never mind that the consumer has largely fallen upon poor and hard-luck, and like the economy; the consumer could use a break.

The consumer …like a growing number of other commercial and municipalities; the consumer could use an added choice

And what better way to offer such …than through the use of compressed natural gas …either at the pump or in homes equipped and serviced with certified NG-rated compressors?

Think of it; refueling overnight …at home!

However, no thanks due to the fact that Washington has just about gone out of its way to become busy at falling all over itself (in service to its lobbyists and special interest groups) …and in spite of the well poised posture of its stance in which Washington is pretty well prepared (???) in just about everything …to ….”do-nothing” all the more …there seems to be more hurdles and barriers along with a mounting number of excuses to marginalize the opportunities which would otherwise encourage natural gases march to the market place.

Congress can make up new CAFÉ standards. Why cannot it find the courage to encourage Nat Gas?

Regarding doing nothing, I didn’t make this up. Check out this July 5th, 2011 article from the Wichita Eagle.

However, in spite of a lackluster economy which is continuing to tenuously teeter upon the uncertainty of a weak recovery …this select group of elite oil exporters continue to enjoy (ever more) all the benefits of a nation whose energy consumption is all the more dependent upon crude imports …all at the expense of a captive consumer who has no better choices today …other than a bicycle or a brand new pair of roller skates.

Is America truly the land of the free any more in this regard?

Are you driving more and enjoying it less? Then, why not step up to Chesterfield?

Such is the stuff of old cigarette t.v. commercials …yes?

Yet, driving more may be just as harmful for your well being …no?

Seems like Congress might be sending America the message; “…I would rather fight than switch.”

And if that is any indication of the sort of leadership which is coming out of Washington, why wait any further …especially when all that Washington’s service has managed to render to date has been little  more than driveling and divisive forms of shame and blame …punctuated (of course) with un-ending fist-fulls of finger pointing …most of which have pointed backward in dim visions which merely serve to highlight that such forms of leadership …at least in Washington …are little more than (be-littleing spirits) …sad representations of an oxymoron …one more akin to the likes of military intelligence …a state of one’s mind whose contentious claims include the following classic pinafore; “…in order to save the village,  we had to destroy it …!?”

Is that the spirit of American leadership found in the promise and capability of leading captivity captive?

Is the spirit of American leadership able and willing to deliver an atmosphere conducive to support and encourage any and all solutions worthy of merit in a manner through whose means are cost effective and practically executable so as to ensure America has a better chance to flourish and succeed?

Or is America’s better interests embedded and buried in the sands of a foreign land …otherwise seen as doing nothing?

In these questions’ the answers which are best capable to provide service to America …are that which is worthy of Liberty’s freedoms.

In this regard, there is no compromise when choice is evolved.

Without choice, there is nothing but dereliction of duty in service to America, and there is no excuse for that …especially when hope is suppressed and marginalized in a process which was ordained and formed with specific sovereign intents …for “…We the People …! First and foremost …above all!

Why then, would improvements in consumer confidence follow …a leadership whose continual pursuits’ are methods whose message of socialism and redistribution of ownership has come down to one denominator …sowing seeds which foment dissatisfaction and angst by  indirectly encouraging  dissident social unrest …disguised as hope and change?

Consumer confidence indeed!

 Where then, are America’s betterment headed in a leadership which is calling for doing nothing?

How can this pretzel logic’s lackluster leadership hope to build the badly needed unity which is now more than ever …necessary to revitalize consumer confidence?

The purpose of this sort of leadership’s method is not well poised to move a message of hope and change forward …merely by making an attempt to sell a …do nothing solution.

However, in contrast to nothing…that is why choice will.

Choice has always served America’s better interests.

Choice is fundamental to the spirit of freedom …the one upon which the constitution of America rose.

And choice rests upon courage …which rests upon conviction …holding these truths self-evident.

The choice of a free people is to first think freely. I pray that America then …above all seeks to think with priority and in order …when reaching whatsoever is just …pure …lovely …of good report …those things which are worthy of praise and virtue. (Ph. 4:8-9)  

Choice …has always been fundamental to America’s successes. Choice offers hope …and hope leverages competition which in turn produce greater advantages and opportunities which rise to overcome adversity. Choice helps to dispel and replace despair. Choice offers hope in solution.

