…Raise the people …not the debt.

Now, here’s a novel idea …

                …Raise the people …not the debt.


After all, it should come as no surprise; People want politicians who fight for them …not against each other.

Understandably, it should also be a “…no-brainer …” a growing cross-section of America is becoming more than annoyed with politicians and the entire political process which has come to be seen as self-serving rather than able and willing to furnish the sort of public service “…We the People …” should otherwise expect from our so-called public servants.

With this increasing disappointment in mind, I say; “…De-fund politicians who can’t stay on the message of delivering clear and open, honest public service to their constituencies …!

Amen …!

The private sector produces taxes if the taxes it is asked to pay are fair and do not present an unreasonable burden.

Furthermore and above all, it is also not beyond reason for the private sector to expect that their tax revenues be handled with some reasonable semblance of efficient and effective due diligence.

Nevertheless, the private sector has been made to be the whipping child of the increasingly self-serving branches whose primary goal it seems is to be make Washington’s Zip Code their collective permanent place of residence …not unlike those whose aim it was to …Occupy Wall Street.

However, in the shadow of the 2010 Mid-Term Elections …maybe 2014 (with any success)  …2014 might just become a prophetic replay ofAmerica’s widespread unified demand for  a return to fiscal and monetary sanity.

After all, this call for such a return is an undeniable reflection of public will …a widespread attempt to connect …in unity …toWashington.

What was the message?

2010 was reflective of and still remains as a shadow of a unified call forWashingtonto show respect for the private sector.

Yet, this unified call was not heeded in the least. And still, the same spirit of blame and shame continues to prevail …even in the conservative calls to repeal Obama Care.

Yes, the conservative side of the isle has caught the prevailing spirit   …and merely reflects the same belligerent spirit which the liberals know full well has helped to no end …save to build out and usher in a still greater polarized impasse which has produced and returned little, if not less efficient and less effective fruitful service to “…We the People …” at all …all the while costing more.

This is truly the legacy of this era of shame’s last five plus years …not hope. For what hope is their in counting the People out and the IRS in?

Therefore, rather than return service reflective of 2010, the administration used every opportunity   and trick in the book to turn its back on the express will of “…We the People …”

Instead, in this atmosphere built of its own ignorance …this administration has spun its wheels, wasted its time and has essentially run around in circles while grasping at straws to grown its own self-serving political real estate looking forward to 2014.

Yet, Washington’s bread and bitter butter continues to produce a dysfunctional polarized atmosphere which is still more fed up with the acrimonious lack of consideration for the unified calls that  “…We the People …” made in 2010.

And so it is that little has changed for the better, but still worse “…We the People …” are the ignored …the marginalized who must pay the bills forWashington’s lack of imagination and planning.

The only thing which eclipses Washington’s disingenuous less-than-transparent bickering is the growing fiscal cost of another one of Washington’s non-solution …their consistent approach to their realms’ domain born out daily in terms of their efforts to pad and protect the façade of their ivory towers and the ecclesiastical two-faced vanity and the delusion of what all is used to service the maintenance of their seats and offices of power on high.

At the end of the day, the only thing which holds this nation together is grace; and that is …along with the patience of “…We the People …” is running out.

Therefore, again …I ask;   Why not de-fund the politicians?

By this, I do not mean to be flippant.

However, I mean; it’s one thing to pay taxes for dysfunction in the wake of no good, well thought out reason.

In the same lack of fruit, in the same vein …is it not altogether the same to get not bang for one’s buck …save still more and more …debt-riddled remedies?

Don’t answer this line of questions, but consider this instead.

Is it not an altogether disheartening sad state of affairs (after wasting and paying taxes for nearly next to nothing but the opportunity to line up our future generation to service our debt) to be petitioned and solicited day in and day out …merely pumped for cash in one campaign after another …by those who have not clearly made a clear call for any other alternative proposals which would …could …and should …otherwise clear off and wash their vomit-filled tables’ conversations…preparing the way for efficient compromise and open transparent workable hope.

Until such miracles were to occur …where is the value in either …paying taxes or tribute to either one of the subsequent respective political party’s campaign shakedown-solicitations?

Where is the appeal in simply promising to put out the fire one started?

Much less, where is the distraction of mutually shared shame and blame now promising to take “…We the People …?”

The American people deserve a more healthy reasonable logical open and transparent conversation whose cornerstone needs must be well founded and built upon the foundation of greater substance …clearly what all is that which needs must also sustain transparency in all dimensions …cost and affordability not withstanding.

In this light …that of open honesty; since when did less truth become more honesty?

Americashould not have to wait to see what substance is in uncertainty.

And when did the blind pursuit of faith inWashingtonbecome the American dream?

Where is the hope in blind faith …and that without foreknowledge.

After all, most scams are prefaced by the adage; “…Trust me …”

In contrast, isn’t open transparency …all that which clearly is simple (not thousands of pages deep) enough to addresses the problems facingAmericatoday …those which are richly laden with effectual workable efficient simple solutions that release and free up rather than tear down the American public?

Why then continue to encourage such aWashingtonlandscape which seems hell bent on ignoring 2010 “…We the People ..?”

Why then fall backward into a false promise which holds the only a blind promise which is unquestionably snaring all?

Why allow ourselves to be taken captive by the burden of a growing fruitless debt?

Why ask our future generations to finance the growing burdens “…We the People …” are not willing nor able to carry ourselves?

But above all, why continue to blindly weaken this great nation only to cause a weakened America to be still less likely to survive another …the next financial bubble like the one the Federal Reserve has been building out thanks to this administration’s misdirected priorities coupled with one ill-timed pursuit of one liberal socialistic public policy after another …all of which have not only weakened America.

There is a better …there is an open approach …there are clear solutions.

There are efficiencies, but they have to be discussed and considered in an open forum …one free from shame and blame.

Meditate on this and give it your deserved attention.

Where is the conversation that will usher in term limits?

I say again: return this nation to “…We the People …”

Up with “…We the People …”

Raise the people …not the politician.

Humble politicians serve from the ground roots upward …raising the people.

Where is the hope in raising politicians who become empowered to raze the entire house?

Raise the people …not the politician.

Work it till the shadow of 2010’s reflections cover The IRS with a right and just cause, principally with …for and of   “… We the People …”

Put your money where your mouth is; raise the people …not the bozo politicians.

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