Choice leads …it pursues …it develops and blazes courses where there once was none before.

 But before there was choice …there was a decision …one which led to the rise of one’s determination.

Determination’s pursuits always lead to the details, but there can be none if there in a “NO-Choice …DO NOTHING” atmosphere.

Choice progressively favors doing progressively more if priority’s order favors the proper consideration of truth by handling it honestly, seeking whatsoever is just, pure and lovely. This is the foundation of leadership …best offered by example. This is not so in regard to the meaningless empty choice of blame …in the pursuit of shame whose example it is which seeks to profit by taking power and gain in blind greed …rather than offering selfless service under a charter which was ordained for the betterment of a nation’s private individuals.

In contrast, where is Liberty served in such a lame uni-dimensional American energy policy …the one which has all but led to all which has allowed and permitted the consumer to become captive …to all that which is conspiring to made America the weakest perhaps ever in a long, proud and honorable history whose legacy was intentioned to long stand strong in opposition to tyranny’s overshadowing ominous abuses of power …addictions of any and all sorts and forms notwithstanding?

Caving to such dependencies pressures was neither part nor parcel of any ideas that the framers of America’s constitution had in mind.

Today is no time to neither change nor abandon their resolve in this regard.

Is this not more like a bondage which has become like that snare from which Moses fled thousands of years ago?

Go figure. And note  that, even though a great deal of time has passed since those ancient days …not much has changed, no?

Can’t you just hear the ghost of Moses saying; “Obama …let my people go!

Doesn’t that sound’s ring resonate like the Regan’s call  when he implored; “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!”

Now, that’s power and that’s leadership by example …not seen since the imploring command found in the likes of Philippians 4:9!!!

Now, that is leadership by example!!!

Just do it!!!

Today, however …the administration (when it not sowing the seeds of discontent) it would seem more intent on either appeasing both those who export oil and or those who purchase our near junk-status debt …rather than offering a higher consideration which would demonstrate a higher measure of honor’s considerations and services to meet the blatantly obvious needs of the average consumer.

Yes, go figure …and therefore I say; Obama; let the people go …and save yourself the plight of the plagues which do so easily beset you.

A little more consideration would go along way in paying respect to those who do most of the heavy lifting in America.

After all, consumer spending is said to comprise 70 % of all U.S. Economic activity.

Seeing how sharply rising energy prices so adversely affect the consumer …and how an oppressed consumer affects the economy, I say again; go figure.

American Energy policy simply sucks big-time!

Where is the Energy summit to address this issue?

America!!! Make a call for one America!!!

Come on now!!!

Where is the resolve in the issue of the lack of choice in this potential solution …gone?

America was never meant to be a whore to be prostituted out by oil exporting nations …pimps who do not hold the consumer’s better interests at heart.

No, better measures of concern are  not gone; but sadly they have  been swept …conveniently under the rug …only to favor a small group of pimps …who masquerade as power players who profit handsomely by reason of an unchecked addiction to oil.

Is that consideration?

I rather think not ….none the less it is crude.

And it is rude in that there is …as there is no choice …no relief in sight for the  American consumer who is being pushed headlong in America’s  addictions to crude and deficits.

for which the only choice being offered  is being championed by hiding  its deceit behind  a veil of a hope and change …one being crafted  by would-be constitutional engineers whose contempt for reality lies in  an obsessive compulsive will to implement its social mandate …one which has lost both its veil and its short-lived mandate.

This administration’s political will has been exposed for what it is. It has been challenged. It has been stripped. And its purpose has been exposed for  what it is worth.

Yet, for all that the American voters have demonstrated last November, this administration persists  …and is still choosing methods which threaten to recklessly  drive  and lead America  by leveraging and taking advantage of the general angst and the unrest of social dissatisfaction.

Consumer confidence indeed!

Wake up America!

Stand up and make a call …one for an added measure of choice …specifically one called natural gas!

Whether it is  one  at the pump, or one in one’s home, stand up and make the call!

After all, if there is so much need and so great a potential to be had from a natural gas solution …why then, is America sitting around here all day in the rain and waiting?

Above all, if things are to change …what is all the noise which speaks of “…doing nothing???”

Where then, is the consideration gone which possesses the giant’s potential “…to kill (7) seven with one blow?”

Where then, is the will (both public and private) which will change that possibility’s potential into an energy in motion?

After all, motion is any  solution’s better option.

Consider the following; “…out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water …”

Hold that thought and consider the question which asks; “…Why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea?”

The answer is principally because, there …nothing flows. Water comes in, but it never moves out.

Stagnant is where nothing flows like …in, either the blood …as in the heart’s circulatory system   …or, like air …as in the lungs’ respiratory system …or, as with food and drink …in which substance flows through the bowls to sustain the body’s stores of energy …keeping it in motion.

In other words, America’s energy policy is stagnant …and it is not flowing at its peak potential.

Above all, it is not flowing in the right direction …not in any respect which favors America in an approach to maintain a lower or balanced foreign trade deficit.

For if it were, the consumer would have a choice in every dimension that matters …expendable income and discretionary spending …both not withstanding.

None the less, today ….what matters most is a neglected priority …one whose missing piece of the puzzle is the added depth of a choice at the pump which favors competition …which favors price  …which is an important  scarce aspect which considers the consumer ahead of and above all else …including all of our foreign more insignificant exporting others.

In order to sustain the soul, the body’s processes must be flowing (hint-as in an inner cours…ing ) and rolling over and over  continuously …as in every aspect of the all the significances which may be possibly implied in a   plu-perfect, present-progressive-tense.

Choice is a dimensional aspect of a metaphor of all (plural) the processes which sustain the body …those  essential prerequisites which are necessary …to be maintained in well order that the soul may prosper.

Choice …when allowed to meet and serve …it has always made for a stronger, healthier and happier …dare I say …joyful …joy soul.

When one is free to choose, Liberty wins strong.

Choice turns the wheels of opportunities …whose intended potential is poised in a present, …plu-perfect, progressive tense state of serving the fluent needs of the American economy …all without the punishment of the current and ominous pinch and pain at the pump.

However, if breath life comes into the patient’s lungs …but can not leave, the body will die and the soul will perish.

Similarly, in another dimension, if the blood enters the heart, but never leaves …the body will die, and the soul perishes.

In these same ways, the consumer confidence is weakening, while America’s energy policy is sucking the breath life and blood out of the patient …not replenishing what luxuries a few exporting nations are currently living on while enjoying the trappings of America’s lack of choice.

70 % of America’s Economic potential is being deliberately overlooked …being affected by a lame energy policy.

Choice …or the lack thereof …is at the heart of the matter.

And still there are those who would stand idly by to offer little more in nothing but lip service …a petty sacrifice which …without pain …merely serves to hold choice at bat …and the status quo firmly fixed in a perpetual, static, stagnant state of dominance which favors those who import oil to ….an administration whose choice it is for American is to muddled and mired in the slow lame lane.

To this, I say; be not hearers only.

Consumer confidence is a measure of one’s perception of his or her well being. This is essentially hope …unrealized belief which drives onward …fueled by current and future aspirations and assurances that seek to achieve and realize betterment in whatever heightened measures of prosperity is available.

The more choice is made available …the more hope will be made available to receive a life which was meant to be owned …to have and to hold …to be dressed and kept …in a sovereign responsible manner.

Consider this condition of the consumer’s heart in both the here and hereafter.

In this regard, please allow me to borrow from scripture by adding; “…He that believes on me … out of His belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

Need I say more? Flowing = Life …the potential for prosperity.

I.E.:   Not Flowing = No Life …withering on the vine.

This sovereign nation was meant and intended in all its purpose to thrive in and on and through and by making responsible choices …not by doing nothing.

If only our national energy policy were to become awash with as many choices as our nation’s legislators (to date) have taken the time to devise, develop …carefully craft and then levy; surely …then, a healthy variety of such a plethora of energy sources would well serve and favor all consumers.

If only such a fantasy were to become reality, consumer confidence would be certain to improve markedly …as would also …the patient’s prognosis.

If variety is the spice of life; as an added choice …CNG and or LNG (compressed NG and or liquid NG) would …by themselves, make a giant swat at lowering deficits by raising consumer spending and the economic velocity which always translates into higher   …organic tax receipts.

The End of Part 3 …)

To be continued in part four (4) The independence & Power of Consumer Confidence; Harnessing Choice and Competition.

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